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  1. Sounds good. No please dont.
  2. I dont know how other players feel about this but the decks and strategies that i enjoy the most are not the strongest and most efficient ones but niche decks and strategies. For rPvE 10 this is different but for rPvE 9 and Campaign maps strong meta decks get boring fast in fact niche decks and strategies are the only reason why i still play rPvE 9 every day. A simple solution would be to leave the poison effect as it is or buff it but also add the increased damage against paralyzed units. Then we could still use one man army Forest Elder decks.
  3. Please dont do that one man army Forest Elder P decks with Liveweaving and Unholy Hero are one of my favourite fun decks. Just make Pest Plants stackable and maybe buff damage to 40-50 points. First you ruined Red Batariel and now this...
  4. Yeah you are right how well a card performs really depends on the playstyle and the skill level of the player. Even before the nerf alot of casual players failed with Batariel on harder maps either because they misplaced a spell or simply because they attacked too early and ran out of energy. For the average casual player red Batariel was never OP because all it took was one mistake and Batariel died. I simply judge cards by how well they perform in tough situations in rPvE 9 and for me Giant Wyrms+Unity+Bloodthirst is a much better choice now.
  5. It depends on how you define dead sure you can still win easy rPvE 9 maps without a problem but in its current state red Batariel is outperformed by almost all popular cards/decks.For example Fire Dragon Wasteland Terror Bloodhorn Giant Wyrm purple Banzai Lord and many others. Just because you can win easy lvl 9 maps doesnt mean red Batariel hasnt been nerfed to death. You can win most lvl 9 maps with Kobold Engineers.
  6. All you have proven with those replays is that red Batariel can still be used successfully in easy situations. If you ever have to fight a big Lost Souls double base with tons of Lost Dragons Archfiends Spellbreakers and Banestones alone you will almost certainly lose.
  7. Ok so i only watched the Fire replays. First replay: 3 Wheels and Inc MO as support which makes Fire much easier and you almost died 2 times. You didnt fight a single boss base alone. Second replay: You only cleared 2 easy bases alone without help and thats it.
  8. Yeah but Twilight Slayers were also designed to defend walls so in my opinion they should be at least as good as Defenders+Glaciation which is a T1+T2 combo. I dont understand why they are a "pure" twilight unit if they would require 1 Fire 1 Nature and 1 neutral orb they would be a much beter defensive unit. I dont even want them to be as powerful as Razorleaf but currently they are just way too weak in my opinion. They should be buffed like Bandit Artillery which was changed from "pure" Bandits to 1 Shadow 1 Fire and 2 neutral orbs. Artillery was almost useless but now its a good c
  9. Interesting replay so i guess Slayers arent completely useless but they are still pretty bad considering they are a T3 unit that was specifically designed to defend walls. Defenders are T2 cheaper and can be supported with Glaciation and with their abillity activated they dont even need a wall.
  10. Against hard enemies like Lost Souls and sometimes Fire a single Batariel really has no chance anymore when there are Lost Dragons Archfiends Spellbreakers and most importantly Banestones you need to deal damage fast. Sure on easy maps like bandits single Batariel decks can still be used successfully but against harder enemies he has almost no chance anymore. I havent played single Batariel decks for a while so maybe im a bit rusty but i dont think that is the case.
  11. Ok so i played a few rPvE matches with my Batariel deck vs various enemy factions. Purple Batariel is weaker but still pretty good and when combined with Fire Dragons he is almost OP but red Batariel has really been nerfed to death and now the classic single Batariel deck is almost unplayable. I know Batariel(R)+Buff decks were very powerful but nobody was forced to use them and there are other very powerful combos too like Wasteland Terror+Corsair+Unity+Bloodthirst which completely destroy every enemy faction at least in rPvE9 not even Lost Souls are a challenge. I would really
  12. I just played rPvE 9 with my old single Bata(R) deck and im really shocked by how weak it has become vs Bandits i havent played vs other factions yet but im pretty sure i wont be able to win against them. Are there any good single Batariel decks left or has Batariel(R) been nerfed to death? Batariel(P) is still good in my opinion.
  13. The problem is that it was absolutely impossible for me to defend the Wagon with Twilight Slayers while i can easily defend with Thornbarks i dont even need Razorleaf. For Bad Harvest Expert they are definitly useless at least for me and i cant imagine them performing better on other expert maps but like i said im not a very experienced cPvE player.
  14. Could you post a replay of Bad Harvest Expert difficulty where you defend the Wagon with Twilight Slayers? I tried it a couple of days ago and i had absolutely no chance. With my Razorleaf(no T4) deck it worked just fine.
  15. Im not a very experienced cPvE player so i might be wrong but they seem completely useless to me even more than 2 squads cant counter a larger attack wave. The worst thing is that they either require 2 Nature and 1 Fire orb or 2 Fire and 1 Nature orb so you cant support them with Glaciation. With Glaciation(R) they would probably be decent in some situations but Razorleaf with 2 Thornbarks as support would still be much better.
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