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  1. Perendi

    King's Ridge - New story-like-map

    Hey guys, im working on a new map. Im trying to do a storymap a little bit EA-like. In this map you have to rescue Rogan Kayle who get inprisioned by the Bandits. The Twilight is attacking the Bandits so you are under pressure. The map already contains the 3 different diffuculty levels. I tried to implement stuff i liked from other story maps like the cannons from Bad Harvest/GoL, the Amii-Doors from Sunbridge or the fact that the twilight is attacking something and you do not intervene directly. The map isnt finished yet because I just have time at weekend to work at and the balancing alone is pretty hard. I would like to see you guys playing my map and what ideas you have / what could I change / etc. You can always download the latest version of my map in my Discord group: https://discord.gg/6JpAuJF I hope you excuse my bad English , also English outcries are not all implementet for now (most is in german). Here is a quick replay of the map: You can also find other older footage of my map on this channel.
  2. Perendi

    Launcher Backgrounds

    So i will get the previouses aswell? Which resolution are they 1920x1080? or even higher?
  3. Perendi

    Launcher Backgrounds

    ill get the previous artworks aswell or just the upcoming?
  4. Perendi

    Launcher Backgrounds

    Where can i find the Images/Backgrounds from the Launcher? I would like to have this in higher res. THX.
  5. Perendi

    Skylords Reborn Official Loot List

    I cant find Treespirit (both affis) in this list. Are they missing or are they in no map as loot? Sry for bad england.
  6. Perendi

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    yep i ment the banditos (dont know the english names, i tinhk it was german), so banditos are the units who are missing, could someone upload them here?
  7. Perendi

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    One unit is missing, because i overwrite it in the past: Bandit Champions, could someone post the original one here pls?
  8. Hey guys, if someone of you plays Software Inc. i created a furniture mod with 24 BattleForge artworks as Paintings for it. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=768973846 https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/93350734/BFR/eaphenomic.png
  9. Perendi

    The legendary forum game "count"

    29, it's a prime number :)
  10. Perendi

    The Battleforge Dictionary

    I have like the whole old battleforge forum on my external hard drive
  11. Perendi

    The Battleforge Dictionary

    hehe, i just copied it from the old thread
  12. Perendi

    The legendary forum game "count"

