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  1. Hey everyone, I´ve recently noticed that there has been just a few nature/Shadow correlated cards, which require both orbs. The once that have beeen implemented are quite unique and great. The T4 spell is super powerful in PVE, as well as rPVE. T2 units/spells are usuable in PvP. Nice! But i was wondering why isn´t there any characteristic T4 unit out there. Mayby one is already planned. But both lost souls and twilight have already a far wider variety, based on the old battleforge EA Era as well as added Banzai lord, etc cards. Pleas show some more love to nature/shadow
  2. Hey Eirias,


    Thanks a lot for the offer to get some coaching/feedback on streamed sparrign matches. I don´t think you have a scheduled stream right? You do so spontaneously i assume, based on some of your videos.

    Besides that i got some sparring matches vs ElemenG and Arno in the last 2 days. That helped already vs some match ups a bit. I even won a few games. But they are both (far) better player in the end and are more consistent etc.

    Your kind and helpign the community with your time. Truly appreciated

    Best regards




    Btw. im kind of busy this weekend. So i wont be available the next 2 days most likely

    1. Eirias


      Awesome 🙂

      Yeah stream is spontaneous for now, maybe I'll get into a schedule though. We can plan ahead if that's something you're interested in.

      Also totally happy to review replays on stream/video if you want to send any of those 🙂

    2. LichterLoh


      Then ill have to start saving some replays .. ;D )or keep an eye out for halfway decent ones.

  3. Thanks a lot for the feedback! Im still unsure how to couner "Scythe Fiends" as those are Anti S/M units and have swift. Are ghost spears as well my "best okish choice" here? or other suggestions? I´m currently experimenting with living towers as slight burst/oneshot options vs most T2 units of fire such as drakes. And some combos such as paralyse or deep ones + spirit hunters vs firedancers
  4. Hey guys, i also find myself struggelign as Pure nature vs pure Fire once Fire goes T2. Zappys suggested to build " SoM" . But i couldnt find such card on my own. What does he refer to? Thanks and best regards Lichterloh
  5. Sounds helpful. But i would go one step further and make it an open market. Where people can announce their LF a card and place their Bid. People havign the card can then take on the offer and hand over their card in exchange for the offered BFP.
  6. Thanks a lot for the insight. I usually just spammed swarm drakes T3 to clear the ground ubits and towers one by one in each camp. That also works. But I haven't tried it yet on Expert lvl.
  7. Yeah I also appreciated that. But it doenst rly give the option to properly modify the deck. As I do have U0 cards or U1 cards to replace U3 cards. The upgrades or chagrges can be the crucial point of negating a counter play -. -. So i don't rly feel as flexibel and balanced at this point. The free decks are nice and offer a way of playing PVP, but do give away your deck composition in advance and don't offer personal adjustment as much as I'd like it to be or used to sadly. Im afraid that I'm not the only rx-player who's less motivated to come back and grind all over again
  8. I don't mind grinding for PVE. But in PVP I wanne be creative and adjust the given decks to my ideas. Therefore I'd love and appreciate the suggestion of getting U3 updater cards in ranked PVP. Ideally there's not even a requirement of obtaining the card to show the given options without having to visite anextern website to check the optiona. I've been playing compete rive games before Nd enjoyed the thrill of Battleforge back in the old days. I'd like to come back, but the thought of having to grind certain PVE maps to get all the upgrade options again for PVP to adjust decks is not rl
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