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  1. Mariji

    Frequent disconnects

    I allways have DC when iam starting a Game, i can go into the Forge, can add Cards to my Deck all goes until i try to enter a Game then instant DC. @MephistoRoss I can reproduce the Error. So it might be interesting ^^
  2. Mariji

    Closed Beta Applications

    Hey there ^^ First of all: Good Luck to everyone Right now I'm unemployed so I have unlimited time to test the game. If I work again I have 3-5 hours a day available. At the weekend I can spare at least 8 hours. I played Battleforge from 2011 to the end. I played both PvE and PvP. At the time, I did not have much money, which is why I traded a lot to get the cards that are relevant to me. My PvP rank was legend and in PvE I was Skylord. I've played a lot of PvE with friends to get the upgrades and the necessary medals and gold. If I get a beta key I would only play Skylords. There are so many nice People who want to play so i dont know what makes me more special. I have experience in Battleforge and lots of Time to play. I like this community and there are many people who deserve to play Battleforge again. I really want to play the game again and I want to have a lot of fun with everyone here. On Discord my Nick is : Mariji #4395 . If there are any questions then please take the time to ask I would like to say how glad I am that there are people like you all that makes this community so great.
  3. Mariji

    The story behind your nick.

    Hahaha nope xDDD My acutual Name is Marcel ^^ Some of my friends gave me the Nickname Marcelijelli Its a wierd long Story xDD
  4. Mariji

    The story behind your nick.

    On the Old BaFo my Name was TheBrot. Brot is the German word for Bread. Iwas nooby as fuck so the Nick was perfect xD Now i use Mariji its a kind of anagram of my actual name ^^
  5. Mariji

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Look at yourselfes Lots of and we see us in the Forge
  6. Mariji

    Games you play while waiting

    Minecraft, Age of Empires, Battle Realms, Dark Souls 3, Europa Universalis 4, Brawlhalla, Black Squad, Bloons TD Battles, Rome Total War 1+2, GTA Online and BF 1 xDD When Skylords Reborn will get in Open Beta i think its the only game i will play
  7. Mariji

    which card gives you the most nostalgia?

    Jugger and Ice Guardian. Those two Cards i think i used the most
  8. Mariji

    Who is around my age or older?

    Haha nice then we have to proof that I can not wait till i win
  9. Mariji

    Who is around my age or older?

    Iam 22 and i will play with you when the Open-Beta starts Please
  10. Mariji

    How to Enter Giveaways

    I have a question ._. When i Vote and pick one emoji, before i pick another have i to decklick the last emoji? Or only pick it one time and then just redo?
  11. Mariji

    You're favorite type of deck

    I played Pure Fire, Pure Frost, Pure Shadow,Shadow/Frost and Fire/Shadow. I was not so good at healing so was Pure Nature horrible for me Most time i Played Pure Fire because of the pressure that you can make ^^ Pure Frost was my second choice as the ultimate stretagy and defence Shadow i only played sometimes when i feel like it and mixed it for a better playing. Nature i played sometimes to test but i never really got friend with nature in PVP :/ PVE was nice and i played much to revalue my Cards i most played Shadow/Frost for Lost Soul and Pure Nature. Pure Fire was not so my thing because i dont like Batariel.
  12. Mariji

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Yeah iam so proud of all that working on this
  13. Mariji

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    Dont Apologise get your Exams and gain health thats the Important things. Good Luck !!

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