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Need Help? Check this thread first! (Client/Updater Troubleshooting)

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Greetings, Skylords, Skyladies, and other Skythings!

In order to best help you out with any issues you may be having with your game, please read this topic and follow its instructions where needed, BEFORE making a thread of your own! This thread will provide you with some troubleshooting and some solutions that might help fix your issue, even without filing a help thread for it.

Make sure you have read the FAQ and All-You-Need-To-Know threads, found in here:

If you encounter any issues with running the game, please follow the steps below. If an issue persists, please browse the Technical Support forums to see if your issue has been encountered before. You might find a thread with a solution to your issue, or you can reply to this existing thread instead of creating a new one. If problems still persist, you may create a new Technical Support Topic.

Please follow ALL the steps below before making a post or asking for help!

1. Check if you have both the latest uploaded Updater and the Game Client
You need to have both the BattleForge client and the Skylords Reborn updater in order to make the game work.
You can download the client over here: 
http://www.mediafire.com/file/y1oerkxhupe5k9b - Or here: https://mega.nz/#!YBIxWRqZ!8PRFy-juUyIufkoV_hY80C4QL_eud-AU2j7msvF4a5k
And you can download the updater over here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xw52oho41k3s4op/SkylordsRebornUpdater.zip/file
Unpack these files in the same location, and run the updater.
If your updater contains a file named UAC.exe, delete it and redownload and unpack the updater through the link above.

DO NOT try to mount .RAR files as an image or extract .RAR files with an image mounting program such as Daemon Tools or MagicDisc. This will not make your game function! Just use WinRAR to extract your files in the same folder (https://www.win-rar.com/)
Mind that you need to use your forum account email in-game, not your username!

2. Unpack the Game and Updater with your anti-virus software and/or firewall temporarily disabled
It’s safer to extract and run the client while both are shut down, as antivirus software tends to quarantine (i.e. remove) important files that are needed to run the game. Therefore, extract the client yet again while both the antivirus and firewall are disabled before running SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe.
To prevent your anti-virus software from quarantining game files every time, you may want to Whitelist your BattleForge folder (create an exception for your antivirus software to skip your BF folder in scans), or at the very least make sure to whitelist Patcher.exeSkylordsRebornUpdater.exe, Launcher.exe and BattleForge.exe. Don't worry, official updater links will never contain any actual malware.

3. Run the Updater as Administrator
Try running SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe as an Administrator. You can do this by right-clicking the file, and selecting the "Run as Administrator" option at the top of the dropdown list. You can also run BattleForge.exe as an Administrator, but remember that running BattleForge.exe won't make your game work; you need to run the game using the Updater.

4. Check if your Windows version allows non-Store apps to run
Especially for Windows 10 Educational Version, your computer may block any non-store apps from running. To make sure BattleForge runs properly, please go to the "Apps & Features" system setting (open the Start menu and type "Apps", it should appear in the menu for you). Make sure that under "Installing Apps", the drop-down menu is set to "Allow apps from anywhere", like this.

5. If the game does not start at all, delete Documents\BattleForge
Find the "BattleForge" folder in your "Documents" folder (default location at C:\Users\<Your Username>\Documents\BattleForge) and completely delete it. Then, run SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe; the updater will then regenerate a BattleForge folder for you, which should fix this startup issue. Does this not fix your issue? Then check if the new BattleForge folder in your documents is NOT set to Read-Only. To do this, right-click on the Battleforge folder, select Properties and at the very bottom left corner of the window untick the box next to Read-Only so that it stays empty. Now apply these changes to the folder and its contents by pressing OK.

If you still have issues, continue below.

6. Check whether you have DirectX 9 and Visual C++ prerequisites/redists installed (2013/2015), OR if you get a MSVCR120.DLL, MSVCP140.DLL or VCRUNTIME1450.DLL error
BattleForge requires you to have DirectX 9 installed. This is not included in the latest version of Windows 7/8/10 and should be downloaded manually!
Follow this link to download the installer: 
Once the self-extracting archive has been downloaded, run the .exe and designate a folder for the files to be extracted. Then go to that folder and double-click dxsetup.exe to start the installation process.

