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  1. I guess you have to complete Standard first in order to be able to do Expert. Same like other maps? o.0
  2. This is great idea to make people play all maps, not only the ones that they like to play. The question is: is there a way to restrict having T4 cards in a deck for a game? Would T4 spells be allowed? If there is no way to restrict having T4 cards in a deck, what if someone on 4 player map spawns T4 unit?
  3. Its not battleforge.exe, it should be SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe.
  4. Have you created FB group yet? You can do a lot with f b, like "like and share and get something" or when you reach xxxx number of folowers theres something for everyone or make a draw and win...
  5. Exactly the same issues + when im in a group (but not group leader) when leader press START GAME there is no sound (something like bells followed by tic toc counting down 5,4,3,2,1). But when im leader of group or single player game and when i press START the sound is there. Not sure how the file is called but it should be something like startmatch etc. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always
  6. It happened twice in 15 min, 1st - joined BG 9 and crashed (...lost connection to server...) in the middle of playing it, and 2nd i created BG 9 map and same thing happened at the very first orb.
  7. if you want to bid again, you have to press Search button (to find same card) again in order for bid price and auction to update.
  8. it is a bug from original game. if i use this spell for 4 orb unit which has 0 left and is on cooldown once - it restores 1. But if i use it again to restore card - then it shows that i have 3 charges on 4 orb card. But if i call the card twice it shows that it has 1 charge left but it is on cooldown. I hope you can understand my tough explanation
  9. Youre right, same here, even when i create a group and try to create a game - i get dc
  10. If you read in-game news, it is written that you need to invite someone to group and then play. I didnt get a chance to do that, coz so far i tried to create every single player map and i get dc. Now its time to try 2 and 4 player maps
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