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  1. Just look in the Battleforge file where you extracted the .rar stuff (the game and the updater). If it isn't there, extract it again and make sure your antivirus is turned off.
  2. Haha, cool, I managed to get atleast 4 single player missions done, with freezes between each mission though.
  3. Perhaps your anti-virus is causing you problems?
  4. Yeah, its a bug the devs are working on, please give it some time. It's happening to everyone.
  5. It is saying that for me too, but you wont receive one. This has happened to probably everyone, and is likely a bug that the devs are working on. Keep being patient
  6. Can you not fight on a public thread please. Either be nice, ask for help if you need it, answer peoples requests for help, or don't reply.
  7. Yeah, mostly everyone is having this problem. "Your client has lost connection", etc.
  8. I think the servers are down right now anyway, but no, there is no activation email. Sorry you had to wait so long x.x
  9. Do we know if anyone is actually playing right now?
  10. Nevermind I fixed it, had to extract with my antivirus turned off.
  11. I have looked through the rar and found nothing was missing, I deleted the battleforge folder in my documents and tried running the updater again, but it still tells me I'm missing both a launcher.exe and a battleforge.exe, yet i can see the battleforge application in my folder.
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