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  1. Thank you very much for going into detail! So my takeaway: Dont click on "delete all" too fast if doing multiple times. Hope this occured to nobody else. You rock man, solid work! BTW we have this thing when playing Battleforge, that we live-stream all pack openings with our friends. Nothing beats the feeling of drawing Enlightenment in front of your friends and being called the biggest luckshitter ever
  2. Okay that seems very fked up haha. Could you at least see that I got the Error messages when clicking on "Buy"? Usually it should show insufficient bfp, but i just got error messages while having enough bfp in the bank. Relogged - not enough bfp anymore and also no packs. It doesnt add up, but also does not make sense that it doesn't show in the log EDIT: I could find in the file a line with Error: 1. Does that not mean a thing? Or is this normal? Just curious cuz what happened yesterday is the biggest tilter ever and should not happen to anyone. 19:57:04.022 DEBUG 10384 from_server
  3. reported the message - hope you are able to identify the sender / how this happened
  4. Received the message attached - seems to be a malicious account
  5. NAME: BFP faded away after Buy-Error-message and restart DESCRIPTION: I had 1.9k bfp when I logged in, so I casually wanted to buy myself 4 nature booster packs. After buying the first two packs the game gave me some "Error_code1" message when I clicked on Buy. I pressed the button a few times hoping it would work a few seconds later, but all that happened was this error message. So I restarted the Game, suddenly I only had 356 bfp - but still only 2 booster packs. The rest of the packs/bfp is lost and gone REPRODUCIBILITY: - SCREENSHOT: LOG: see attached ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: I
  6. Exactly, it is crazy sometimes! And it can be amazing, figuring out prizes and having a good timing. For me it is just, you have to basically do that every single day. And I am not always able to play every day. For some cards I would love to just put them for a week straight. I had like 7 Ravenhearts at one point, and it was so tilting: 7 new mails, delete all, and then drag and drop them all, entering the same prizes again and again and again...
  7. I ain't no expert... But that means, that it would only work as with "+2h"; "+6h" or "+24h" as buttons? Or is the timer untouchable?
  8. It is so lovely to get so many responses - thank you! Of course the design is up for discussion. I thought of a button that simply says "extend", left of "cancel auction". The extension will recharge to 100% of the initial duration, like a timer reset. If you had put an auction for 2h, it will put it back to 2h. If you had put it for 24h, it will go back to 24h left. Nothing fancy, just simple. And I am looking forward to the future fancy upgrades!
  9. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough - of course, if already a bid exists, you shouldn't be able to extend. I have no idea how much of a struggle it is to implement such feature. But it doesn't affect market all too much, just a huge comfort change i feel!
  10. Hey guys, I am just proposing a small comfort change. Since I am using the auction hall a lot, I'd like extend my auctions easier. Instead of having to collect and put in freshly, I would like the option to extend the auction for a small gold fee. Thanks for all developers and creative minds!
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