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  1. Ok apperently the problem has been fixed after i reinstalled the game, still no clue what has caused the problem
  2. Today my game crashes (the game shut's down and not responding message appears on the screen (win7)) in the first few seconds of the game, no matter what i do, on Empire and Raven's End maps (from what I saw). I have played a match on Blight and it went well so im not sure on which maps it works and it's not and I dont have the time to test them all. The crash happens all the time on those maps and I'm the only one in the party that gets it. Also it doesn't the difficulty of the game. I have played the maps before many times (Raven's End 2 or 3 days ago) and had no issues.
  3. Like small units are knocked back very easily and there is a limit of units that can attack a single entity at once in melee, for that reasons they are not viable in t3 or t4 even in t2 in some cases. So the easiest thing to do is to increase the cap so that you could bring hordes of men. For example, frost and bandits have a a few small units that are almost never played. For shadow it would be cool to bring a swarm of undeads also. I have never had problems with the cap also when playing as usual but when I have tryed to bring almost only small units I came by this limitation
  4. I was thinking about card's special abilities (like infused provoke for grinder), most of them should not have an addition cost because, from my point of view, it takes some content away from the game, players wont cast them either because they dont do much or they cost too much or both. So I would rather make some of them free (which are not worth the cost) and maybe tweak the numbers for the other abilities or the cards themselves in order to balanced the cost of the actual card and it's special ability. This could be done before actually balancing the cards 1 by 1 cuz a lot of cards are unb
  5. I was thinking about increasing the population limit in order to attend to make viable squad (men battalions) builds because there are many intresting squad units that are not being played for obviouse reasons and i woulds like to see them being viable in game and not just being played by beginners for a short ammount of time. I'm sure there are many other ways of making squads more viable but I think increasing the pop cap maybe just for them is worth a try. What do you think?
  6. The Stonekin and Bandit cards are not showing up :/
  7. i agree with RookieN, wish i could help you guys with the game somehow but my lack of knowledged regarding programming and stuff like that prevents me to do so. :/
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