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  1. While we are talking about Slave Master, there is an issue with how map is cleared. I played with... cant remember who sorry... and I stayed defending bottom part. My partner went up, took 2 orbs on the easter part and went to clean north east including Slave master but slaves couldnt be free'd at that time. Then he went on cleaning north west, free'd slaves, brought them into teleport, no problems there. And then he went to free other slaves on north east, but he couldnt do that coz when you hover your mouse over the slave cages to attack them, your units should destroy cages. But that was not the case, he couldnt select cages to attack, instead cursor didnt change into attack and he could only move units around. I havent tried to replicate this as of yet... feel free to do this. 😃
  2. Create an exception for the whole BF folder in your antivirus and then do all these things.
  3. I wonder how nobody noticed this, coz I spotted it quite some time ago (just was too lazy to write 🙂 ). There is a mismatch of experience in rewards > acievements section and in Chronicle section (see 2 screenshots). Thank you.
  4. Vysnia


    🤣🤣🤣 I lost my details too, but my ingame name is Volin, please help me nice try 😉 🤣🤣🤣 p.s. sry Volin 😉
  5. a replay would help greatly here.
  6. same happened to me, just go to next tab and then switch back to Loot tab, it will update. Its a bug I suppose.
  7. In my opinion it is CPU heavy but not GPU. Ive had same problem when Ive been building root networks all over the map, say in Nightmare's End my root network extends from top to bottom and towards end of the match when root network becomes enormous I used to get 2-5 fps. And that was on my old PC. Couple weeks ago I built my new rig using the same GPU and I tried the same map doing the same root networks. Fps were ok to the level that almost unnoticable, maybe 5-10fps dropped.
  8. As title says, and when I try to close it, it stays as white screen and I cant even switch between windows anymore, alt+tab, ctrl-esc etc not working. Had to do hard restart of PC. _log_proxy_latest.log After couple more tries I finally logged in.
  9. 100%! I was thinking like: Major = man, unless we talk about ranks, and Majora = woman. Major Majora... well... you know... Max Payne... 🤣🤣🤣
  10. For some reason I thought that Majora is a girl until I heard his voice 🤣🤣🤣
  11. I can second that as well. I was just too lazy to report it. Sorry, my bad 😁
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