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  1. lFrostAvatar

    Custom Profile Pictures, Overlays et cetera

    I acknowledge that, will start working on the artwork first, and after that proceed to the signature and overlay. However, please be patient because it can take me a while, since you are not the only one given me a commission. There is certainly no need for me to take those ones as reference, in any event thanks for providing me the link, but I rendered all the artworks in a much better resolution in the past, thus I will use one my mine instead. Here is the link of all rendered artworks, in case you are interested. Edit: The artwork is done. For the signature and overlay I will most likely use the same mana wing, hope you like "manawing: annihilator of the sky" !
  2. lFrostAvatar

    Custom Profile Pictures, Overlays et cetera

    I would like to do so Do you have any concrete wishes? guess you can pn me with your commission. Although, discord, teamspeak or skype would be better if you have some time.
  3. lFrostAvatar

    Custom Profile Pictures, Overlays et cetera

    I am glad you like those. Maybe it is similar, though I haven't found something as that within the first two pages, so I decided to make my own.
  4. lFrostAvatar

    Custom Profile Pictures, Overlays et cetera

    Hey Skylords! Today I want to introduce you to my new thread, where you can send me offers for art related work such as the following: Profile Pictures for every kind of platform. Overlays for Youtube, Twitch et cetera, as well as thumbnails for videos. Signatures for all kind of things. If you are interested in one of these things, just write me a private message, or leave a comment here in this thread, I do this for free, naturally. There will be additionally new galleries on imgur which you can access through this thread, there you will find all the work done so far, so make sure to check it out if you are interested. However, because of privacy policies concerning my customers, all the material there will be not HD! if you want a HD version regardless of that, just let me know here in thread. The links you will find below! Profile Pictures Overlays Last but not least, thank you already for taking a look at the work, and thank you for all the future commissions, I hope I will have fun working, and most importantly, you being satisfied with your new individual piece of art!
  5. lFrostAvatar

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    Good job with the map! Even though I am not completely into pvp I really do enjoy this map because it provides a fast paced gaming experience. Despite that, the map also looks visually appealing and does not disappoint on that regard. Keep it up!
  6. lFrostAvatar

    3 - Error insert game disk

    NAME: Showing an error message upon entering the replay section SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Replay section REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: After I saved several replays and added one from the year 2013 which is still from the latest version of Battleforge, everytime I open the replaysection an error message appears about three times "There no disk in your drive, insert a medium into drive E:" it is not one-hundred percent accurate since the error message is on german, but thats roughly what it says. However I can watch the replays without any problems, but after I finish a replay this message also appears around three times. If I close then the replay section, and open it again, the message just appears again. SCREENSHOT/REPLAY: You can find below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I also deleted the replays and it still doesn't work, it yet shows me the same error message.
  7. lFrostAvatar

    [Giveaway] Tell us your story !

