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  1. yeah i relogged and i think i got the bfp back. My ingame name Is Geuduen. I don't know how often i've reloaded since then but i'll give the last 4 logs but i thinks its in the first 2-3. And really thanks for the fast support _log_proxy_0.log_log_proxy_1.log_log_proxy_2.log _log_proxy_3.log
  2. hi, was just playing a Round Empire, we killed the Red King and in the Drop were just shit for me so i made greed on all and then i saw that i lost 18 bfp this round. In the Window were you can see how many bfp you earnd there was -18 and exacly that much i lost. it would be nice if i get them back, but it's not the end of the world if not. But this is a really serious bug if it happen more often.
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