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  1. image.png.bdb6881afc15c4152403c1e3f894b4c4.png

    1. BurningWorld


      🍈 Praise the Melon 🍈

    2. Deadman


      Hello mate 😀

  2. Nevermind bro, I was just stupidly joking around as usually Wish you a nice weekend Kubik!
  3. How much donation for revival of chatbox?
  4. This maybe doesn't help you, but SSDs are so cheap nowadays you can get 60GBs for about 15 € already.. And you can not only "install" your battleforge on it but also your windows which reduces Windows starting times a lot and also should decrease the loading times in BaFo ;) I haven't played BaFo since Open Stresstest but I can't imagine how old your rig must be for not running a 2008 game properly :D (no harm or insulting intended, if taken so)
  5. I 'member when the open stresstest started and it was like only up to 100 players could connect the same time.. And now seeing you talking about 100-200 players in JUST PVP A DAY!!! What an awesome development the project is doing, keep the great work up! Kudos and respecc to everyone doing his part
  6. I wish I could downvote for that League of Legends Picture, here take my upvote instead! Edit 1: I just saw your edit 1 and had an idea, what about single health bars just like for minions / creeps (dota ftw) and when you zoom out enough the combine to 1 larger health bar, like a single unit.. I just realized this idea is dumb, coz all small units get the same damage :facepalm:
  7. Plox my forum chatbox not working help fix :( 

    Y is not starting open beta chatbox?? :( 

    Me paly chatbox now pls

    1. BurningWorld


      @BurningWorld Pls use the message function or open a thread in the right section about your Issue.


      @BurningWorld NO! Me want open chat box NOW!

    2. Deadman



    3. Ultrakool


      /locked for sanity 

  8. Kubik saves the day as usual #GOTEAMKUBIK

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    2. BurningWorld
    3. batorfly


      Comeback is real. 
      I can smell it. 


    4. BurningWorld


      Man I just wanted to post exact the same meme followed by a questionmark onto your profile like 2 minutes before.. 
      It's been a year and I'm still having exact the same stupid ideas .. :thinking:

  10. Reminds me of glorious old times like: "Plox Open omega gimme! Play me give!" Just random comment *flies away on a horse*
  11. How did this happen?
    I wasn't even here 


    I'm so famous ^.^ 

    *drops mic*

    1. Eddio


      Nah the forum is just bugged, it also says you haven't been online since the 3rd of August

    2. BurningWorld


      But it's true I haven't logged in since August the 3rd.

      I'm not here, I'm an illusion. 

      Reality is Illusion.

      *hits blunt*


    3. Deadman


      I'm more famous. :watermelon: 

  12. Horse approves! PS: Give back Chatbox or RevolutioN!
  13. This my Origin Order history and it got about 50 pages of those orders haha. (I think BFBoosterCommonCard is the one you were able to buy for 1 or 2bfp and get a single card, since I never bought original boosters). #JustSomeRandomOfftopicPost

    Merry Chanukka skylords, ladies and Thomas. :watermelon:

  15. image.png.32b7276f1d631a0ac807099b450a28a3.png

    @InsaneHawk @Fyrios Vive La France :D <3 


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    2. Fyrios


      France being invaded by the Brits, Dutch, Germans and Czechs... :thinking:

    3. anonyme0273


      France is being invaded by itself.


    4. Eddio
  16. @Ultrakool Fyrios changed my message aka he impersonated plox ban !
  17. Well mate for playing the game you need the Client, aka the game files and the Skylords Updater. So yeah basicly you need to install the actual game to get it running But keep in mind you can't install the old original Battleforge from CD or whatever, you need to download the game files from the Skylords Project. Which can be found somewhere in the following post: I'd highly recommend you to read this post anyways since I think it will solve the most of your question already Also, Hello Kiwi
  18. Alright thanks for the clarification almighty Hawk. May thy way be blessed by lots of fortunes and luck, great emperror. And why why by the popes name have you been online writing this answer around 3:00 o clock in the darkest of nights?
  19. Who are you that you got the power to ban people? I know this sounds offensive but I meant it not that way just curious, since it's not saying you're a mod or anything and I've never ever saw your name before and I've been here for a while
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