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  1. I ask you to forgive me, delete the first account and unlock the second one. I did not think that everything would be so serious, since only the beta test is still going on. I promise you will not do anything else so stupid. I really liked your game.
  2. As I already wrote, I took into account the first negative experience about blocking the use of cheats. In this case, I had an account remark84@mail.ru, which was blocked for using cheats. In that case, it was carried out not for malicious intent, but for entertainment. And when it was banned, I didn’t apply, for it was valid. The same account was honestly upgraded, and there were no interferences with the game from it, just as there was no longer any interference with the computer, since it was deleted. Therefore, please unlock remark84@hotmail.com
  3. This account is for a normal game, so I asked why it was blocked. And can I unblock it? The first bad experience I took into account.
  4. Sorry. this account has been blocked
  5. Good day. I did not use anything on this account. Nothing at all. Why was it banned?
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