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  1. Hi guys,

    I just search that topic where  was a lottery among thoose skythings whoose could registered for this event with one typing yet  in beta phase.

    thanks for help😀


    1. Dallarian


      I am not sure what you mean.
      The game is in full release since December 2020.

      Feel free to log in and enjoy the game.

    2. ThomasMann
  2. 2131 My barbie doll comb has broken at the moment and she hasn't expertise to fix it. What should her need to do?
  3. Although don't include "big waves",staying one calm,mysterious kind of music,despite liked a lot. 7/10 In theme reminds me for one Armin's track enough:
  4. way too simple&childish,i was really bored while i listening ur track. Even something,My ears can't appreciate the band leader voice aswell,i know this is my stuff but i cannot overcome this. So just 10/2.5
  5. pretty dark,but has an addiction flow..might be if i could attach to something get more. 7/10
  6. stay cool,i just that wrote down what means ur music to me,not said nothing like that "lol,i can only laughing on it ect." was great song anno ,in one other world,but today i couldn't listen to this. 5.5/10
  7. First of all this was just a sample to i can inserting videos,but i took ur aimed at me. I dont wanna deny i was behavioured like a fangirls at that bf music,but u shall know this isn't had serious,i just haven't could seriously took it on the official bf forum. Turning to ur tune im sorry but me absolutely toss this kind of music,i seeing her music one hotchpotch,and it looks like one worst nightmare from my very little ages That japanese language,and thoose girls pre teenegers voice,i just really don't like it But im sure this is came from the betters one. But i can und
  8. as u can see this is now works even for me aswell. what a modern forum engine,thx ur help
  9. then help me how it works lol
  10. 8/10 Way too childish remix for me ^^(okay,just a little:P) overall its a good song,and the last one which i pointed too,would correct up to 8 same. Armin van Buuren feat. Mr. Probz - Another You
  11. 8/10 isn't will on my playlist for sure,but was pretty pleasant listen to this once. Ariana Grande - Touch It
  12. In 1v1 unfornately really rare,but if you are be part of one team game it can be relatively common to appear these cards.
  13. i tried using,but to be honest couple of time that innoying t1-t2 shadow-fire-lost souls push didn't allow to get to that point.
  14. I used it PvP too,was one of my favourite card:) I tested it few times in the forge and i have to say(disagree with Loptous) the green affinity one much better cause if it catch either beast,whether it be the most dangerous one the paralyze dont let them escape until they are died,unless one another creature don't destroy the hatecaster,but this is not so easy since u can build more of it due the cheap price.
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