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  1. Just wanted to mention that replays can be automatically analyzed to detect whether a spell was played in that replay that should not be allowed, if we really start doubting each other. Whether or not the spell actually dealt damage, is more tricky (read: not feasible for now).
  2. I had a few spare minutes to try to envision a UI for this feature. Maybe something like this for comparing achievements with a player? Feel free to just open up paint and come up with a design
  3. In general I like the idea of being able to compare your progression with other players. I do wonder though, if comparing your progression with only one other player would achieve the effect, of incentivizing players to play more, well enough? Another option is to create progression (achievement) leaderboards.
  4. @JustCoco Thanks for the suggestion. We have added it to our list of new features, so you can hopefully expect to see it in the future
  5. @Kapo Thank you for the bug report! This has actually been a bug for a very long time and I am surprised to finally see a bug report about it. Luckily the cause of this on the server is also already known, and I guess now that it has been reported it needs to be fixed.
  6. The idea would be to add an option in-game to disable the stars on the worldmap. As for certain maps not having standard, I would just not show that star. Another option would be to show a "stone" star, or something that indicates it is there but cannot be achieved.
  7. I would definitely not remove the difficulty names from the buttons: the approach to add the symbols next to the names sounds much more suitable and I think is a good solution. Even though I think the initial proposal of using small dots is cleaner, stars likely convey the message better. That being said, I would make them much smaller and always at the same position, like image below. In order to make the UI consistent with the achievements, I would make it such that the stars indicate the highest won difficulty and not all the difficulties played. As an example, if the left a
  8. Looking forward to the proposal(s) The simpler and intuitive it is, the better. Even seemingly simple and obvious features are often overlooked by players, so don't underestimate how easy/hard it is for a player to notice and understand the meaning of it. Not saying you are, just talking from experience.
  9. I like the idea, personally the only thing I do not like is that you don't know what those dots mean unless someone tells you what it means or you happen to find the meaning of it.
  10. Iteration 14 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk! Iteration 14 of our test server is here. It contains with it a very promising change for the future of rPvE: the ability to have all presets on all rPvE maps regardless of player amount. Alongside that, numerous regenerations were made stackable and some PvE cards were changed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Where are balance changes discussed? For now we have a Discord server dedicate
  11. Do you mean, that if you show your deck to someone and that person closes the window, that they can see the deck again without having to send a view deck request?
  12. Moved this thread to Report a bug. @Siddhartha79 Could you please send me your log files found in Documents/BattleForge/diag in private in the forums?
  13. Iteration 13 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies and other Skyfolk! As some of you might be aware, we have two servers that all players can freely join: The main server where everyone plays on. A test server that has card and map balance iterations, work in progress features and where everyone has all cards and maps unlocked. New content first goes to the test server before it reaches the main server. We have a Discord server dedicated to discussing these balance changes. To join the test server you simply need to launch LauncherTest.exe located in your BattleForge installati
  14. So are we Before it was a, what we call, progressive achievement that rewarded 4 BFP for each step. In other words it means it rewarded 4 BFP for each completed quest but only rewarded the BFP at certain milestones that grew non-linearly in size.
  15. Ladadoos

    booster gone

    Will remove this to resolved for now, as I have not heard anyone experience this recently. Please create a new thread if you still experience it.
  16. This issue should have been fixed with our latest update. Would be nice to hear if you still experience this.
  17. This issue should have been fixed with our latest update. Would be nice to hear if you still experience this.
  18. Could you please re-try? We rolled out an update that might have fixed this issue.
  19. Unfortunately rewarding BFP and XP for community maps is a little tricky. There are ideas to revamp how community maps work and how you interact with them, and even the idea of making (good) community maps official so that we can start rewarding players for playing community maps too (second world map perhaps?). It's not a feature we are currently actively working on, but definitely something we are discussing together with our map making team.
  20. Patch #400029 Greetings Skylords, Skyladies, and Skyfolks, this is a minor update that contains mostly behind the scenes changes that were required for our maintenance we had on the 22nd of May. It also contains a new feature that allows players to see all of the boosters they have opened in the past! General fixes Fixed postgame screen (after a match) showing a negative BFP gain occasionally. Players will no longer receive a warning in the middle of their screen that their in-game mailbox is full while in-game. Improved numerous tooltips in the in-game Rank
  21. I am sorry: everyone works on this in their free time and the weekend is a good time for us because then most developers have time to help. With that being said, servers are up and running again! @XT2RY4
  22. The game servers will be down for a few hours for the maintenance starting now, but it could also take considerably longer. It depends on how long it takes our data to be exported and imported between our new machines. We will update here once it goes live again.
  23. Ladadoos

    Mouse cursor

    Thank you for your report! Next time please use the template we defined when reporting bugs. It can be found here: I will move this report to the client-sided section.
  24. Changes: - Added `Balance Developer` position
  25. Everyone submits their replay in which they show how they achieved a certain amount of points. Instead of looking at all submissions as one pool, we will divide the submissions into two pools (Novice and Expert) depending on the points. We will not disclose in what group you are in with a certain amount of points. Primary goal of this is to avoid having very good players claim all the rewards, as now we will also look at the "top" novice players.
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