    Hey everyone, its me Fabian also known as lefr00st, I am a student and artist, also - writer and producer of the "Altered Nature" series. For my part I was always enchanted by the magic of video games, my very first game was actually on the gameboy : "Tetris" followed by "The Legend of Zelda Links Awakening". Thereupon I fell in love with games up to today, for me it was more than that though. I always thought that having restrictions based on activities are something bad, but while thinking throroughly about it, the picture of restrictions being annoying became blurry and started to dwindle away. If you do look at the other site of the coin, limitations are something else than vexatious : Due to them, games we play or activities we are experimenting becoming a much better momentum since we are feeling more rewarded once we are actually doing so. So with that in mind, lets approach the first time I actually laid my hands on "Battleforge". After the initial release of the game, and the treshold of becoming free to play, I downloaded the game immediately because I've seen the game one year earlier in some German magazine called "Computerbild", the game appeared so staggering and differentiated from everything else I've seen thus far. At that time when I finally finished the download, two days passed away because internet connections in Germany weren't quite a vanilla thing, by reason of that we had some cheap internet stick, which automaticaly throttled upon going through the limit of two gigabits per month. So as consequence of this internet restriction, "Battleforge" was something unique to play, because I had maybe two or four hours a week of actually playing it, making the experience even more satisfying. Furthermore "Battleforge" was my first internet multiplayer game whatsoever, and certainly the best of them all. Once I actually had no more demarcations in terms of playing "Battleforge", everyday was invested into it, everyday I was immersed in the masterpiece Phenomic has created, everyday there were those thrills inside of me, whether it was getting an exciting new card such as my beloved Frostavatar, or something on that regard, the game never started to become boring. Even though I was never into the competitive aspects of the game, I found them kind of impressing and superior than to most other games, the balance appeared to be solid, and even apart from pvp, the pve was just sheer blessing on earth. All the varieties of decks, experimentation , freedom of the player and even creating your own maps, filled this game with life and never had let to come across as something empty and boring. Ask yourself in which game today you are having the same priviledges as you had in "Battleforge", what always astounded me was the fact of being able to accomplish a four player map solo, or every other map that required more than just one player, it made the game loose and challenging at the same time. I have seriously no idea how many times I played through bad-harvest, probably the most iconic map of "Battleforge" for reasonable aspects, but even besides this map, literally every other map was great too, an enjoyable amount was there to pick from, whereby it was just a bless to play the game. From all the online games played thus far, "Battleforge" is my favourite one of all time, and thats because of the aspects I already mentioned earlier : it just was the perfect game to play alone or with friends, the variety of cards was mesmerizing, the visuals looked marvelous for 2009, the lore was sort of interesting to read through, the card artstyle is the most splendid I've ever seen. When combining this already gorgeous package, you get one completely new game to the real-time-strategy formula, also appealing other consumers which might originally prefer a different genre. Since it averted itself so much from already existing games, it outdo every other game for me, naturally, and frankly, I think it is quite a shame that there is not a single game even remotely similar to it, and certainly the shut down of the "Battleforge" servers was quite sad. Forthwith I thought my own world is breaking apart, for the first time in apparently my entire life-span, I was sad about losing a video game, my heart was wounded from the inside, and before you are going to say anything, indeed that sounds cheesy, but it really was for me as losing something with may more value to it. "Battleforge" was not even only one of the best games I've ever played, but it coined also my life in few ways : Thanks to "Battleforge" I started to act out my gaming hobby on a higher extend, moreso it also inspired me to becoming an artist, due to the stunning arts it provided on the cards. Currently I want nothing more than getting it back, to play it with my new friends, to show them what I experienced with it, or maybe even diving into the competitive scene of the game thus going for the wallops. I was thinking a lot of why no one bothered to create some similar game as "Battleforge", or just made a private server, I was hoping everyday for a team coming up with one of these thoughts, and some day my prayers were heard : When I found out about "Battleforgereborn" or rather "Skylords Reborn", I thought that it was some april hoax, until I've seen some clear footage which was clearly not a modified screenshot or something, no......, it was "Battleforge"! Even being super enthusiastic about the project itself, I was somehow sceptical that the developers won't be capable of completing the project, and to be honest, I am still not driven completely by optimism, since it is such a colossal task to revive the whole game as it was before, but of course I am hoping for the best - for everyones sake. Mainly though, I am hoping for my best friend to get a chance to play the game, since he is easily one of the best "League of Legends" players by now, I think he could be a first-rate player in "Battleforge" to. Secondly theres my teacher in school, how weird this might sound, but he is rather eager to find out more about the game, its lore, et cetera. And most certainly, I would like to play the game as well, naturally. I would've prefered to spend more time within the forums, but because of the pressure of school and my own projects – arts – writing – provides, it feels impossible to contribute much to the community. Though I have to point out here that I wanted to add at least some stake into this massive project, by rendering all the original "Battleforge" artworks together, to result into a much more applicable quality, and that took me quite some time and I bothered a lot to also collect all the original artworks. Furthermore I wanted to create some other content such as custom backgrounds and something along these lines, but yet I was not able to actually do so, because of the already mentioned low time windows I do have. So with all that being said, what do I expect from the future, is probably humble but who cares. I am seing all those people want to see new content adding to the game, but honestly, I think as long as the game stays online with a stable server, everything should be totally appreciatable. What I demand will be certainly a genuine support that punishs scamers and other unhealthy ruffians of the community, I don't want to see people with little cards getting ripped off, and losing their spirit and motivation for "Battleforge". Additionally I want that cheaters won't be a prevalent chore in a fair and healthy ladder system, they should get banned immediately upon detecting what they did. Another thing that I think would be beneficial for everyone, will be a nice and respective treatment to everyone, thus creating a much more playful environment. If everything will occur just as I hope it will, you guys will not only make me happy, but also hundreds of people out there. It is one of those games that should've never been shut down in the first place, and the paramount example for games could be more innovative in terms of gameplay elements, it is not for nothing that "Battleforge" remained as one of my absolute favourite video games, which is by the way hard to become. If it comes to games I am always judicial, because roughly 99 percent of all games out there nowadays are completely mediocre, and "Battleforge" is somehow capable of matching with games like league of legends, or world of warcraft, because it is great with the quality it does provide. Even though these ordinary, daily routine games will never take a spot in my ranking, that consists of absolute milestones – for instance, arguably the best game for me at least, The Legend of Zelda The Windwaker – but overall "Battleforge" is more than just a surface level online game. With all that being said, it is time for this text to end, time to look in the future, look at the prospects of the project, about the great time we will have playing the game, revisiting the effort and love put into the project from basically everyone, everything in order to deliver us the game we all missed, the game we all loved, the game we all played into the end – and that is what a great history is about - a great society is about – a great game is about – the persons who shaped it to such.
  8. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Looking forward to that, however , I would appreciate if you mention that I rendered those.
  9. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Aight sorry I've been so busy with things, and had some other issues with my computer as well, the artworks will be available within two hours.
  10. lFrostAvatar

    Thumbnails for Replays

    Well sry I had like one million windows open and posted basically the same thing here as in the other thread ^.^
  11. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Aight theres a new Album make sure to check it out. I guess that BG looks really cool for my first try, I gave the picture more value. That way it works better as background. Also I defined some brushstrokes and made the background also as an sideway format. I hope you like it @Dallarian Battle Fortress
  12. lFrostAvatar

    Thumbnails for Replays

    Well i guess you are right @Lukaznid. I will check it out on youtube

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