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  1. No problem at all, im glad to help in any way.
  2. NAME: Got promo card from booster, it announced my name in chat when in settings it is switched off. (see screenshot) DESCRIPTION: I noticed it happened for other player as well (you can see it few lines below in chat on screenshot) [not sure about his settings though]. REPRODUCIBILITY: I got my first promo in ~180 boosters and im not that rich to reproduce it SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: LOG: _log_proxy_latest.log ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: none
  3. As title says I logged into game, pressed on AH then looong waiting and crash. _log_proxy_latest.log p.s. recently (after game update) got loads of crashes, mostly when trying to play BG (rPvE) 9. From my side I didnt do anything that could cause a crash. Regards
  4. So in other words, you have to place 6 Treespirits at spot A, then a bit further place Root Nexus and a bit further again place another 6 Treespirits at spot B. Units @ spot A should be connected with units @ spot B through Root nexus. In order to get that attack bonus, 6 units in front have to attack but those other 6 units behind have to do nothing (aka support only). Am I right??? Me and Lord kind of had to write sort of a "Thesis for Masters degree" (or whatever you can call it) in private chat in order to realise that all units with 'root network support' ability has very conf
  5. I guess you have to complete Standard first in order to be able to do Expert. Same like other maps? o.0
  6. This is great idea to make people play all maps, not only the ones that they like to play. The question is: is there a way to restrict having T4 cards in a deck for a game? Would T4 spells be allowed? If there is no way to restrict having T4 cards in a deck, what if someone on 4 player map spawns T4 unit?
  7. Its not battleforge.exe, it should be SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe.
  8. Have you created FB group yet? You can do a lot with f b, like "like and share and get something" or when you reach xxxx number of folowers theres something for everyone or make a draw and win...
  9. Exactly the same issues + when im in a group (but not group leader) when leader press START GAME there is no sound (something like bells followed by tic toc counting down 5,4,3,2,1). But when im leader of group or single player game and when i press START the sound is there. Not sure how the file is called but it should be something like startmatch etc. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always
  10. It happened twice in 15 min, 1st - joined BG 9 and crashed (...lost connection to server...) in the middle of playing it, and 2nd i created BG 9 map and same thing happened at the very first orb.
  11. if you want to bid again, you have to press Search button (to find same card) again in order for bid price and auction to update.
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