    6, I vote for disable the post counter in offtopic!
  13. Perendi

    The Battleforge Dictionary

    2x mix = a deck consisting of 2 colors 3x mix = a deck consisting of 3 colors AA = Anti Air Admin = Administrator Afaik = As far as i know AFK = Away from keyboard. Means that the player isn't present. AH = Auction House(marketplace) AIS = Area Ice Shield AoC = Aura of Corruption or Altar of Chaos AoE = Area of Effect, also used for spells that target an area instead of a unit. AoF = avatar of frost atm = at the minute/ at this moment BG = Breeding grounds, Can also mean Battlegrounds (Random PvE) Bf = In this case Battleforge, can also refer to Battlefield Bfp = The ingame currency bought with real world money Blue = Frost (can also refer to the blessed affinity) BoT = Back on Topic, often said by mods if the posts in a forum thread are becoming too little related or entirely unrelated to the original topic. BRB = Be right bck. Means the the player will leave for a short time. Btw = By the way. Pretty self explanatory. Buff = increase in strength or usefulness caused by an ingame effect or a patch. Bump = Posting on a thread just to keep it in the top of the forum page. C = Common. The most common rarity in Battleforge. cba = Cannot be arsed CC = Crowd Control. Spells or abilities that makes it impossible for units to attack and/or move. Charge = A copy of a card that is merged with the same, upgraded card, thus increasing the times it can be played out before recharge time activates. Charging = Increasing the times a card can be played out before recharge time activates by adding a card copy to an upgraded card. CRD = crusade CS = Coldsnap Cya l8er = See you later Dc = Disconnect DD = Direct Damage DE = Disenchant Dis = usually Disenchant, rarely disconnect (rather used "dc" as disconnect) Dmg = Damage. Often used to tell the damage value stated on the card. DnD = Do not disturb DO = Deep One DoT = Damage Over Time, inflicting damage on a unit/structure that reapplies damage at regular intervals eg spirit hunters a nd sun reaver, also Dragon Of Time Dps = Damage per second Dpts = Damage per twenty seconds (the value stated on the card Dread = Dreadcharger (as Shadow) or Dreadnought (as Frost) ELO = The score gained by winning PvP matches. Enli/Enlight = Enlightenment EP = Energy Parasite ES = Earthshaker F= Fire or Frost F2P = A payer that hasn't invested any real world money into the game. Farming = Repeating an action for a long time to obtain something, like playing a lot of rpve to gain a lot of tokens, simil ar to Grinding. Flamer = A player who is consistently rude to others, "flaming" them. FM = Frost Mage FoF = Furnace of flesh FoW = Fog of War Fr = Frost FTW = For the win Full = A deck consisting of all 4 colors G = Gold. The ingame currency won from maps. G2G = Gotta go GG = good game. Used when leaving a PvP match. GL = Good Luck gl hf = 'good luck, have fun' friendly way to start a game ^.^ Gold Run = Collecting all gold chests in a map and disenchanting all upgrade rewards into gold Green = Nature (can also refer to the Gifted affinity) Grinding = Repeating an action for a long time to obtain something, like playing a lot of rpve to gain a lot of tokens. GS = Gravity Surge GTFO = Get the f*** out! Harvy = Harvester HP = Hit Points. How much damage a unit can sustain before it dies. HS = Home Soil Idd = Indeed IG = Ice Guardian IGN = In Game Name ikr = i know right, agreeing wholly with someone ily = I love you imba = imbalanced Imho = In my honest opinion Imo = in my opinion Infraction = A deadly ticket which can lead to bans. IST = Ice Shield Tower Jk = Just kidding or Joking Juggy = Juggernaut K or KK =Okay KoC = Knight of Chaos KOTG = King of the giants, a PvE map Lame = "Any card, combination of cards or playstyle that is considered very hard or impossible to beat efficiently and gener ally easy to use." Lamer: "Someone who beats other people in PvP, mostly but not always using 'lame' strategies to do so." LB = Lightblade LF = Lava Field or "Looking For" LFG = Looking for group or Looking for Game. Means that the player is looking for someone to play with. LK = Lyrish Knight lmao = Laghing my arse off LOL = Laughing out loud. It's just like "Haha XD" LS = Lost Shade or Lost Souls ltp = learn to play LW = life weaving m8 = mate MA = Master Archers Mana = Mana wings Mauly = Mauler Mod = Moderator Motk = Mark of the keeper Mounty = Mountaineer MTFBWY = "May the force be with you", a quote from the Star Wars films. It basically means "Good Luck". In BattleForge they often talk about "May the forge be with you" MVP = Most Valuable Player/poster nasty = nasty surprise NC = Nightcrawler Necro = Forum term for when an old thread gets bumped to the first page, when continuing it has become irrelevant. Nerf = decrease in strength or usefulness with a patch. nfs = not for sale NG = Nightguard Ninja looting = When the host takes all the upgrades in an assign game without the other players' consent. Ninja'd = when somebody posts something right before you while youre typing the message Noob = A player playing like a new player, can also mean a new player. It is also used as an insult. Nox = Nox Trooper NP = No Problem Ofc = Of Course Oink = Curse of Oink omg=oh my god OP = Overpowered (A card that is too strong), Overpriced or Original Poster (the thread starter) OT = Off-Topic Plz = Please PM = Private Mail or Private Message Promo = A card that's given away to people by means of promotion. Promos are typically fully upgraded and often fully charge d, and have a different layout. PS = Parasite Swarm Pure = Having cards in only one color. Purple = The shadow faction (can also refer to the tainted affinity) PvE = Player versus enviroment PvP = Player versus Player PvR = Player vs Random (enviroment) QFT = Quoted For Truth QQ = Crying RB = resource booster Rdy = ready Red = The Fire faction (can also refer to the infused affinity) ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing, same meaning as LOL roots = ensnaring roots rPvE = Random PvE (Battlegrounds) Shammy = Shaman SM = Shadow Mage Snap = Coldsnap SoG = Shrine of Greed. An overnerfed shadow card SoM = Shrine of Memories. Sot = Stone of torment SoW = Shrine of war spam = In pvp, the act to summon several of the same unit type. spammable = Characteristic of creatures who cost small amounts of power and are rather effective for the moment when they ar e used. Splash = To have a deck with more than one color. Oftrn used to refer to the second color eg. "I play nature with a frost sp lash." Sry = Sorry SS = Soulshatter Stfu = A rude way of saying "please be quiet." T1-4 = Tier 1-4, a way of telling how many orbs you have. Thx = Thanks tl;dr = to long; didn't read (put after long walls of text followed by a summary of the long text for lazy people) Troll = Person who posts inappropriate or offensive messages to gain a response or start an argument Ty = Thank you Tyvm = Thank you very much U0-3 = Upgrade level of a card, where U0 stands for no upgrades and U3 to a completely upgraded card unholy = unholy power or Unholy Hero UA = Undead Army UBF = UrBestFriend UP = Underpowered w81m = Wait a minute Wb = welcome back /worldbreaker gun WL = Watchlist WoG = wheel of gifts WotN = Ward of the North Wp = well played WTB = Want to buy WTF= what the f***? WTH = What the heck/hell? WTS = Want to sell WTT = Want to trade WW = Windweavers YW = Your Welcome -copied from the old BattleForge Forum, Thread "The Battleforge dictionary" from DragonOfTime

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