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  1. Feedback is always welcome! I didnt consider your comment negative at all, and as long as feedback is brought in a constructive way, we are always happy to hear it. Its impossible to make all players happy with our descision (my poor 50p shadowmage 😪), but we take feedback to heart.
  2. More people have expressed this line of thought. Sadly the whole point of creating the card was to be mounted on walls, not to make a wormling card, so we need to go back to the drawing board. 🙂 The reason to include it in this CU was an experiment if people like seeing this kind of behind the scenes stuff, or prefer we just stick to our actual-upcoming-features announcements.
  3. No clue why it wont let you change it to KeyNer, but I suppose KeyNer_Battleforge will be clear enough, to make sure you dont run into any problems, just contact your opponent the moment the brackets are updated 🙂 And be sure to be present in the stream for announcements. Please note im not hosting this tournament, @RadicalX is, but this is how we previously did it with Challonge.
  4. Your ingame name and name on challonge should be the same, so your opponents will be able to find you. You can change your name in Challonge. You sign up with your account, and then there is the option to sign up under a different name, as can be seen here: I registered as Majora_Battleforge (My challonge name), then adjusted it to Majora. Dont forget to hit save, or it wont update. You can also do this after you are already registered to the tournament.
  5. Please communicate in English, or use a translator like Deepl to do so.
  6. For those who missed it, there is a massive PvP guide that was also just updated to the latest state. Use it to your advantage! 🙂 See you Sunday!
  7. Greetings Skylords! A new month; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • Forge Lag and Leaderboard Achievements We want to take a moment to address the Forge lag issue that many of our players have been experiencing. We understand that it has been causing frustration, and we're sorry for any inconvenience it has caused. Luckily, we're happy to report that we've made significant progress in resolving the issue. Because we introduced major features such as cosmetics with our latest pa
  8. I'd argue we did it duo in the ''normal way'' but lost a well regardless Lets not discuss who's fault that was btw 😄
  9. Just to clarify, we moved away from the old rotate-every-seven-days, to rotate-every-24 hours since this original post. This should offer a lot more flexability into finding your deck, especially considering you can combine pools and add your own cards. For example, picking the two decks that contain the most cards you want out of Pure Nature / Pure Fire / Twilight N-start / Twilight F-start and adding your own cards to the result should give you great flexibility to make your own decks. Especially considering the most expensive PvP cards are almost all found in the free PvP decks. An ex
  10. Welcome back 🙂 We just had our 2nd Anniversary, so have been online for quite some time. How did you find out about the project again? Use this video to get up to speed 🙂
  11. Greetings Skylords! A lot has happened in the past month! In this Community Update, we catch up with the recent developments, while also looking towards the future and upcoming Skylords Reborn changes. • Anniversary Patch Release We hope it was hard to miss, but our latest patch is out! On the 14th of January, we released our 2nd Anniversary patch. The patch contains new cards (Raven Archwalker, Sanctuary), a new promo (Worldbreaker Gun), many balance changes, and new achievements that reward cosmetics! You can find the full patch notes here. The introduction of co
  12. Hey there, Please take a look at this guide for all your PvP needs 🙂 The game also comes with free fully upgraded PvP decks, so you can definitly take those as a starter point.
  13. Oh Treasure Fleet is one of my favourite maps, this could be fun 😄
  14. Majora

    Promo Mountaineer?

    This code is no longer valid. As for using a promo code; go to the ingame store, there you can fill it in.
  15. While you guys are waiting for the patch, why not watch our new recap video? 😄 Big thanks to Ultralord, Kapo, Dutchy and Dreamlord !
  16. Total cosmetics owned? 😄
  17. Took a while but it's here! 😄
  18. Please note: this patch will release on Saturday, 14th of January 2023.
  19. • Patch date: 14-01-2023 Greetings Skylords, We have a patch date! Our upcoming patch will be releasing next Saturday, January 14th! This patch will release the new cards Sanctuary and Raven Archwalker, as well as our first promo building: Worldbreaker Gun. There will also be new achievements to complete, the introduction of player cosmetics, and a ton of balance changes. You can find the patch notes here. Alongside the patch, we will also release a special recap video of everything that was added to Skylords Reborn since the release, voiced by Dreamlord. Catching u
  20. Adding new voicelines is currently on hold due to us not having an audio editor. The current voicelines (f.e. Amii Palladin, Banzai Lord) were recorded by community members, and then added by me. I didn't have any audio experience, just a bunch of free time and motivation. Sadly, I cant do this anymore due to being more busy. We have voice actors who are very willing to provide voicelines for our new cards (and some old ones). This means that if you have some free time and any audio experience at all, you can already be a great help to the team and help us in getting more voicelines i
  21. Happy new year, Skylords! A new year; a new Community Update! It's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! • 2nd Anniversary Stream The 18th of December marked the 2nd Anniversary of Skylords Reborn! Two years ago, after many years of internal development and open stress tests, BattleForge was playable once again. We are very grateful for all your continued enthusiasm and support! On the anniversary, we hosted a celebration stream. If you missed it, you can view it on our YouTube channel. We will also cover most of the announceme
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