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  1. Games you play while waiting

    Minecraft, Age of Empires, Battle Realms, Dark Souls 3, Europa Universalis 4, Brawlhalla, Black Squad, Bloons TD Battles, Rome Total War 1+2, GTA Online and BF 1 xDD When Skylords Reborn will get in Open Beta i think its the only game i will play
  2. which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Jugger and Ice Guardian. Those two Cards i think i used the most
  3. Who is around my age or older?

    Haha nice then we have to proof that I can not wait till i win
  4. Who is around my age or older?

    Iam 22 and i will play with you when the Open-Beta starts Please
  5. Giveaways

    Okay thanks
  6. Giveaways

    I have a question ._. When i Vote and pick one emoji, before i pick another have i to decklick the last emoji? Or only pick it one time and then just redo?
  7. You're favorite type of deck

    I played Pure Fire, Pure Frost, Pure Shadow,Shadow/Frost and Fire/Shadow. I was not so good at healing so was Pure Nature horrible for me Most time i Played Pure Fire because of the pressure that you can make ^^ Pure Frost was my second choice as the ultimate stretagy and defence Shadow i only played sometimes when i feel like it and mixed it for a better playing. Nature i played sometimes to test but i never really got friend with nature in PVP :/ PVE was nice and i played much to revalue my Cards i most played Shadow/Frost for Lost Soul and Pure Nature. Pure Fire was not so my thing because i dont like Batariel.
  8. Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Yeah iam so proud of all that working on this
  9. [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Dont Apologise get your Exams and gain health thats the Important things. Good Luck !!
  10. Open Beta Information

    I cant wait till 30th
  11. Open-Beta Announcement Stream !

    Juhu i cant wait You guys are so awesome
  12. BattleForge Reborn Official Trailer

    Wow. Nice Trailer. I am so happy to that People work together and make my Dream come true.