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  1. Brinkmann

    Unable to log in or play a game after today's update

    If a moderator sees this, please delete it as the problem was in my internet. My router was not working properly. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for bringing this game back to life!
  2. Hello there. Up until today i had been able to play nicely, but after the update (even though i'm not 100% sure it's is due to the update) I haven't been able to play. I first got really laggy on logging in and trying to join games. Some times the game just froze when i clicked a game mode. On the rare exceptions when I could enter the game it just froze when it began which was really frustrating for me. After two games that I didn't even get to really play i just couldn't log in after closing the client. It's a shame because i even got to play before the update so I don't think it was my internet (which was another one of my explanations for the issue) I'm not sure if other players are experiencing this problem but I'd like to know if this is due to my client, network or just the update itself. Thanks in advance and hope to hear from you soon! Brinkmann P.S I may have opened this topic on the wrong thread. If so, sorry...
  3. Brinkmann

    [Important] Open Beta Delayed

    You've been making such a wonderful job reviving this game, we can't blame you for delaying the open beta as without you we wouldn't even have Battleforge anymore. Good luck sorting everything out, the sooner the better

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