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  1. Scarymen

    Server Status Light

    vote yes or no maybe the question about is the server down would expire or go a little down thats an positive argument !!
  2. Hello guys, i hope this edit get noticed and attention if you want to have access to game and play it so react to this for the reason that the dev´s see what their community wants. Vote with "Yes" --> means you want to get Access and Open Beta started right now WITH ITS BUGS Vote with "No" --> means you want to WAIT UNTIL THEIR FINISH the game like they feel it should be stable
  3. Scarymen

    Important Progress Update and Clarification

    You make such an unbelieveble Dream come true! play this game again
  4. Scarymen

    Closed Beta Access Giveaway #1

    Awesome Thing! hope and hype on side of the power

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