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  1. Perendi

    WTS Booster // 420 BFp each

    Title. Msg me ingame when ure interested. Ing: Perendi
  2. Perendi

    Skylords Reborn Official Loot List

    I cant find Treespirit (both affis) in this list. Are they missing or are they in no map as loot? Sry for bad england.
  3. Perendi

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    yep i ment the banditos (dont know the english names, i tinhk it was german), so banditos are the units who are missing, could someone upload them here?
  4. Perendi

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    One unit is missing, because i overwrite it in the past: Bandit Champions, could someone post the original one here pls?
  5. Hey guys, if someone of you plays Software Inc. i created a furniture mod with 24 BattleForge artworks as Paintings for it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768973846 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93350734/BFR/eaphenomic.png
  6. Perendi

    Are you serious?!

    I have no time to watch the whole video and no time to write a big story so blablablabla.... you already earned 1000+€ for the server and you just release an "alpha testserver for 20 people?!?!?! WTF 20 ?!!??!?!?! HOW xD u dont need to balance thinks like blizzard alpha servers or whatever so why an alpha server and why just 20ppl JAJAJAJA HAHAHAHA :DD:D:D: KEK LEL ROFL.... 9/11 scam, get donations and dont use any of them for the servers, seems 100% trust for meh xD
  7. map editor is working now, ty so much! i had to combine the .rar.001-006 files with 7zip and then extract with winrar
  8. Perendi


    [quote='Darkroy' pid='1475' dateline='1434992485'] Hmm well that's a bit sad.... but its OK in the end. If we would ask them for the rights we won't get them right? [/quote] yes, we wont got the rights from ea... tbo said once, ea is just going to sell the rights for a 5-6 digit number, so 100k+ €
  9. Perendi

    The legendary forum game "count"

    29, it's a prime number :)
  10. I cant download the file from mab.to (may my provider blocks this page), could u upload this anywhere else?
  11. Perendi

    All cards in one glance

    [quote='DragonOfTime' pid='1118' dateline='1434818359'] I think it was originally made by TheBlackOne. [/quote] 10/10 yep hehe, the link is still up :D http://static.cdn.ea.com/battleforge/u/f/eagames/battleforge/battleforge/downloads/BattleForge%20All%20Cards%20Gallery.rar [img]http://gyazo.com/b69ba3bbc24b16ca9b9b3f9ef38fae3b.png[/img]
  12. so ein Murks, vielleicht sind halt die Pfade der Dateien die der Editor braucht für den irgendwie in den registry festgeschrieben die bei denen wo das spiel / editor nicht installiert hatten natürlich fehlen sry about my german... was the last post in german :)
  13. [quote='LagOps' pid='1087' dateline='1434805111'] For me, the editor works fine, but for others configuration files were missing. i do not know where these files are located, but the editor RUNS without the need for any bf server. [/quote] Cant explain it in english... Ich glaube der Editor braucht die dateien aus dem Eigene Dateien -> Battleforge Ordner, hast du die noch? Weil darin steht wie BattleForge das letzte mal geöffnet wurde und das braucht der editor zum starten...
  14. Perendi

    God DAMN IT


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