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  1. Greeting fellow Linux Skylords, I wrote a little shell script that replaces the launcher. To use it, just put the attached file next to the "SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe" and run it. Finally, launch "BattleForge.exe" manually instead of the launcher. You may have to add the "-online" option, e.g. "wine Battleforge.exe -online". Have fun playing Skylords Reborn without all those .NET related launcher issues 🙂
  2. This looks like it tries to use the old Lutris installer which tries to install d9vk instead of dxvk. The V02 version from https://lutris.net/games/skylords-reborn/ should fix this.
  3. I works again. Thanks for the quick fixing.
  4. Since the latest update from 23.May 2021 I can no longer login to the game, it just says "Connection failed". In Documents/BattleForge/Diag/_log_proxy_x.log there is a new error message "launcher connecting error 1: Failed to open \Device\Afd\Mio: File not Found. (os error 2)" which was not present before. Maybe this is related to https://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=50520 ?
  5. Great! It works now ?️ I first thought i had Lutris installed incorrectly as the installer didn't do anything. Big thanks for fixing. It looks like Lutris does some magic when installing dotnet. Now I can even run it without Lutris with system wine. Some more information for others who have similar problems: * The launcher renders (mostly correctly) in the top left of the screen but doesn't response to anything. But you can drag it with Alt+F7 which creates a black window. In this window you can click on the bottom left to launch the game. * If you get a corrupted account creating screen as @Carudas, remove the line "maxshader: false" from config.json as suggested by @crie. This fixed it for me.
  6. I tried the above instructions. Dotnet and vcrun installs successfully but when I try to run the game I'll get the following error, inclusing an exception backtrace from SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe itself. Im using Wine Staging 6.0 on Arch Linux with a clean 32bit wineprefix: If I try wine stable 6.0 I get the same error as @mothemo.
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