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Skylords Reborn - Download


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In order to play Skylords Reborn, you will need to create a forum account here. 
This is the same account you will use to login to the game. 

You will also need to download 2 parts:

1. The client.
This is the game itself, you will need it for the installation process.

You can download the client from Google Drive using the button below. If the link does not work, use Mediafire or Mega.nz

Download Part 1 Button

2. The installer.
This application installs Skylords Reborn on your computer. For the installation process you will also need the client from step 1.
You can download the installer from Google Drive using the button below. If the link does not work, use Mediafire or Mega.nz.

Download Part 2 Button

Installing the game
After downloading both files, start the installation process by running the installer from step 2 and follow the steps shown. Once you have installed the game you can start it by either running the "Skylords Reborn" shortcut from your Desktop, or the "SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe" from the folder where you installed BattleForge.


For general project questions please head over here.

I have issues with installing/starting the game.

You are running into issues when installing or starting the game? We compiled a list of common technical issues people might face here. If none of that works, create a Technical Support Topic here (or find the solution in someone else's topic!). In your topic, please say what exactly doesn't work, and what you have tried so far. Please refrain from contacting staff members directly for your issues, and wait for a response to your support topic.

Is this game also supported on Linux and MacOS?

We do not officially support both Linux and macOS yet. We will also not be able to add support for macOS in the future, as Apple has ended support for 32-bit applications (like BattleForge) since macOS Catalina. For Linux, we do plan to add better support in the future. Despite the lack of official support, some fans were already able to get the game running with Linux. You can find some tutorials from people who were able to get it running on our forums .

Please note that the installer will not function, and you will have to manually extract the client and the updater files to the same directory. If you want to give it a shot, please download the client above, and also download the updater by using the button below. 

The updater can be used to install the game manually, if the installer above does not work. This is usually required, if you want to play the game on Linux or MacOS. Please note that you still need to download the game client.



Alternative Updater Script

For our Linux users who wish to install and update the game manually, we're grateful to one of our community members, @mx2, who has kindly provided an alternative updater in the form of a bash script. To launch the game, you will need to add the "-online" argument, for example "wine Battleforge.exe -online".



Recommended System Requirements

• CPU: Core i3 7400T / Ryzen 3 1200 (X86 compatible)
• RAM: at least 6GB
• OS: Windows 10 or higher.
• Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 / ATI Radeon HD 7770 (Direct X 11 compatible)
• Disk Space: At least 14GB of free space.


1. Client


Name: BattleForge.7z
Size: 4199363405 bytes (4004 MiB)

CRC64: FE4BCF94469C1F1A
SHA256: E5016AD4D01AEC674748932A7202CB71CC10099D1C151E1BD15435708A7B7738
SHA1: 8B174F946FD1FC70F33BFCF0B1317A284A67180B
BLAKE2sp: EFD898515E0899492FEF249EAAFB7137B1A9372B2ABF4A62C2E3781304081EE5

2. Installer


Name: SRInstaller.exe
Size: 10499353 bytes (10 MB)

CRC32: 2BA2EE92
SHA256: AF9C154E691AB4A1D009FB286FE3E0BC8E2235708D1C56FE92836AFA7C2D140A
SHA1: 87C571EF883900FE0B18E55B456F4BF6A16D1D34
BLAKE2sp: E4D17BBD03B06AD8F1E46D048A9F37F85DC22960F1BB3ABB10CFE7616300C31E

3. Updater (Linux only)


Name: SkylordsRebornUpdater.zip
Size: 8917271 bytes (8708 KiB)

CRC32: 1463B2AE
CRC64: 2C3AD64A01968627
SHA256: 08A8A2C434FCAE1224ACBE59807E8A0F2A9FB89A10749F026AD7225340E56B02
SHA1: 02742E6B3C532DE8DF2E8EA050154CD0F8ACCDDF
BLAKE2sp: 8E42188E4F75072E5D3CF730C3978D49ACBA71EA19BD7ED847CCBCDD6596D52B


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