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  1. Yep, nice to see balance updates.
  2. Thats exatly how I feel as well. Dont think there will be many (if any) Collection-Games and mostly Unlimited. The change you suggested with making Ranked the Collection-Mode is the best solution imo. For the people saying, that they dont want to grind for endless hours to get the right upgrades and cards: I've done 3 or 4 times my daily Quests now and invested like 15-30 min in the AH every day. After 4 days I have a lvl 70+ deck alrdy with quite some cards bought off the AH. So after max 2 weeks of playing an hour every day (which is really not much) you would easily have collect
  3. Dont know how people feel about this, but for me this changes absolutely nothing. If I play PVP, i play ranked exclusively. (Also I dont think people will use the option to play the Collection-Mode when there is a Free120-Mode or only use it very rarely, which leads to high Q times.) If you would switch that change, so people can play anything in unranked, but actually need to use their own deck in ranked, that'd be perfect. I mean unranked is meant for testing stuff, playing for fun etc. Ranked is - as the name says - a ranked mode with leaderboard etc. where you can expect people t
  4. Unfortunately I dont think this is the right step. I do not expect many players to use that Collection Mode in Unranked. Thats something thats needed for Ranked! (Not Optional if you ask me!) In unranked let people have fun with fully upgraded decks, but in ranked you should have to farm your cards n upgrades!
  5. So after starting a little bit late to the party I finally started playing 2 days ago. After waiting for the final release for years I was so hyped and couldnt wait to start playing. I mean i could finally play BF again, grind PvE Maps to farm upgrades to build an amazing PvP deck, buy & sell stuff on the AH to increase my BFP to buy stuff for a proper PvP deck. What could go wrong? 2 days later my motivation to play has gone to 0. I run every game into a 120 Pure Fire or Pure Shadow Deck. No variety at all. Neither do I want to play PVE to farm upgrades - i mean hey, i have ever
  6. NAME: Too low XL on expert maps SEVERITY: 2-3 LOCATION: For now at Crusade Map. We are testing other maps atm. REPRODUCIBILITY: always DESCRIPTION: XP revieved from completing a map is way too low. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: see below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The XP from goals is missing, maybe that's why it' not enough.
  7. NAME: Server DC after finishing a map SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: After finishing Encounter with Twilight [normal] REPRODUCIBILITY: just once so far DESCRIPTION: After completing the map the game froze with black screen and later I got message that i got disconnected. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: see below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  8. NAME: Gold chest opening message missingSEVERITY: 3LOCATION: PvE MapsREPRODUCIBILITY: alwaysDESCRIPTION: When you open a Gold Chest there should be a message like "You got X gold" or so. This is missing.SCREENSHOT: - Additional Information: every PvE Map I've played s far
  9. dunno. I don't know shit about this stuff. I reported it in case it's something important for the devs^^ If not just delete it.
  10. NAME: Game Crash for all players (observer map) SEVERITY: 2 (because it's only observer map) LOCATION: Loading Screen REPRODUCIBILITY: just once, but for all players DESCRIPTION: BF crashed with error message below while we (3 players) started an observer map. SCREENSHOT: see below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  11. For me custom maps work, just tried my own map with @LagOps. (PvP)
  12. 100 - too lazy to take a pic
  13. Looks like I can't participate at all this time, had to change shifts so I work Saturday afternoon/ evening now.
  14. I just realized I work that saturday. So if tourney starts before 5pm I can't participate. If it starts after, I'm in!
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