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  1. It doesn't, it resets every 24h hours. I have also noticed it is hard for PvP players to get the discount bonus, because playing a match usually is around 5 ~ 10 minutes. There is also the waiting time to get a match going. I might be online searching and playing PvP games for two hours and not get the bonus.
  2. Where you have to play at least an hour for, which is doable for some days, but definitely not all days. I would suggest that if you play a half hour on tuesday and a half hour the following day you get the discount. I.e. the time you spend playing ingame carries over the next day. Right now the system stimulates playing either at least an hour a day or a bit longer in a couple of days. With the carry-over mechanism, you also hit the market that can spend around 30 minutes a day.
  3. Zappyx

    Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)

    I would like to know why it seems that walls are such a bad thing, people seem to flame whenever you take a wall while there are many other oppressive things going on? To me, walls add diversity and strategic considerations into a map.
  4. Zappyx

    Skylords Reborn Championship (11.07)

    The last time I played a Battleforge tournament I finished second and lost in the finals against Avire. Finally, I can show now I am the best.
  5. Zappyx

    Balance Proposal: Curse Well

  6. Zappyx

    PvP t4 fight

    This is great news. We should host a PvP T4 tourney to determine the silliest T4 player!
  7. Zappyx

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    That is not the point of my post, so I'll edit it because it seems triggering
  8. Zappyx

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    Great work! I look forward seeing this on the open beta server. I do want to state that the PvE grind is very much there, even if you lower the level cap. The reason is that gold is pretty scarce if you only play PvP. If you wish to upgrade one ultra rare you would have to play 100+ PvP games. To counter balance rPvE grinds, and GOL hacks I would suggest to increase the gold you gain in playing PvP.

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