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  1. BigHugeLarge

    Flame Crystal not showing buff on ranged units

    bump. any thoughts? I've tested it only works on melee still.
  2. BigHugeLarge

    Flame Crystal not showing buff on ranged units

    Well, so I tried it out in gamr. encounters with twilight. and my twilight hag is hitting for 75 each hit with and without Flame crystal activated
  3. BigHugeLarge

    Flame Crystal not showing buff on ranged units

    alright thanks
  4. NAME: Flame Crystal buff not showing up on ranged units upon activation. SEVERITY: 2 Because the game is not operating as intended or isn't saying it is. LOCATION: In game, also in forge. Unit profile specifically where the buff is not showing up. Which makes me wonder if its working. REPRODUCIBILITY: Always DESCRIPTION: Well, the Flame crystal 2 orb neutral card is either applying the buff to ranged units and not displaying correctly or it is not applying the buff to ranged units and then it would be displaying it correctly but that is not what the card says, so in that case the card is not operating as intended. SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Units personally tested were: twilight hag & bandit sorceress. both fire affinity naturally.
  5. BigHugeLarge

    So hows it feel?

    I've taken a break from trying to play the game. I was there for first open beta test day back in September. I just wanted to hear how the game is from some of the players, and there is no longer that handy chat box thing there on the ol' front page. So here I am, trying to put this where it may best belong. And then how do the Devs think the game is going? Can't wait for all the resets and then fuill release.
  6. BigHugeLarge

    No invert mouse scroll option.

    I looked briefly and didn't find a thread about this. The mouse scrolling feels backwards. (i.e. right click the terrain and drag downwards and screen goes downward instead of upward and vice versa, same with right to left, right click and drag left the map moves left instead of right) It feels counter intuitive because if I am grabbing and pulling myself up a wall I am going to more of the wall above me than below me and similar if I move a map across the table to the left I will now see more of the right part of the map assuming a very large map is on the table. I know errbudy got their different ideas of what feels right proper but it'd be cool to have the option to invert as that is how I prefer to scroll about. Thank you.
  7. BigHugeLarge

    Open Stress Test - All you need to know!

    ZOMG, holy profanity! Thank you!
  8. BigHugeLarge

    Best boosters in simulator


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