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  1. I wonder how factions without a melee M counter will fair against bug heal-spam, for example Frost since it lost Mountain Rowdy as one. That damage reduction will be really useful!
  2. I'm curious, why pick Advanced instead of expert? (expert is pretty easy too)
  3. No, overbid sounds like a terrible and counterintuitive approach. (I hadn't even heard of it before) I think I misunderstood what I was looking at, I expected the filter to sort only the bids and not bids and buyouts. Thus I concede that there are way more bids than the above figure as the premise is wrong. (original thinking: if the bids become blank, it means I reached the point where there are no more, bids are exclusive from buyouts... instead they are inclusive, making finding bids difficult.) I don't consider a buyout to be a bid you can buy immediately, it is the abse
  4. As of ~6:00 UTC, about 2.6% of all listings had auctions. This sounds like the auction feature is pretty much dead! 1. What do you think about the fact that the auction house, has no auctions in it? I think it's a lot less fun to try to interact with AH when auctions are missing, perhaps the option to not do a bid has removed an important gameplay aspect to the auction house. (not that the reversal of this would change most people from just setting the bid 1 bfp below the buyout, including myself) 2. What if all postings were required to have bids like they prev
  5. Hopefully, It is pretty crippling in the case of Skycatcher since it's often a "I probably should be playing Giant Wyrm" card.
  6. I've realized an annoying bug; If a Grim Bahir or Skycatcher kills its target, it does no splash damage to nearby enemies. Is this documented? e.g. : Image, note that the living ice barrier should have 150 HP remaining as Skycatcher has siege. It appears that these units synchronously do damage and then splash while Wyrm or Lost Dragon simultaneously apply damage and splash. Quite an important bug! (edited)
  7. The number one map focus should be fixing exploits as mentioned on Guns of Lyr or Convoy. Things like: Circumventing any Amii Gates via Teleporting Blocking Jorne in Titans (mentioned) Sunbridge Gate Switch bug Soultree Amii Monument Somehow getting the treasure wagons to go faster in The Treasure Fleet (is this still possible?) Using Incubator to generate ground presence (not really a map-bug tbf) Many, many more exploits exist... I think the goal of a map designer should be to get the user to "play the map" however the player wants but w
  8. Glad to see the Phoenix made it there! So I take it these are implementable into the game?
  9. The true true PVP experience:
  10. One thing to note is that players (including myself) are often willing to buy any card for 1 bfp already, transferring that risk from you to them that is inherent to trying to sell a weak and/or super common card!
  11. Even with this buff it'd be hard to justify northguards at tier 1 as their struggle is against medium units when trying to get early map positions.
  12. One thing to note is that You can do Behind enemy lines with U0 nightguards if you just send in two nightguards, one will be paralyzed but the other swaps, then send her off somewhere else. (This actually is how I did it the first time)
  13. Weak1ings

    Frost Sorceress

    This is a similar case vs. Nature as well, creating a tedious matchup where a single mistake might cost you everything. In your comparisons are you looking at actual damage or the amount listed on the cards? Sorceress does around 25-50% less damage than stated, depending on the situation.
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