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  1. Loriens

    Cards and ranked PvP

    Idea is simple - somehow give all cards with U3 upgrades, but only for ranked PvP. This will definetely lead us to bigger activity in PvP and also game will become more attractive for player from other RTS games, where in PvP matches you usually have access to every unit from the start. These new people will help us to keep game and community alive. I know at least one SC2 player with good youtube audience who had an idea to play in BF PvP until he realized that even for PvP he should collect and upgrade so many cards... If he would start to play we could have more players from his youtube channel, and also it will be easier for newcommers from other RTS enjoy Battleforge and many other cases like this. For unranked PvP, cPvE and rPvE you will still have to collect cards and enjoy collection.
  2. Loriens

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    That's good, if your team finally accept this now we can start with next step. Some members of your team always say that you share speedrun strategy while other team - no matter was it previous team or our current team - never do this. Though it's not true. You never showed something valued. For example I immediately shared my old Soultree record with everyone, and also told Lebovin (so your team) how to do it 10 seconds faster, and Halis also told your team a trick how to do it 2.5 faster. I even showed how Im trying to improve my strategy in Discord for Lebovin when I already had 9.25.7. What I got as a return from your team, which is "always willing" to share replays? When I got new record on Soultree Pritstift told me that I shouldnt play with Russians because they never share their replays. So I was interesting about his speedrun replays on youtube - and found nothing, but found replays from Russian team. If we are talking about rPvE which we "even didnt want to share" - when we had 15-19 and Treim with Pritstift had 15-30 we also shared replay with your team when you asked, though it was far from ideal - and that was the only reason why we discussed should we share it or not, and I told this reason for Treim immediately when he asked our replay. Eventually we shared that replay which didnt show our strategy properly and it was really interesting to see that completely different strategies lead to nearly same time. Thanks for MephistoRoss - it's easy to compare how many replays of your team and opposite team were shared: https://youtu.be/V4L05824xFY - Siege of Hope - your team - already existed on youtube and is very well known for everyone - not really unique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AuBNa_UOpj4 - Soultree - by our team - unique. https://youtu.be/vb4hYo-Wm9E - Treasure Fleet - old Russian team replay - unique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DzEa1SFHDS4 - Convoy - old Russian team replay - unique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJbwIB3eoho - Crusade - old Russian team replay - unique. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O539pdiE7Uw - Guns of Lyr - your team - unique, though opposite team had nearly same strategy and 9 second difference (but less time to practice), but ceased to exist earlier, so you could safely share it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2cRlgrsj_2k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M54qssuYV2E - Bad Harvest - old Russian team - unique. https://youtu.be/yaCIwuObrr8 - Titans - solo by your team - was an improvement of already shared solo speedrun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jqo4ElIXBYk I hope after these proof links your team will forget your own legend that you share replays while opposite team dont do this.
  3. Loriens

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Though if you simply check existing list on forum you can easily notice that members of this former Russian team shared more speedruns than other team, which shared only GoL when difference was only 9 seconds and other team ceased to exist which was well known for them so they could share it safely; and solo Titans which was not really new due to nature of this map - and also was shared earlier but with one minute difference. Of course Treim is special, but it's his own unique contribution for the community with solo replays of rPvE - and rPvE requires different apporach every month. It's good that at least you accepted now that you wasnt first with that idea, because it's not possible to understand somehow who was first when we are talking about ideas. Same for blocking with Infernal Machines - I remember how we were surprised when we saw your time and realized that somehow you got same stratregy.
  4. Loriens

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Idea with Ice Barriers was originally developed by Hittimo, not your team, be honnest. And also no one knows now, who was first with Batariel idea, there was a big dispute here, your team or team which do not exist now, though when you placed it on youtube difference was only 9 seconds and other team already ceased to exist.
  5. Loriens

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Empire Trio 13.9.1 ducarev Speedy92 and Loriens Empire Duo 14.22.0 ducarev and Loriens Ice Barriers at the edges of map block incoming waves and then kill them with Infernal Machine
  6. Loriens

    Search for good community maps

    Also dont forget about King's Ridge and Cry fo Help.
  7. Loriens

    Search for good community maps

    Awakening is very beautiful, interesting and fun map.
  8. Loriens

    Black window at the end of match

    After the end of match (las time it was Introduction) I got error message, and black window with Inventory tab opened, nothing happened anymore. Happens for me before two times in last week. log.txt
  9. Loriens

    Decomposer U3: "Shred them!" not working propperly

    Oh mb they can adjust energy to 60% so we will see some speedruns even faster...and also PvP 3vs3 will become crazier.
  10. Loriens

    True PvP Experience

    Wildfire go burn
  11. Loriens

    Offensive Names

    Why it's offensive? How does this offend you?
  12. Loriens

    Game coming out when?

