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  1. Fixed. Rolled out with today's patch 🙂
  2. Thanks for the logs. Did you try installing directx 9.0c? You can check the troubleshooting guide that I linked. Specifically: 10. Force BattleForge to run in DX9 Mode 8. Check whether you have DirectX 9 and Visual C++ prerequisites/redists installed
  3. If you are on Windows you can locate your logs in: %userprofile%\Documents\BattleForge\Diag Please upload your latest logs by attaching the file _log_proxy_latest.log when replying here
  4. @T1421 Thanks for the detailed report. Looks like an easy fix
  5. If chat has timestamps (which is another feature request) would we still need/want a separate clock?
  6. Since at least a month I am working on the same topic. Not an improvement but rather new functionality. Sorry for not being specific but once we get closer to finalizing it you can read about it in our community update. Hope people will like it. Also I am glad to hear to you enjoy those improvements/changes 🙂
  7. I think adding some description or maybe even just a plain link to forum posts is certainly possible. Shouldn't be too difficult of a change if we have the content we actually want to put there.
  8. Both suggestions make sense to me. We discussed already internally that we might rework the auction house workflow at some point. It's certainly odd that you get those via mail and there are way better ways to creating/re-auctioning/collecting/cancelling auctions.
  9. I feel you. I recently also have less time for playing PvP and I am out of shape. I volunteer as cannon fodder for the tournament 😅
  10. Hey, this idea was already brought up before. You can check the thread and comment there to give it more visibility.
  11. Thanks for reporting this. This is already addressed in an unreleased version of the updater.
  12. Hey, Thanks for the suggestions. Especially spare card filter is something I would also like to see myself.
  13. I liked the idea because you easily see which cards are missing in your collection. Currently, figuring out which cards you need to buy to get a full collection is quite cumbersome. You likely need a 3rd party tool to find the missing cards. The crafting system in Hearthstone makes this task much easier. I just mean the visualization of what is missing, not necessarily crafting the cards. It is likely possible but too much work for now. We can revisit this in the future
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