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  1. As title says, and when I try to close it, it stays as white screen and I cant even switch between windows anymore, alt+tab, ctrl-esc etc not working. Had to do hard restart of PC. _log_proxy_latest.log After couple more tries I finally logged in.
  2. 100%! I was thinking like: Major = man, unless we talk about ranks, and Majora = woman. Major Majora... well... you know... Max Payne... 不不不
  3. For some reason I thought that Majora is a girl until I heard his voice 不不不
  4. I can second that as well. I was just too lazy to report it. Sorry, my bad
  5. Title says everything... Question is: is there (or will be) a higher difficulty? see attachment.
  6. Similar thing with Harvy when I send him to attack a tower or spawn house in rPvE. Very often (not always) He goes all the way around the building and only then he starts attacking it...
  7. I dont see the reason for that. I have upgraded all cards: 95% with gold, rest - got upgrades from maps (yes I have all cards in game). Now I have almost 2 million gold and growing, which is useless. I would suggest to bring back trade'able gold as it was in original BF. I think that would solve the problem, as many people would play more to grind the gold for profit and others would gladly buy/trade it. That "might" trigger small changes in game economics as well.
  8. In 3025 BattleForge Reborn is still alive. What update are you planning for then?
  9. I think wheel stacking was not a bug, it was made on purpose.
  10. We have to establish a Central Bank of Battleforge to take care of the currency, inflation etc. 不 Jokes aside... If you play every day for at least 45 mins - you get at least 250 bfp. So you're getting richer and richer everyday and it drives prices up. Im not sure how to calculate everything from economic side of it but it is how this 'stuff' work.
  11. No problem at all, im glad to help in any way.
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