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  1. remove the ban please, I want to play

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    2. IronManOne
    3. sylvix95


      cause he ain't mod no more, try with @Kiwi but if you got a ban, maybe you deserved it

    4. MrXLink


      I am still a moderator, though mainly focusing on design. Contacting me directly often results in delays though.

      If you want to discuss unbanning your account, create a topic here
      Or contact SR Staff Email on Discord.

  2. Общаемся здесь! Русские должны быть где-то! Хватит расизм тут пропагандировать!
  3. Хей! А где мне писать?!?! Я хочу общаться с русскими! Зачем блокировать? Я специально создал тему для общения русских игроков.
    Hey! And where can I write?!?! I want to communicate with the Russians! Why block? I specifically created a topic for communication of Russian players.

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    2. BurningWorld


      Now I'm curious whether he's more troll than me, or actually serious? :thinking:

      And this wasn't racist at all, it would be racist if I say russians are drunk 24/7 and very untermenschlich. it WOULD be, but I won't say that, at least not here. :D 

      Can't wait for him to call us Stupid Americans, like the russians usually do in Dodka I mean Dota, when you ask them politely to speak english.. They answer something like. "STUPID AMERICAN WE NO SPEAK AMERICAN, WE RUSSKI!!!"

      :kappa: (always put a kappa to avoid le ban B))

    3. Pupsik


      I'm ashamed that we are from the same country.
      Here people are united by one idea, to revive their favorite game, what's the point of arguing with someone?
      You can just search for specific people to communicate with them, you need to follow the rules, you do not violate the law of your country, because it will be punished - and here too.
      This forum is not for quarrels and swear words.


    4. BurningWorld


      Oh man you are awesome, therefore I feel bit sorry for speaking so negative about russia. I mean I'm aware russia is full of nice and friendly and awesome people, like you, but there are sometimes people who make me angry and make me talking shit like that!

      ahh nvmd Just take my upvote and love :D 

  4. Привет всем игрокам! Я и как вы, являюсь фаном игры эпик ММоРПГ игры БФ. ДАвайте же начнем знакомство и начнем общение)
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