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  1. lFrostAvatar

    NEW 1on1 PVP MAP!

    Good job with the map! Even though I am not completely into pvp I really do enjoy this map because it provides a fast paced gaming experience. Despite that, the map also looks visually appealing and does not disappoint on that regard. Keep it up!
  2. lFrostAvatar

    3 - Error insert game disk

    NAME: Showing an error message upon entering the replay section SEVERITY: 3 LOCATION: Replay section REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: After I saved several replays and added one from the year 2013 which is still from the latest version of Battleforge, everytime I open the replaysection an error message appears about three times "There no disk in your drive, insert a medium into drive E:" it is not one-hundred percent accurate since the error message is on german, but thats roughly what it says. However I can watch the replays without any problems, but after I finish a replay this message also appears around three times. If I close then the replay section, and open it again, the message just appears again. SCREENSHOT/REPLAY: You can find below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I also deleted the replays and it still doesn't work, it yet shows me the same error message.
  3. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Looking forward to that, however , I would appreciate if you mention that I rendered those.
  4. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Aight sorry I've been so busy with things, and had some other issues with my computer as well, the artworks will be available within two hours.
  5. lFrostAvatar

    Thumbnails for Replays

    Well sry I had like one million windows open and posted basically the same thing here as in the other thread ^.^
  6. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    Aight theres a new Album make sure to check it out. I guess that BG looks really cool for my first try, I gave the picture more value. That way it works better as background. Also I defined some brushstrokes and made the background also as an sideway format. I hope you like it @Dallarian Battle Fortress
  7. lFrostAvatar

    Thumbnails for Replays

    Well i guess you are right @Lukaznid. I will check it out on youtube
  8. lFrostAvatar

    Thumbnails for Replays

    It is faster indeed, but you can make then more smooth with a swift use of the burn tool. Because the more I look, the more difficult it is for me to not get mad by looking at these edges. But that being sad, of course it is rly fast with only quick selection, it is just my opinion how to make it look much better. I hope you don't take that personally.
  9. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    No problem. If you want I can make a paintover of the ship, where I define brushstrokes etc. In the link below you can find exactly what I mean by that. http://imgur.com/a/h9Rqe
  10. lFrostAvatar

    Thumbnails for Replays

    Arent you using vectors or polygons to do so? This is the most acurate way on that regard.
  11. lFrostAvatar

    Thumbnails for Replays

    Wow amazing job bro, but for the harvester, the white edges looking ugly. May I ask how long you need for one of those cutouts?
  12. lFrostAvatar

    Battleforge Rendered Artworks and More

    I was busy because I had some hard exams and tasks to do, the spells will be available tomorow! Well I am glad to hear that you like my artworks, about the resolution if I would provide bigger resolutions this would kill my memory since the 2560x2560 are rly big. But for you I rendered a 2560x2560 to show how it will look. I did the battleship in that high resolution hope you like it. If you want some specific artworks on that resolution or on a even higher resolution just let me know. You can find the ones I already did in the link below. HD Artworks

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