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  1. NAME: Too low XL on expert maps SEVERITY: 2-3 LOCATION: For now at Crusade Map. We are testing other maps atm. REPRODUCIBILITY: always DESCRIPTION: XP revieved from completing a map is way too low. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: see below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: The XP from goals is missing, maybe that's why it' not enough.
  2. NAME: Server DC after finishing a map SEVERITY: 1 LOCATION: After finishing Encounter with Twilight [normal] REPRODUCIBILITY: just once so far DESCRIPTION: After completing the map the game froze with black screen and later I got message that i got disconnected. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: see below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  3. dunno. I don't know shit about this stuff. I reported it in case it's something important for the devs^^ If not just delete it.
  4. NAME: Game Crash for all players (observer map) SEVERITY: 2 (because it's only observer map) LOCATION: Loading Screen REPRODUCIBILITY: just once, but for all players DESCRIPTION: BF crashed with error message below while we (3 players) started an observer map. SCREENSHOT: see below ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: -
  5. 100 - too lazy to take a pic
  6. Looks like I can't participate at all this time, had to change shifts so I work Saturday afternoon/ evening now.
  7. I just realized I work that saturday. So if tourney starts before 5pm I can't participate. If it starts after, I'm in!
  8. Well, a brawl takes 5 days. If a good brawl comes out, we have plenty of time to organize the tourney
  9. I'm in again, either as player or as (Co?)Streamer
  10. Geradon's Map Making Stream is back!

    Tune it at twitch.tv/GeradonEU for some fun time while creating a new Battleforge map!

    Sunday 25th September 2016 - 6pm CEST

    1. Dallarian


      Chess matches are back too?

    2. Geradon
  11. But you need a fun and fair Tavern Brawl for it. Also you could level your EU acc a little
  12. Well next time we can make a different rule set. There is always the possibility of a draft (with external website, it's super fun), a themed tounrey (like 1 legendary, 2 epics, 5 rares max) or a Tavern Brawl tourney. So it's not autowin for people who own more cards
  13. Well, was alittle easier that I tought It'd gonna be But was great fun to play with ya all and I hope we can repeat the tourney. If we make another one in 1-2 weeks I'd also offer like 5 packs for top 3 or so as prizes and would maybe stream (together with @Eirias?) /eedit: Or defend my title ofc
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