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  1. Huh interesting, can confirm your findings as well. I will report this to the team.
  2. The Icon does appear, but keep in mind it only lasts for 5 seconds (with a cooldown of 20). The movement speed buff does get applied, you can test this by walking a unbuffed demon and a buffed demon to the same spot. The biggest difference is the turning speed however. Once buffed, the unit can almost instantly turn, while the unbuffed version needs to walk in a small circle first. The ability is mostly meant as a way of life-control in combat situations, hence the small buff.
  3. We are very much aware of this issue, but have to carefully decide which units Nightguard (for example) should be allowed to take over, since its a very common strategy for PvE. One step in this direction is adding power costs and orbs to every PvE unit (and building, Matter Mastery), so we at least get the option to change this. As for Lost Souls Mind Control immunity, this was a last minute addition from the original developers from EA, probably once they realized how problematic Nightguard was.
  4. Kubik posted a bit more details regarding the sound converter over here. Would be greatly appreciated if you guys can help us crack this one, since it directly impacts voicelines for new cards:
  5. Hey I had nothing to do with this card The lazy 3th upgrade is one of the leftovers from EA's last days. But since the card is pretty out of place in Skylords and not very popular, i guess the team didn't put effort into fixing it.
  6. Which is actually every single (official) map, since it was one of the (if not the?) last card added to the game. Personally, I think Amii Monument is a stupid card. Enlightenment is also problematic, although it wasn't that broken before Batariel and other late game t4 powerhouses were released. Getting an Overlord or Avatar of Frost was definitely strong, but at least you were limited a little bit. Amii Monument is definitely a problematic design that is not easy to fix without removing what the card is trying to do all together. The only thing I can think of is making the cost of
  7. Ah, yea cause you mentioned ''one game'' I was confused. One match = Best of 3 would make the most sense
  8. Does it give you a specific error message?
  9. What was the reason of playing only one game against each other? Once you go through the trouble of setting up a date to play, I would prefer to play a best of 3.
  10. Greetings Skylords! It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! A big thank you We want to start this update with a big thank you to the community. When we posted our feedback survey two weeks ago, we expected maybe 100 of you would take time out of your day to give us some feedback. But you completely blew us away, with over 1150 responses so far! We will close the survey this weekend, so if you still want to provide us with some feedback (and get a booster) make sure to do
  11. 3005 Did not know this was a thing, but im here for the ride.
  12. Great suggestion, and Id love to participate! Be sure to reach out to our event manager (Hiko) if you want some prizes for support, maybe he can help you out.
  13. Swift is considered a very basic ability. Most affinities either have 1 thing that's different (the ability of Bloodhorn in your example) or one thing plus a basic ability (for example Swift). A card like Befallens Curse has two versions, one deals more damage, while the other one deals less damage but prevents healing/buffs. The spells cost, color restrictions, range and target selection are all the same. Its easy to say ''affinity A deals more damage, affinity B prevents buffs''. It's still the same spell. Most affinities have on version that's better 90% of the time, while others are more s
  14. What units and what spells are being used? We are talking about PvP here right? I feel this is a problem especially newer or less experienced PvP players face. When I played the game during EA times, I thought spells were obviously overpowered. The void system balances everything out however, and spells are already mostly being used as a support for your army (the fact you cant throw most spells without units nearby also leans into this). One of the spells that will receive a cooldown increase is Voidstorm. As a global damage spell we found it was too easy to constantly use it as a r
  15. Disclaimer: The following thoughts are from me as a player, not me as a community manager or representation of the Skylords Reborn team. In general, I'm against making the game easier and in favor of removing map abuse. People complain about the lack of new maps/content all the time, yet we see mainstream map abuse or weird interactions that clearly should not work, resulting in maps being way easier than they should be. This again results in people ''completing'' the game at a faster phase, which is not helpful for player retention. Now I'm not saying every map needs to be insanely hard,
  16. Do you mean a higher focus on unit combat and less spell support options? Personally, I don't think so. Part of the charm of BattleForge that makes it stand out from traditional RTS is the current system. Its the reason why Fog of War is not in the game, being able to instantly spawn reinforcements and support with spells makes it differ a lot from the traditional ''build a bigger/better army and attack key points in the map''. The game is also heavily balanced around (Crowd Control) spells. The spell-system is just too ingrained to adjust it without breaking the current game. The v
  17. We can design these variations, but as far as I am aware, there are no leftovers from EA times no.
  18. But but but.. my community updates
  19. What do you mean with ''rank only pack''? As a PvP player myself, I definitely agree it would be cool to add an incentive to reach top X.
  20. Sadly, adding in completely new animations is currently not possible. There also aren't that many un-used models, as far as I'm aware there is only one. Since BattleForge last days under EA were kind of dire, I suppose they already used everything they could.
  21. While a fun idea, I could imagine it being quite annoying if you are in a 4 player group (or god forbid 12 player) and everyone starts spamming units and spells like crazy, lagging your computer up. It could be fun to test stuff out though, but then it should be optimal and not by default on. I think Ladadoos is the Forge expert, so he can better guess if such a feature is do-able and/or a lot of work.
  22. Welcome back and glad to hear you are enjoying the game!
  23. You can find more information, desired traits and all our open positions here.
  24. Thank you very much for your feedback Personally I would also like to have voice-overs for the campaign as well. We all hate the babbling Moon sometimes, but BattleForge just isnt the same without it. Sadly, we currently have no way to add new soundfiles or voicelines, nor someone who can work on new PvE maps, so im afraid we'll have to be patient.
  25. Greetings Skylords! It's been two weeks already since our last community update so it's time to bring you up to speed with everything going on in Skylords Reborn! Share your feedback, get a booster! You are currently reading the 10th Community Update! We hope you find these updates interesting, whether you are an active player or someone who wants to keep an eye on the project. Time for some reflection and feedback. Last month we asked for your feedback regarding the Official PvE contests, but this time we want to know your opinion about Skylords Reborn in general. W
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