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  1. darklionking

    nerf amii monument

    You seem to be pretty new to this game - balancing cards was (and should be) a normal process in battleforge. Cards like Treespirit, Deep one, Voidstorm etc got all changed.
  2. darklionking

    Removing Amii Monument - Game Balance

    With this kind of argumentation we could also implement an "instant win" button, wich can be pressed right at the start of the game. This would save much more time and charges than amii monument. As it is now it has massive advantages without any drawbacks which makes the card broken. And I dont blame you are anyone else who uses this card because everyone tends to use the strategy which is the fastest and easiest. But that doesnt change the fact that the advantage delivered by this card stands above every other card in Pve and that it should be changed (when the developers are at a point at which they can start worrying about balance)
  3. darklionking

    More Buffs shown on the Screen

    The easy solution to it is to add the shrine of war to your bar on the left, so you just have to click on it instead of searching the building on the map.
  4. darklionking


    only switching weapons/state of the unit costs refund 100% (defenders, ghostspears, spearmen etc.) . All other unit abilities like attacking abilities (f.e. nomads) and unit switching (nightguard, parasite swarm) refund 90 %
  5. darklionking

    Razorleaf and Root Network

    As far as I know the supporting units/buildings split up on the active units. So for 6 Razorleafs you would need a total amount of 36 passive Living towers to get the maximum buff (not really worth it, 1-2 Razorleafs are enough for most scenarios). Further i would recommend you to use Treespirits as they give a better transition out of the t1, can move, are cheaper and they can be used with breeding grounds to make them even cheaper in t2 (for living towers it would be good to have a partner which has access to construction hut). Another good support is this t3 portal (red affinity) to give an extra damage boost and to give the razor leaf a good healing, but you also have to calculate it in on the active units side.
  6. darklionking

    Balancing Discussion: The T1 imbalance in PvP

    In the case of phasetower I like the idea of giving it half the attack power/extend his vulnerable time after the shift. For the Mortar there should be a stronger nerf. The cost increase to 80 energy should be a sufficient method. The defensive capabilities create a big imbalance against nature t1, while on the offensive the efficiency of a mortar spam is the bigger problem. As it is now a fire player can take an extra well with close to zero risk (due to the low cost of mortar) against nature (and against frost as well I guess) and is additionally able to defend easily against the snowball effect which should give nature the upperhand in a later t1 stage. The idea of giving nature or frost a building counter in t1 does not solve the initial problem. Nature as well as frost would have to spend an extra deck slot, which would further increase the size of the t1 to make it playable against smaller t1 like shadow and fire. Wintertide is already available to lower the damage taken on frost units and to prevent the knockback (the knockback is not the problem against shadow and fire). To give nature and frost a t1 siege unit would be quite fatal for shadow and fire as the support is to strong (remember that sunderer with shields is a good tactic in 2on2, where you have 2 payers to defend the unit).
  7. darklionking

    Useless VS Poll : Wrathgazer vs Lost Horror

    Neither of them is crap or useless. Lost Horror can be a good t3 option in PvE. Wrathgazer in combination with Nihil Altar can be a very strong PvP combo but requires a lot of micro management and has a hard time against timeless one (because he crashes the evacators woe - no cc zone). There are quite a few old replays of ulv with wrathgazer and I believe a new one from Radicalx in 2on2.
  8. darklionking

    booster 3 - Booster opening error

    same problem here. Got a dc after receiving the booster and the "the booster cant be opened" message with the disappearing booster.
  9. darklionking

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    As I already mentioned, nobody in ranked 2on2 had t4 cards in their deck. The exception would be a pure nature build with enlightment + unit/earthshaker. For the energy of t4 + a unit you can get nearly 3 Grigoris, which will be pretty hard to defend.
  10. darklionking