BattleForge also requires you to have Visual C++ Redist. installed. The fastest and easiest way to do so is to download the following file: 
http://www.mediafire.com/download/66qcju6wesb0i6u/GearboxRedist.exe (this package installer was put together by Gearbox for the official Battleborn beta)
Once the file is downloaded, double-click it to start the process. This will install all necessary files required, including .NET 4.5 if you're on Windows 7, which you might need as well. If this isn't sufficient, you might be lacking some further C++ Redist. files. Download them here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=40784 and here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/download/details.aspx?id=48145 and follow the Install instructions. Download all .exe files to be sure.

After installing these files, you don't have to restart your computer. If you still encounter problems, please restart your computer anyway, and try running SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe again. If you still encounter issues, continue below.

7. Check if you have a video card driver installed
BattleForge requires a video card driver. It doesn’t have to be up-to-date, but one is required to run the game.

Owners of nVidia cards: either go to the manufacturer’s website to find the corresponding WHQL driver, or download and install the following:

Owners of ATI or AMD cards: either go to the manufacturer’s website to find the corresponding WHQL driver, or download and install the following:

In case you’re unsure of the manufacturer of your video card, hit Win+R on the keyboard to open the Run menu. Type dxdiag in the small window and press Enter.
While the system analyser is running, click on the Display tab at the top to see what video card is listed in the top left under Device. Under that you’ll see the card manufacturer’s name.

You may need to restart your computer after installing a video card driver. If problems persist, please continue.

8. Force BattleForge to run in DX9 Mode
Locate the config.xml file under in your Documents\BattleForge folder (Default location: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Battleforge\) and open it with Notepad (or any other text editor) by right-clicking on the file and selecting Open With > Choose Default Program… from the local menu.
Once the file has opened, find the entry maxshader="0" and change the value between the two quotation marks from 0 to 768, like so: maxshader="768"
Save and close config.xml, then start the game through the updater by double-clicking on SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe within the folder the client has been extracted to.

9. Turn off Anti-aliasing
Locate the config.xml file under in your Documents\BattleForge folder (Default location: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Battleforge\) and open it with Notepad (or any other text editor) by right-clicking on the file and selecting Open With > Choose Default Program… from the local menu.
Once the file has opened, find the entry screenaasamples="4" and change the value to 0, like so: screenaasamples="0". Save and close config.xml, then start the game through the updater by double-clicking on SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe within the folder the client has been extracted to. Still having issues? Check out the Technical Support forums and continue below.

10. Invisible units
If you manage to start the game but you find your units are invisible, please go to the Options menu, open the Graphics tab and switch the settings. Try changing SSAO or a different textures quality.                       

11. Getting: "Game data self check failed. You're using the wrong client version. Please update your client to be able to play the game. Your game will now be closed automatically." ?

This could be that you don't have the correct Updater Version. It could be proxy related. Disable any kind of proxy when downloading the client and executing the Updater since it can happen, that you don't get the newest files.

11. Connect failed at login

Getting 'Connect failed' at login when you are sure you entered the password correct(the second try)? Try to restart the game and enter your credentials correctly on the first try!    unknown.png

12. Check these forums (Technical Support) to see whether your issue has already been posted
You can also use the Search function of our forum boards to find similar problems to what you're currently experiencing. Try looking for topics that describe the issues you're having; perhaps a developer has already responded there and you may be able to fix your issues through their instructions. You can also reply to a thread with your issue described in it if a proposed solution in there does not work. If your issue is not described anywhere, please continue.

13. Create a new Technical Support Topic
If you can't find your issue anywhere and ALL the above steps don't work, you can submit your issue in the Technical Support forums by creating a new topic here. Other Skylords and staff will see to help you with your issue when possible and when they can, and we will try our best to help you with any issues you encounter. Refrain from contacting staff members directly, and please have some patience with your issue; the community or staff board will reply when they can. You can also use Discord


Hopefully these steps will have helped fix any issues you may be having with the game. If not, we're sorry for the inconvenience and hope to be able to help you in your forum thread as soon as we can. Thanks to @Ilsyde for helping with part of this troubleshooting process back in Closed Beta.


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