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  1. bergerb

    Promo Card Giveaway( For new Closed Beta Testers)

    Hi, This is awesome I'd really like to play promo Mo, I never really played this card - bergerb
  2. bergerb

    Booster Simulator

    @Lord NullPointer Gotta fix this for you.. such a function was already programmed in the allcards script.. So you just need to replace all this data[i].Image = "http://allcards.bfreborn.com/cards/" + data[i].Name.split(" ").join("-").split("'").join(""); if(data[i].Name.indexOf("(promo)") != -1) { var imgName = "http://allcards.bfreborn.com/cards/" + data[i].Name.split(" ").join("-").split("'").join(""); imgName = imgName.replace("-(promo)",""); data[i].Image = imgName; } else if(data[i].Affinity == "(Twilight)") data[i].Image += "-twilight"; else if(data[i].Affinity == "(Lost Soul)") data[i].Image += "-lost-soul"; else if(data[i].Affinity == "(promo)") data[i].Image += "-promo"; else if(data[i].Affinity != "none" && data[i].Affinity != "null") data[i].Image += "_" + data[i].Affinity; data[i].Image += ".jpg"; with this data[i].Image = "http://allcards.bfreborn.com/cards/" + (data[i].Name + (data[i].Affinity && data[i].Affinity != 'none' ? '_' + data[i].Affinity : '')).replace(/ /g,'-').replace(/'|\(|\)/g,'') + ".jpg"; And.. no Promos? -bergerb
  3. bergerb

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi! My name is Benjamin, I am from Austria (the one without the kangaroos ) Battleforge was the first Game I ever played and after a long time experiencing some other games, I got back to Battleforge and started playing some PvP. I dont remember my ranks but I think in PvE something diamond and PvP silver.. I was very sad when I got the message that Battleforge will be closed, and since then I was looking for a remake, but nothing happened, and then, BFReborn Then I was very happy that there is a development part in the contest, and I started planning an Android Card app I hope we can play Battleforge again soon -bergerb

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