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  1. Frost is getting some love! May the winter wind be with you!
  2. Kubik is back! Majora strikes with BFPs back! Will all cards have their unique edition symbol? I guess you can't add new one to the game.
  3. Swamp Drake Promo is an awesome card, very useful in my Nature / Stonekin / mixed decks, I'd definitely keep it. @p0lerbear https://smj.herokuapp.com/cards/lyrish-knight-promo Protip: do not trust random people in the internet with weird links, check if it's not a trap first.
  4. Bug fix on Easter Egg, thank you very much!
  5. Yey, Frost boosters! So now I am able to spam my Frost boosters history all over Discord? Great!
  6. If you struggle with some Expert maps, and want 8 boosters from achievement, consider checking "Expert Campaign - Missions Briefing - Among the Old Gods Achievement" on Skylords Reborn forum!
  7. Promo Snapjaws are one of most popular promos, but I still can't see anyone selling theirs. I mean it's first SR unique card added to the game, thanks to @BabyRhino's work, how one would like to part with it?
  8. There is penalty for lost banestone and I can get a lot of points with my standard playthrough. Now that's insanily interesting event, thank you very much for designing it!
  9. According to my old/forgotten calculations you can earn around ~800 BFPs a day, with ~600 BFPs being available without hyper no life. Have a nice day and welcome back to Battleforge!
  10. i) I actually seen / played gamemode like that already. iii) ughm? I am not that pro to understand. Please explain reasoning here in more detail.
  11. There are a few fan-made websites, which are on different stage of development and have just a few replays. Devs have access to better tools, but it's not published. Feel free to check both. https://skylordshub.info/ - no longer exists http://replays.bfleague.com/ - works
  12. First Null Omnipresence, then Hawk, and now MsxLink. An era has ended. An era has begun. Thank you very much for the RP fun, and nice achievement names!
  13. Dallarian

    Mountain Rowdy

    I love that idea. I always used Nightclawlers for that, but from now I'll add mountaineer to my Lost Souls deck ^^ Thank you.
  14. If I was you, I'd put something in annoucments / logs in challonge as well.
  15. I am sorry, but I am busy <sad noise after seeing how many participants>
  16. Dallarian


    Why do you think so? Would you like to support your suggestion with anything?
  17. I have all Promos I ever wanted and never had to use market manipulation. Therefore I can't see your point. For me the title of thread makes no sense.
  18. Don't worry, if you want to lose, nerfs will help you with that. Jokes aside, have you read explanation behind those changes? They influence ~top 300 players, not only best ones, and it is okay approach to make chances more even.
  19. In short: Aura of Corruption longer recast. [PvP] Blood Heal larger radius [PvE] Lost Reaver fix [PvE] Motivate decreased up time. [PvP, PvE] Mountaineer no longer knockbacks M, shield is weaker. [PvP, PvE] Nether Warp Blue teleports every target only once. [PvP] Nether Warp Green teleports every target only once. [PvP, PvE] Razorshard Orange decreased splash damage [PvP, PvE] Shadow Mage cost increase [PvP, PvE] Shadow Worm counters XL, Lifesteal [PvE] Stone Tempest cost increase [PvP, PvE] Strikers no longer loot units, loots buildings [PvP] The Incredible Mo can
  20. Pure Frost only Frost. I play both PvP and PvE, but mainly PvE. (recently I took 2nd place in rookies tournament, defeating two {GM}s! gg Majora, Ultrakool) Forest Elder is awesome kitty and I can't imagine why those bad people want to hurt it Purge them all, freeze them to death! I usually between central and western Europe ^^
  21. @Minashigo Hiko Hiiii I don't really recognise you, could you answer a few questions for me please? What is your most favourite faction? Which gamemode do you like more, PvE or PvP? Is Forest Elder cute? Do you live on northern or southern part of globe? Nice to see more people joining the team. See you in the game! ^^
  22. Exacly on release day, 18th December. Now there is achievement system implemented in the game, which allow you to progress through the game more quickly.
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