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  1. Thanks for reporting this. This is already addressed in an unreleased version of the updater.
  2. Hey, Thanks for the suggestions. Especially spare card filter is something I would also like to see myself.
  3. I liked the idea because you easily see which cards are missing in your collection. Currently, figuring out which cards you need to buy to get a full collection is quite cumbersome. You likely need a 3rd party tool to find the missing cards. The crafting system in Hearthstone makes this task much easier. I just mean the visualization of what is missing, not necessarily crafting the cards. It is likely possible but too much work for now. We can revisit this in the future
  4. @Cocofang much appreciated
  5. With checking the code I realized that the collection of cards is stored in code I can not directly manipulate Would need to look into this more to determine how feasible it is.
  6. That is indeed interesting! I can explore this a bit once I have time. Without checking the code I would guess this is doable. We already have the greyed out versions of cards in the game in the upgrade menu
  7. Oh no, I might not be here for the tournament. I wish everyone good luck though
  8. @Bini Inibitor yeah, I also like how it turned out. Hope it will be useful for folks
  9. 20210430_154023_12102_PvE_01p_Ocean.pmv Run happened on 30th but forgot to submit it on time, sorry for being 7min late
  10. @Furrek everyone is strong enough to join I think you can only learn from participating. At least that's how it is for myself.
  11. Where do you take the times from @Volin ? Ingame leaderboard from this month or somewhere else?
  12. I just did my first attempt and clocked in at 31.43. Already setting the bar pretty low!
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