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  1. so sorry, but im sure it was implemented.
  2. Sure it was! Why you tell bullshit? You was the only one who talking against it...
  3. I thought it was changed so that map dailys can be rerolled more often, I have a map daily that I can't reroll the next day either. I konw that worked, now not:
  4. Where did I complain that I only get professional maps? Exactly nowhere. The point is that you have to make maps where you depend on other players. Then you have to make these maps on a professional, sometimes have to wait hours for players where they don't make the map after 2-3x. I'm sorry if you're jealous of my rank and don't understand the basic intention of the post. But first let go of your frustration even though you neither know me nor have any idea how I play, boy, it's best to go back to your bubble if you have nothing constructive to contribute here. The rank
  5. Play Kingdom, so so you can report. *edit Sry i meant Empire.
  6. Why is it not possible dailys to reroll with specific maps more than 1 time. I get only maps on expert. The problems are: - you didnt find players who like to play it (on some maps you have to wait hours for players) - maps with bugs, its possible you have to run more than one time so: you didnt find players who like to play it - you cant play this alone, if you consider there are far fewer players - not everyone have friends they can help, and if you have not everyone like to run 2-3 times, because the map hase bugs or... And why does it have to be an expert at all, may
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