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  1. Honestly I think nothing really beats good ol Juggernaut running through the enemy walls when it comes to nostalgia of the ol' Battle Forge days... But concerning the cards...I guess my pick would've been the Bandit Walker or the Construct. Those are in a complete different level compared to most other cards due to them being mechanical in nature rather then fantastical creatures which makes the Frost deck so unique compared to the others, sure they are not the only ones to have those but they defnetly stood out the most to me back in the day
  2. Hello guys, I've been meaning to reply to this topic for a while now and I was thinking of suggesting a few youtubers that could be of interest A few choices that comes to mind would be Ssethtzeentach or Mandalore gaming, but I'm guessing those wouldn't be so simple to reach (even less pay for) given their popularity, so I've got a few people that maybe could be of interest, even if it's not something the team could use in the immediate future: -SplatterCatGamming -Boomstick Gaming -Nerd Slayer -Accursed Farms I think Accursed Farms (Ross) would be specially favorable into
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