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  1. Hi everyone, just found a bug which describes as follows: Description: Launcher crashes during "Checking ..." for update, with no error message. Happens when: Having no internet connection, so either removing the cable or actually losing connection. Fix: I would suggest fixing it to at least show some kind of message to the user, that there is no internet connection at the moment. Another option would be to make it wait until there is a connection again. Kind regards NovacX
  2. Hi Zyna, I don't think it is impossible here. Did some further research and found out that the filesystem calls are all done from pcre3.dll (see attached image), which is an open source library and available here https://www.pcre.org/. Injecting a pcre3.dll with some monitoring features might lead to some results, where it is loaded and therefore it can be modified in the open source library. Regards NovacX
  3. Hi guys, viewing my task manager, the game really has many hard drive activities. Further investigating the process shows that it is constantly loading the PAK files of the game. From what I can see in process monitor, it is loading all files sequentially and never stops. While the game is running smooth, it is a pain updating other games while playing battleforge. As the game is a little bit older, I suppose the dev's wanted to reduce memory usage by not caching the game files in memory. To increase performance I suggest overriding the load mechansim to optionally cach
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