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  1. Seriously what did i do to deserve such an aggressive response? Im not trying to show off and I never said im one of the best players in fact im a pretty average player. Im just sharing my thoughts. When im using my Harvester deck i always choose position 2 or 3 because at position 1 or 4 i almost never get the chance to spawn a Harvester either because of a close T3 or because it simply takes too long and my teammate gets impatient. In that particular game i was waiting for 300 Power while my teammate spawned units at his T1, then he rushed T3 and i helped him with Undead Army be
  2. Hi, Im not happy with the changes made to Fire rPvE. It was way too easy before the Patch and now its even easier. The only thing i like is the Abaddon nerf because he was very OP. The Spawn Waves are weaker many Bosses and Units have been nerfed and Flame Crystal really makes no difference because fire units die way too fast. Fire Crystal should provide permanent CC immunity until destroyed and even then he wouldnt make much of a difference because players would immediately focus him and then cast CC spells. The thing that bugs me the most about rPvE lvl 9 Fire are the wea
  3. They also changed "his/her" to "their" for example "Player X accepted to show you THEIR current deck". SJW madness...
  4. By the time Brannoc activated his abillity your 2 Batariels and 3 Emberstrikes were at 50% health thats why they instantly died. If you would have walked into one of the harder Lost Souls camps with this army you would have instantly died too.
  5. I have faced the fire faction in 4 player PvE lvl9 many times in the last weeks and i stand behind what i originally wrote. People who struggle vs the fire faction simply dont know how deal with it but once you know how to counter it it becomes very easy. Fire units like Batariel and Fire Dragons are only a problem if you allow them to do damage all you have to do is CC them and kill them before they can do damage. Getting to T3 is very easy too when im on position 1 or 4 i can easily clear T3 alone i dont even need a teammate. T4 double bases are easy too all you need are some good T3 un
  6. If you give SJWs an inch theyll take a mile you cant "quietly remove their ammunition". Once wokeness starts its over.
  7. The old Icon was more fitting than the new one considering what Twilight Hags abillity does. Why was it changed ?
  8. Everything on lvl 9 Lost Souls maps apart from Lost Dancer debuff is fine. Yes some Lost Souls maps can be pretty hard but the way i see it its a good thing. Most lvl 9 maps are so easy that you can beat them while being asleep. I think there should definitly be a difficulty level between 9 and 10.
  9. Sorry if this sounded a bit rude this was definitly not my intention i really appreciate what you people are doing.
  10. I am also not happy with how weak the fire faction is in rPvE 9 and i am not a very skilled player. You dont need Frenetic Asssault + Infect to easily deal with the fire enemies all you really need is Curse of Oink and Healing Gardens maybe Stone Shell which are all cheap cards and the fire faction can do absolutely nothing against you. Their high damage output gets completely negated by healing spells and buildings and damage reduction spells and of course CC spells. I'm not a very good player and on some LS maps i really struggle and sometimes i even lose but when i win it really feels like
  11. This Problem is actually pretty common many people have it. I'm not sure if Shatter Ice or just freezing(glyph,coldsnap,maelstrom) causes it. I was just playing with someone who froze alot because he had Shrine of Martyrs and all players in the group had laggin/freezing issues. This is particularly bad on hard maps where you can lose your entire army if you dont constantly pay attention. Changing graphics settings doesnt help. For me this is so bad that i dont really wanna use freezing spells and shatter ice or play with people who do so. I really hope this bug gets solved soon because it can
  12. Very good idea, in the heat of battle you can easily mistake a dazed unit with an injured one and waste a healing spell.
  13. Thanks for the replies im gonna practice now ^^
  14. Hi So this months MOTM is Lost Souls, ive tried it a few times but i keep losing. Can anyone show me a good deck and a replay for this ? I just dont know how to deal with Lost Vigils, Spellbreakers and Trieefiends at t1. And of course i dont want to depend on help from my teammates. Thanks in advance :)
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