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  1. Timer

    rpve Twilight Deck

    Back in the day I always wanted to use Twilight, so now with the given opportunity I designed a pretty good deck I use in rpve 9 (rpve 6 is just too easy and not gold efficient anymore) (most cards don't cost a lot so it's pretty easy to build) Tier 1 - Nomad (green) and Mine pretty much carry up to the tier 3 camp depending on the map - Eruption just in case a lot of units survive the Mine - Thugs if my base gets attacked while waiting after my Nomads died (S counter) Tier 2 - Vilebloods to rush the spawn buildings - Oink, Surge of Light an Ravage just to support them - Spirit Hunter in case there are flyers (don't have any Skyfire Drakes yet) Tier 3 - Twilight Creepers (Purple) in mass just demolish bases with their spit attack Tier 4 and beyond - Abomination and Skycatcher as the core (some Creepers for extra damage vulnerability) - Breeding Grounds - Shrine of War for void manipulation - Healing Gardens + Regrowth in case the units take damage - Earthshaker for that pesky Willzapper on Twilight maps - Ice Crystal, Revenge and Twilight Pestilence (blue) for damage reduction (both T4 units are blue affinity) -> 20% + 25% + 50% = 90% damage reduction (can't go higher than 90%, i think it's additive), the units basically can't die Bandits - just Oink the Windhunters Stonekin - only the Crystal Fiends early on are annoying, use the Nomads ability and Eruption if necessary Twilight - annoying but Earthshaker deals with the Willzapper - just Oink the Wrathgazers before they swallow your units Lost Souls - abuse the mines and rush with a lot of units if the tier 2 and 3 camps become difficult - maybe use Protector's Seal, although it doesn't help against in the early game The hardest struggle I've experienced is tier 2 and tier 3 camps being in close proximity or Lost Souls being more difficult to deal with than usual Everything after the availability of tier 3 is easy to beat by just spamming the spells and having fast void return (unless the other players leave the match) I'd like some feedback as this deck isn't perfect, it can be a struggle getting to tier 3
  2. Timer

    rpve Twilight Deck

    First of all thanks for the feedback! I've never really considered hurricane in rpve, although its use as cc could come in handy in non-lost souls maps The spirit hunters themselves should be replaced by a better tier 2 unit as lost souls map with their L/L units are quite a force to deal with Twilight creepers have always been a lifesaver in all sorts of tier 4 camp struggles, removing them would most propably give me even more problems in the early game I'll try implementing hurricane and thunderstorm instead of frost crystal and spirit hunters, maybe I'll have an easier time early on (as for cluster explosion, at the time I have no need for damaging spells in the late game, but as soon as I can afford it, I'll propably try using it as most people have recommended it so far)

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