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  1. Units for the Amii look epic! Thanks for your lovely work and time
  2. Thanks Dutchy. All good. The story you´ve told on stream about the silvester incident and similar cases, as well that there are more attemtps going an was sufficient for me. I hoped that those cases are more scarce.
  3. Makes sense. I should rewatch the missing parts. I usually skip some 😅 Thanks for the hint Dutchy!
  4. 1) "Are New Amii cards in development ? 2) Any thoughts about what the suggested S-squad of worms as a T2 card (for some factions)? Squad if worms was suggested by Hiridia and set in "motion" by Developer Cocofang: https://discord.com/channels/604212371828899851/1088167096686477413/1161056455613497396 Worm squad just a temporary idea and lost by time or is ist actually still beeing debated? 3) How often do you guys receive ticket request via support because of bans and other things = how well does the community comply with the rules. Do you guys think the system works? 4)And how would you compaire the community vibe of skylords to other games?
  5. It doesn´t matter how fast we win the map right? It´s just a winnining condition. The actual time is based on finished construction of the T4 monument? right
  6. Hey is this your first tiem starting the launcher? Looks like it updates everythign from day 0
  7. Wowww insane. So generouslets hope we have as many participants!
  8. Questions: 1)Is there going to be a search function ingame to find or see the current amount of ingame players (afk/ forge/ in a gamemode)? 2) So far you can visualise that you "are looking for a group"- Will there be another way besides typign in teh strategy chat, to highlight that you are interested in any PvP games? 3) like a seperat PvP ingame channel to join? So far theres only sparrign and pvp areas, but those are seperated from one another. So you can´t see each other or play other games, while waitign for a random PvP partner. 4) Important: The global channel is sometimes overwhelming. Especially when your group is trying to communicate. Is it possible to create a group+team+match only chat window?
  9. How will we choose maps? Coinflip and ban one map after another until 1 is left? Coinflip= by rolling a number ingame
  10. Same question as Kryn. I never heard of Challonge as website and haven´t found it either? Thanks for spreading the news. Im hyped and thrilled about it!
  11. Kubik took care/recognised the visual bug of the lost wanderre(blue) buff , as well as the missing "ignores frozen damage reduction" lyrish knight was not a bug, but based on the aniamtion variations. Thanks a lot! for the immediate fast feedback on discord
  12. Just to keep the result of the lyrish seperated: Update: 2: Recalculted base attacks of 83/100/107 dmg per hit do fit the 155/186/200 dmg of lyrish per hit, if the 25% bonus of lost wandere apply. Check ! Works The 83/100/107 are based on differnt auto attack animation of the lyrish 1) Lyrish base per hit + lyrish own attack with self buff, without lost wanderee bufff) * 1,25 buff of lost wanderer is #still the corrrect formula
  13. Mayby somethign went wrong when lyrish stats or most likely ability got changed from 100% bonus damage to +50% vs frozen targets: Old picture vs new:
  14. 102-19=83 dmg per hit vs frozen building by lyrish promo Base hit dmg of lyrish vs unfrozen buildign (altar of chaos) varries: 83/100/107 per hit 1689-1606=83 dmg vs unfrozen buiding but sometimes also the regular 100 dmg vs unfrozen building as well as 107 dmg vs unfrozen dmg per hit Update: the 107 damage per hit explain the 200 dmg in combo with lost wanderer earlier: 4= Formula: (107+107*0,5)*1.25=200.625 dmg per hit (Base lyrish+ baselyrish*frost Regarding the (base lyrish + xy)* lost wanderer. Im unsure if the xy is just the 50% multiplicator of the lyrish bonus dmg vs frozen or if it somehow incldues the 50% debuff penalty vs frozen targets) Damage vs frozen building: 62/75/81 = also varries (of Lyrish promo) Buildign was frozen by rageflame (red) Lyrish bonus is supposed to be "50% damage agaisnt frozen enimies" 640-578= 62 dmg vs frozen building by lyrish promo 4018-3943= 75 dmg per hit 3943-3862= 81 dmg per hit
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