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  1. Perendi

    King's Ridge - New story-like-map

    Hey guys, im working on a new map. Im trying to do a storymap a little bit EA-like. In this map you have to rescue Rogan Kayle who get inprisioned by the Bandits. The Twilight is attacking the Bandits so you are under pressure. The map already contains the 3 different diffuculty levels. I tried to implement stuff i liked from other story maps like the cannons from Bad Harvest/GoL, the Amii-Doors from Sunbridge or the fact that the twilight is attacking something and you do not intervene directly. The map isnt finished yet because I just have time at weekend to work at and the balancing alone is pretty hard. I would like to see you guys playing my map and what ideas you have / what could I change / etc. You can always download the latest version of my map in my Discord group: https://discord.gg/6JpAuJF I hope you excuse my bad English , also English outcries are not all implementet for now (most is in german). Here is a quick replay of the map: You can also find other older footage of my map on this channel.
  2. Perendi

    Launcher Backgrounds

    So i will get the previouses aswell? Which resolution are they 1920x1080? or even higher?
  3. Perendi

    Launcher Backgrounds

    ill get the previous artworks aswell or just the upcoming?
  4. Perendi

    Launcher Backgrounds

    Where can i find the Images/Backgrounds from the Launcher? I would like to have this in higher res. THX.
  5. Title. Msg me ingame when ure interested. Ing: Perendi EDIT: All Boosters sold, /closed
  6. Perendi

    Skylords Reborn Official Loot List

    I cant find Treespirit (both affis) in this list. Are they missing or are they in no map as loot? Sry for bad england.
  7. Perendi

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    yep i ment the banditos (dont know the english names, i tinhk it was german), so banditos are the units who are missing, could someone upload them here?
  8. Perendi

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    One unit is missing, because i overwrite it in the past: Bandit Champions, could someone post the original one here pls?
  9. Hey guys, if someone of you plays Software Inc. i created a furniture mod with 24 BattleForge artworks as Paintings for it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768973846 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93350734/BFR/eaphenomic.png
  10. Perendi

    Are you serious?!

    I have no time to watch the whole video and no time to write a big story so blablablabla.... you already earned 1000+€ for the server and you just release an "alpha testserver for 20 people?!?!?! WTF 20 ?!!??!?!?! HOW xD u dont need to balance thinks like blizzard alpha servers or whatever so why an alpha server and why just 20ppl JAJAJAJA HAHAHAHA :DD:D:D: KEK LEL ROFL.... 9/11 scam, get donations and dont use any of them for the servers, seems 100% trust for meh xD
  11. map editor is working now, ty so much! i had to combine the .rar.001-006 files with 7zip and then extract with winrar
  12. Perendi


    [quote='Darkroy' pid='1475' dateline='1434992485'] Hmm well that's a bit sad.... but its OK in the end. If we would ask them for the rights we won't get them right? [/quote] yes, we wont got the rights from ea... tbo said once, ea is just going to sell the rights for a 5-6 digit number, so 100k+ €
  13. Perendi

    The legendary forum game "count"

    29, it's a prime number :)

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