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  1. NAME: Symbol "%" missed in card "Juice Tank" in Russian DESCRIPTION: Symbol "%" missed in card "Juice Tank" in Russian
  2. NAME: Translation problems with "Ravenheart" and "Ensnaring Roots" in Russian. DESCRIPTION: Card "Ravenheart" has several problems in Russian. (While I was making this post I also noticed problem with card "Ensnaring Roots" and I have described it below). The first is property of card the "Reassemble the Ravens". The "Reassemble the Ravens" translated as "Summon Raven's Ships" ("Призвать Вороновы корабли") and because of this, it takes up two lines in the description instead of one, and thus the following "Slow" property blocks the numerical value of the "Ravenheart" attack in Russia
  3. NAME: Missing description "Kobold Inc." in Russian DESCRIPTION: "Kobold Inc." (blue affinity) has no description like purple affinity one in Russian (look at screen)
  4. NAME: Wrong description of achievement "The tools of Ultimate Destruction" in russian DESCRIPTION: The description of achievement "The tools of Ultimate Destruction" in russian requires to build "Алтарь Хаоса" instead of "Святыня Хаоса" (card "Altar of Chaos"). In my opinion "Алтарь Хаоса" more suitable than "Святыня Хаоса" because "Алтарь" means a structure for performing ritual sacrifices while "Святыня" means a "Shrine" or other religious place of worship but I guess change the description of achievement is more easier than change name the card.
  5. NAME: Russian translate bug of "Matter Mastery" and "Mind Control" DESCRIPTION: "Matter Mastery" and "Mind Control" has the same names in russian "Контроль разума" and that means in russian "Mind Control" and no more. I guess "Matter Mastery" should be as "Овладение материей" because in russian "Овладение материей" means "Perfect mastery of matter" (as skill) and "Capture some matter" (like capture the building) at the same time.
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