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  1. Hey guys, im working on a new map. Im trying to do a storymap a little bit EA-like. In this map you have to rescue Rogan Kayle who get inprisioned by the Bandits. The Twilight is attacking the Bandits so you are under pressure. The map already contains the 3 different diffuculty levels. I tried to implement stuff i liked from other story maps like the cannons from Bad Harvest/GoL, the Amii-Doors from Sunbridge or the fact that the twilight is attacking something and you do not intervene directly. The map isnt finished yet because I just have time at weekend to work a
  2. So i will get the previouses aswell? Which resolution are they 1920x1080? or even higher?
  3. ill get the previous artworks aswell or just the upcoming?
  4. Where can i find the Images/Backgrounds from the Launcher? I would like to have this in higher res. THX.
  5. I cant find Treespirit (both affis) in this list. Are they missing or are they in no map as loot? Sry for bad england.
  6. yep i ment the banditos (dont know the english names, i tinhk it was german), so banditos are the units who are missing, could someone upload them here?
  7. Hey guys, if someone of you plays Software Inc. i created a furniture mod with 24 BattleForge artworks as Paintings for it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768973846 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93350734/BFR/eaphenomic.png
  8. I have like the whole old battleforge forum on my external hard drive
  9. hehe, i just copied it from the old thread
  10. 6, I vote for disable the post counter in offtopic!
  11. 2x mix = a deck consisting of 2 colors 3x mix = a deck consisting of 3 colors AA = Anti Air Admin = Administrator Afaik = As far as i know AFK = Away from keyboard. Means that the player isn't present. AH = Auction House(marketplace) AIS = Area Ice Shield AoC = Aura of Corruption or Altar of Chaos AoE = Area of Effect, also used for spells that target an area instead of a unit. AoF = avatar of frost atm = at the minute/ at this moment BG = Breeding grounds, Can also mean Battlegrounds (Random PvE) Bf = In this case Battleforge, can also refer to Battlefield Bfp = T
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