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  1. Unfortunately I couldn´t play yesterday - today it is fixed! Thanks and keep up the good work 👍
  2. had the issue still on Soultree advanced just an hour ago 😞
  3. any update on the locked chests on campaign maps?
  4. Sorry for the confusion - I searched the whole document again and didn´t find any unusual shots, so maybe I was dreaming ... 😕 Thanks for your work though 😉
  5. I´ve read the document but totally missed the difference between ":" and "=", so thanks for rescue me 😉 And to Kubik : I´m aware that the UI will change but within the document are Shots of a rather "evolved" UI (so the Inventory-Mask with more than the available three options) with no mention of an upcoming overhaul. Therefore I thought there has to be some hidden button/checkbox/... to activate the feature, espiacially since at the bottom of the document there is the little sentence "When will this feature go Live? This feature should be live alongside the Anniversary Patch on the 18th
  6. Maybe I am missing something or I am rather dumb - but how can I access the advanced filtering inGame? My Inventory and even the marketplace doesn´t react to e.g. Promo=1 in the searchbar? As for the rest : keep up the good work! 🙂
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