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  1. How many h we played these decks and how many h we laughed^^
  2. Heya, Glad that you like them! Well in rpve Altar of Chaos within my lost souls deck is not that good since i play without cultist master and except resource booster without void manipulation (i guess if i can remember correctly the nightcrawlers from the cultist master does count as offering). So in pve it makes more sense and a full max. bomb is as you said deadfull. Therefore i sometimes play it in my pure shadow deck. Well both affinitys of the allmighty Tortugun (which has the highest atk number in the game btw. as you know for sure) are very usefull. One with long ran
  3. As you can see Offering and Enlightenment are there to summon both T4 Worms. Since it is very expensive there is still a void-back booster with Shrine of Memory in the deck. Though you still can go more powerfull related to this in order to go with one fire orb and putting in Shrine of War or putting in Embalmers Shrine and Furnace of Flesh and even resource booster with 2 shadow orbs if you want to speed things up.
  4. This will be a summary mostly of special theme-decks i have played with passion. Important Note: Some cards in the decks might be just "fun-cards" and cards rarely to very rarely played by players, means there were stronger to much stronger and faster alternatives i could put in but did not do it because i always hated the fact maps are way too easy to manage with an overpowered deck. Embalmers Shrine, Shadow Phoenix, ashbone pyro, lost souls ship, shrine of war, voidmanipulating and many other cards/tactics are for example extremely overpowered in PvE/rPvE and sadly never got nerfed.
  5. That can translate me the following: "Depuis plusieurs semaines, une centaine de personnes, considérées comme homosexuelles, ont été arrêtées, incarcérées et torturées dans des prisons tenues secrètes en Tchétchénie" L'homophobie est une réalité de nos jours encore. Si en Europe on peut dire que l'on est plus ou moins tranquil, nombreux sont les endroits ou les gens sont encore stupides et intolérants. Heureusement des campagnes de lutte existent et nombreux sont ceux qui se battent pour que tous les membres LGBT puissent vivre normalement sans jugements, sans discriminations. http
  6. [quote='SpookiNate' pid='7623' dateline='1437305985'] Off-Topic: It's interesing that we have so many players from Germany :D [/quote] Because it was a from german hand forged game. And the german player portion was about valued 50%. A little bit offending that this fanforum doesn't even have a german section. Cy Ps.: Also i am from Germany
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