    In fact community is split between those who play and those who dont want to play before wipe.
  13. Loriens

    Balance Proposal: Curse Well

    Better to completely delete this absolutely cursed card. It does not provide any entartaiment, strategic depth or interest in T3 PvP. It's still will be lame for 2vs2 and 3vs3.
  14. Loriens

    PvP t4 fight

    Thanks for map, should be interessting. Main problem for T4 PvP fight is that even T3 PvP fight is usually a question of fastest base nuke, so all fun belongs to T2 and T1 fights.
  15. Loriens

    Winter Forge

    On the screen right now it looks too bright for eyes. Idea is really cool. Just imagine Lost Souls or Twilight themed Forge)
  16. Loriens


    Yes, it's useful, for example if you play Twilight deck in rPvE you can simply curse Lost Vigil, Manabeast or Windhunter so cleaning base becomes easier. Also I think it can be useful in 2vs2 or 3vs3 - with purple affinity you turn flying enemy into weak bug. For example one of my Twilight rPvE deck. Dont forget that after transformation they provide +50% for any friendly S units In fact right now it's one of the worst L counter on this level.
  17. Loriens

    UPDATE: BFP Reserves and Boosters

    There are no GoL hacks only game mechanic.
  18. Loriens

    Battleforge Music remix

    Sounds interesting
  19. Loriens

    Solo/Duo/Trio All-Time Fastest Speedrun Rankings

    Blight duo 13.28.6 ducarev + Loriens
  20. For uknow reason when I returned to play again after 2 hours game client doest start anymore. What I had in log before deleting Documents/Battleforge Folder : [04:00:49.423777] [info]: [] Logging initialized build: 09/04/2020 12:57:25,78 [04:00:49.425771] [info]: [Main] Fallback to default starting method [04:00:49.433752] [info]: [Main] Initializing Launcher [04:00:49.446717] [info]: [Main] Game started [04:00:49.447714] [info]: [Main] Game ready [04:00:49.448711] [info]: [...DiscordRpc::ChangeCharacterLocationState] Location: 8 map: 0 [04:00:49.452700] [info]: [...Proxy::Listener] accepting... [04:00:51.449805] [error]: [Utilities::Exit] -1 [04:00:51.450708] [info]: [...Exiting] END What I have now after deleting: [04:09:46.788229] [info]: [] Logging initialized build: 09/04/2020 12:57:25,78 [04:09:46.792224] [info]: [Main] Fallback to default starting method [04:09:46.798204] [info]: [Main] Initializing Launcher [04:09:46.817153] [info]: [Main] Game started [04:09:46.819147] [info]: [Main] Game ready [04:09:46.820145] [info]: [...DiscordRpc::ChangeCharacterLocationState] Location: 8 map: 0 [04:09:46.829121] [info]: [...Proxy::Listener] accepting...
  21. Loriens

    Client doesnt start after pressing Play button

    Probleme solved, somehow "base" forled was deleted, mb by cat on keyboard
  22. Loriens

    Nature T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    Any advices for 2vs2?
  23. Id like to play Pure Fire deck on expert maps, it's very fun. If you are not speedrunning these decks are definitely viable.
  24. Loriens

    Balance changes Balance changes to game

    @Kubik I propose to rebalance Nightshade Plant - awful twilight version of Grimvine with worse stats and useless ability. It costs more than Abomination which has better stats and very decent ability; It has no Siege like Grimvine, it has no good ability. It requires 2 fire 2 nature orb. So - what's the purpose of this card? Decent idea. Btw, looks like it's not BUG on Soultree Moon says: summon 5 orbs. Orbs. Not monuments.

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