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  1. Does it work on hight level ones like 9-10?
  2. Hello, A friend of mine have just started his journey with Battleforge He never played it before but he learns very fast. Could you build a nice deck for him? He is focused on PVE content both rPVE and PVE. He enjoy playing shadow and nature ;> I would appreciate if someone can help with building a deck for him (based on shadow or nature but not pure one) because I am not that experienced either and I don't want him to waste his BF points ;D Thanks in advance for any kind of help
  3. Hello, I've played battle forge in the past but not for the long time. Now after this miracle reborn I want to play it again ;> To be honest I really don't remember too much about the game. Only thing I know that I am gonna mostly play rPVE but I am totally clueless what kind of deck will be let's say begginer friendly. What kind of deck and cards should I look for to be able to clear high levels of rPVE. Any ideas? Thank you for all the help ;>
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