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  1. Im sure alot of players didnt even know about those changes before they were implemented putting notifications about balancing changes in the Events tab in game or creating a Balancing Changes tab could be a solution. In the old EA days everything regarding Battleforge was discussed on the forum id like to know what features make that Discord site so much better than the forum and why those features cant be implemented on the forum. I believe its just bad to split up the BF Community in 2 forums especially when it comes to important things like balancing changes but i might be wrong.
  2. Ok first you guys dont want multiple language sections on the forum to not split up the community and then you outsource balancing discussions? The last post in that topic is from April 29, 2021 and its not even in the Balance Discussions section. Edit: I found another old thread about decomposer with a poll where the majority of people voted not to change it.
  3. This is absolutely not true for casual players sure if executed perfectly pre nerf Batariel was very strong maybe even OP but for casual players one man army Batariel decks were high risk high reward decks. I dont know mow much Battlegrounds lvl 9 you played before the Batariel nerf but I saw more players fail with one man army Batariel decks than with any other deck.I havent seen soneone with a one man army Batariel deck for a very long time but i tried it a couple of days ago and i was pretty underwhelmed. I dont play much Battlegrounds lvl 10 but id really like to know if one many army
  4. Yeah changing Primeval to require 3 nature orbs really makes no sense to me its not like Watcher is so powerful that his orb requirements should be so restrictive. Bloodhorn for example is MUCH more powerful and only requires 1 shadow and 1 fire same applies to Gemeye,which by the way recieved a buff without changing its orb requirements. I wouldnt call Primeval "Trash Tier" but changing his orb requirements was just a bad idea. This kind of reminds me of the Batariel nerf. There wasnt even a topic in the Balance Discussions part of the forum they simply nerfed Batariel to death. Then
  5. I just played Bad Harvest expert on position 3 with my root network deck and everything seems normal. Razorleaf is as strong as ever.
  6. Another solution could be selectable difficulty levels for rPvE 9 and 10 maps like on campaign maps. For rPvE 10 for example: Standard: Only easy bandit maps that most lvl 9 players can beat. Advanced: Anything between easy bandits and Lost Vigils insta attack maps. Expert: Maps where 1 player instantly gets attacked by air units Lost Vigils on LS maps Windhunters on bandit maps Skyfire Drakes on fire maps and so on.
  7. How do you beat a lost souls map where you get insta attacked by Lost Vigils at t1 without even spawning a unit with anything except fire? If players dont work togther with Eruptions its game over at least in my experience.
  8. Fundus

    Ice Guardian

    I use Ice Guardian alot in rPvE 9 and i never found him underwhelming. In certain situations he is even better than Frost Mage for example when dealing with Lost Spellbreakers and Manabeasts. Ice Barrier is a must have card for frost t1 anyway so there is absolutely no need to change Ice Guardian.
  9. Would be cool if they would add a difficulty higher than expert for all PvE maps.
  10. Actually there arent many people who can handle hard lost souls maps where you get insta attacked by vigils at T1. When i play rPvE 10(which is not very often) i want everyone to have meta decks with fire T1. Of course there are plenty of players with meta decks who still fail because they either attack too early or refuse to help their teammates with eruptions thats why i said "simply kick players who are OBVIOUSLY not ready for rPvE 10" because you never know if someone you just met is ready for hard maps or not but you can definitly reduce the risk of instantly losing a match by kickin
  11. Simply kick players who are obviously not ready for rPvE 10 i dont know whats the big deal.
  12. Yes sometimes i get freezes during replays but usually not at the same time as in game. Sometimes i even get freezes in replays of matches where i had no freezes its very random.
  13. If this problem cant be fixed shatter ice should be removed in my opinion. Its so bad for me that i just dont want to play with frost players i usually ask them to change deck or i kick them. If someone uses shatter ice i usually get multiple 1-2 min freezes per game this is completely broken.
  14. I know its a little of topic but i always wanted a difficulty level between 9 and 10. rPvE 9 is usually way too easy and boring especially bandit maps the only challenging enemies in rPvE 9 are Lost Souls and Fire after T4 but getting to T4 is very easy on fire maps and i really dislike that. Twilight can be challenging sometimes but usually its very easy. In my opinion there should be a difficulty level between 9 and 10 where all enemy factions are slightly harder than lvl 9 Lost Souls. So you can have challenging matches which require teamplay but can still be won with random play
  15. Sure the i7 6700K isnt a high end CPU by todays standards but its still pretty decent and i never have high CPU GPU or RAM usage when i play Battleforge. If the i7 6700K is too weak which CPU would you recommend and why wasnt it too weak before the last update?
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