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  1. Atheo

    Closed Beta Applications

    I only got to play battleforge a somewhat short while. I remember grinding hard just to get shamans because of how amazing they were. I played a TON of PvE and only dabbled in PvP because I wasnt amazing yet. I believe I should be chosen not because I am better than anyone, simply because I am an avid fan an would love to sink my teeth back into this game. As for time I have alot and also a little die to being in the military, most of my time off is spent gaming and Ive been waiting to add this to my list since around last August! Discors user Atheo#5130
  2. Atheo

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Finally a giveaway I can participate in! Wish you all luck gents!
  3. Atheo

    Give Me Songs to sing

    Sorry I couldn't find the lyrics
  4. Not sure how exactly I would do this, but for non meta decks you have add Easter Eggs and Santa Clause!

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