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  1. Exactly the same issues + when im in a group (but not group leader) when leader press START GAME there is no sound (something like bells followed by tic toc counting down 5,4,3,2,1). But when im leader of group or single player game and when i press START the sound is there. Not sure how the file is called but it should be something like startmatch etc. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always
  2. you can select "show/hide name" in settings...
  3. Vysnia

    Creating map disconnect from servers

    It happened twice in 15 min, 1st - joined BG 9 and crashed (...lost connection to server...) in the middle of playing it, and 2nd i created BG 9 map and same thing happened at the very first orb.
  4. Never happened to me...
  5. Vysnia

    Freezing after Leaving a (PVP) Group

    same here
  6. Vysnia

    3 - Card bugs (collection of bugs)

    NAME: cannot spawn Rageflame (blue) SEVERITY: 2 LOCATION: 4 player Battleground lvl 6 (it was lost souls map). I was in position 4, will try other positions. REPRODUCIBILITY: it happened once so far. After the game i got dc and couldnt login back to check again. DESCRIPTION: When i press the card for spawn its ok, then click on the ground to spawn it and the card goes away (as it should) and unit doesnt appear but spawn count on the card is reduced by 1. Then i tried 2 more times until i reached cooldown for stock card. From 3 attempts - 0 units spawned, cooldown for the card never finishes (cooldown doesnt start counting seconds). Bought the card from AH, no upgrades, put it into deck and started a game. P.s. in forge Rageflame spawns without any problems. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: im sorry but when i try to make a screenshot it always print screen my desktop for some reason ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: i dont have BFP to try other affinity of Rageflame.
  7. it is a bug from original game. if i use this spell for 4 orb unit which has 0 left and is on cooldown once - it restores 1. But if i use it again to restore card - then it shows that i have 3 charges on 4 orb card. But if i call the card twice it shows that it has 1 charge left but it is on cooldown. I hope you can understand my tough explanation
  8. did you press "show processes from all users"???
  9. Youre right, same here, even when i create a group and try to create a game - i get dc
  10. If you read in-game news, it is written that you need to invite someone to group and then play. I didnt get a chance to do that, coz so far i tried to create every single player map and i get dc. Now its time to try 2 and 4 player maps
  11. Vysnia

    launcher.exe has stopped working

    Just experienced same thing in the middle of game. Game just got frozen.
  12. Vysnia

    Important: Open Beta Status Announcement

    Love ya Fiki Thats the spirit!

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