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  1. This Problem is actually pretty common many people have it. I'm not sure if Shatter Ice or just freezing(glyph,coldsnap,maelstrom) causes it. I was just playing with someone who froze alot because he had Shrine of Martyrs and all players in the group had laggin/freezing issues. This is particularly bad on hard maps where you can lose your entire army if you dont constantly pay attention. Changing graphics settings doesnt help. For me this is so bad that i dont really wanna use freezing spells and shatter ice or play with people who do so. I really hope this bug gets solved soon because it can
  2. Very good idea, in the heat of battle you can easily mistake a dazed unit with an injured one and waste a healing spell.
  3. Thanks for the replies im gonna practice now ^^
  4. Hi So this months MOTM is Lost Souls, ive tried it a few times but i keep losing. Can anyone show me a good deck and a replay for this ? I just dont know how to deal with Lost Vigils, Spellbreakers and Trieefiends at t1. And of course i dont want to depend on help from my teammates. Thanks in advance :)
  5. Same problem here i did not make any changes to my PC or the BF Settings. Task manager doesnt work only sigining out works which sucks because it closes all running programs.
  6. thanks, that solved the problem
  7. Yes this is the Version i installed, i just reinstalled it just to be sure.
  8. Hello, Whenever i press the Play Button in the launcher i get 2 error Messages: msvcp140.dll vcruntime140.dll missing. Everything was working fine until the Update that was released today.(I Play BF every day) Windows is up to date and so are the Gpu Drivers,i reinstalled BF, i manually installed the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Runtime,but that didnt solve the Issue. I hope you can help me.
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