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Seems like this discussion is pointless. To say it in Eirias words (out of this pvp deck guide: So I heard that nobody plays t4 in PvP. T4 is awesome and I’m going to play it anyway! Power to you! Just please don’t rage when you lose. I’m all for people ignoring my advice and doing whatever the really want to do! I’m not here to force you to do anything, only to offer my advice and experience so you can accelerate your learning process. Not using t4 is probably something you would have figured out at some point (even I figured that one out on my own), because it’s really, really obvious when it comes down to it. T4 requires 300 power, and a waiting period. Do you have any idea how fast I can murder someone with 300 power laying around in t3? Your monument that’s about to get built won’t stand a chance if we’re even, and if you’re winning so much that you can safely go t4, why don’t you just finish the game already? Even worse, that 300 power is not eco-friendly. It’s bound, which means it doesn’t get recycled. If it drops that’s a huge chunk of power gone, although it’s still permanently gone even if it doesn’t drop. Additionally, many maps don’t have enough orbs to allow you to t4 safely. Spending 300 power just invites such a massive counterattack that you have no hope of defending it—even if you bring Amii Ritual. And somehow have the power to play it. In fact, you’ll probably lose merely because you’re holding on to 300 power in your pool. Imagine you are building up power for t4 and I cast 2 soulshatters, or a sandstorm, or I just summon a Grigori and nasty it. If that doesn’t kill you (which it totally will, but maybe I was being dumb), I will still get more power than you. That sudden loss of 300 power will bring back somewhere between 100 and 200 by the time your monument gets up. Even then, I’ll be getting power faster than you because my void will have 300 power more than yours. So if you think you have what it takes to play t4 in PvP, go for it. Just don’t hold me responsible for sending you out into the world uneducated.
  11. darklionking

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Pssshhh, are you crazy? The more people know about this tactic, the more matches I will lose! Though I hink you mean unholy hero if you speak about t4
  12. darklionking

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    Nope, mass da + home soil (thanks forgot it ) + freeze + frost bite + protects (in the badest case aura) is fine to defend the harvester. I recommend not to use any t4 units in your PVP deck, neither 1on1 nor 2on2. Usually you shouldnt be able to reach the t4 stage in PVP, otherwise you definitely could have ended the game much sooner. That said, every t4 unit in your deck is a wasted slot. In a normal pvp deck there should be 4-8 t1 cards, around 10 t2 cards and 2-4 t3 cards.
  13. darklionking

    Rate my Lost Souls PVP 1v1 deck

    @triggz the t1 is fine. If you like you could add life weaving (if you're going with lost reaver) or Nightguard (ng if you struggle against l units in t2). In t2 darkelf assassins are a must have card as your standard attack force is night crawler + da. I would take out the Phalanx for that (they are a good bomb, but not essentially needed). You should go with one l unit in lost souls (there are builds without, but it makes the deck much stronger). The choice is between lost reaver and mountaineer. Lost reaver works better with life weaving. In that case you should kick Ice barrier and Lyrish knights out of the deck. Mounti on the other hand usually works better with Miliz and Ice barrier. The lyrish knight is not essentially needed. In t3 I would cross out the soul shatter, because you have stronger options. Possible t3 would be: Silverwind, Grigori, Shield building/Evacators woe/Ashbone, Cultist masters Silverwind, Grigori, Shield building/Ashbone, Timeless one (with shield building and timeless one probably the strongest t3 defence, excluding church of negation)
  14. darklionking

    Crogi's special deck purefire PVP

    That's right (even if cliffdancing is as annyoing in top tier as it is in low tier, but it's not an autowin), but with your "top tier" deck you should win on low/mid tier even if it takes a few more minutes. Because you can't choose which opponent you will face in PVP (and therefore should be prepared to play against high tier players as well as low and mid tier) I would recommend to use a deck which works on all tiers. And to come back to the originally discussion: Scavenger is definitely more usefull in PVP than nomads are
  15. darklionking

    Crogi's special deck purefire PVP

    Because you want to have the best possible deck in PVP. It's like building a machine - if you want to know if it works well there is no point in watching how it works at half speed. Means against low/midclass opponents there are tons of cards which would somehow work (for example nomads), but only games against good opponents will show if the build was good.

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