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  1. I dont like those new difficulty numbers you should have just added the old ones. For me and many other players Advanced++ will always be lvl 9 and Expert+ will always be lvl 10.
  2. Ok thanks i guess i will have to be patient then.
  3. So any plans on making Bandits harder or excluding them from Expert difficulty? I have played quite a few matches vs Bandits and Bandits+Stonekin and i am very disappointed. Stonekin+Bandits at least have a moderately difficult T3 and T4 with an XL unit and Windhunters but regular Bandit maps are just an insult to everyone who is looking for a challenge. Bandit T3s and T4s are even easier than on Advanced++(lvl9) since there are no spawn buildings. In my opinion Bandit maps should either become harder or be excluded from Expert difficulty. Stonekin+Bandits are still pretty easy but at least you can look forward to fighting difficult T3 and T4 bases.
  4. Yes this is so disappointing Expert(lvl9.5) difficulty Bandit maps are WAY too easy they dont even feel like Advanced difficulty. I was so excited about Expert difficulty because i always hated how easy lvl 9 Bandit maps were and now its the same all over again. Now i have the choice between leaving and letting down my team or wasting 15-20 minutes playing something boring that offers absolutely no challenge. 😞 I am really enjoying all other factions Twilight Nature Fire and Lost Souls but Bandits and Bandit+Stonekin maps are just a massive disappointment.
  5. Any idea when Battlegrounds lvl 9.5 will get released?
  6. Thanks for the replies im glad you are aware of this problem and are trying to fix it of course i understand that other projects have higher priority.
  7. Since Patch #400042 - 19 May 2023 rPvE 9 Lost Souls T2s are much easier than before the old hard T2s with 3 Spellbreakers 2 Manabeasts and 2 Lost Wanderers on the inner positions(2 and 3) have disappeared completely. To me this really looks like a shadow nerf but maybe its just a programming error or whatever you call it. Im not sure if those replays help because this is not really a bug id also like to see comments from other enthusiastic rPvE 9 players like me because im 99% sure that something is wrong with Lost Souls maps. Souls1.pmv Souls2.pmv Souls3.pmv
  8. New update released but this still isnt fixed...
  9. Ok so its been almost 2 1/2 months any updates? I really miss the old hard lost souls T2s.
  10. Right now i dont but ill upload one here as soon as possible. Also there is another weird thing i have noticed while 90% of lvl 9 Lost Souls maps have much easier t2 than before Patch#400042 there are maps where you get instantly attacked at t1 by Lost Spellbreakers unfortunately i dont have a replay but i have a screenshot. Edit: This was on position 3.
  11. It wasnt like that before the last Patch(#400042 - 19 May 2023).
  12. So any update on this? I think nobody can deny that there is something wrong with lvl 9 Lost Souls.
  13. Thanks for the responses. Yeah maybe im just unlucky but all T2s of lvl 9 LS matches i have played so far looked like this: I cant remember ever encountering such easy LS T2s especially not multiple times in a row. After T2 everything seems fine.
  14. Im never gonna get a response right?
  15. Have there been made other chages to Lost Souls besides the Lost Wanderer change? The last rPvE 9 match i played was laughably easy at T2 there were only 2 squads of Minions 1 squad of fighters 1 healer and 1 spellbreaker. That was the easiest LS T2 i have ever encountered as far as i can remember. Edit: Werent Twilight Slayers nefed too? Because now they do less damage when an enemy unit is close to them or have they always been like that? Maybe im just paranoid but the 3 lvl 9 LS maps ive played so far seemed way too easy.
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