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  1. There a two major things that always grinds me up on "Behind Enemy Lines" First: If i try to destroy the spawn-building in the northern Camp (The Center one) with Nomads, one of 3 always wanders behind the building. While this isn't directly a Problem, it attracts the Twilight-Dragon from the Top-Left camp, which completely wipes me, which is uncool. Could you please prevent that from happening? Maybe let him spawn a little more to the left, or make that Montan Range in between unable to fly over pls? Second: The Wall in the top left Camp (the one with the Dragon) i
  2. @Kubik Ok, honest mistake here. I thought I had read somewhere that the client was in C# and I thought you had at least some control over the Code be it from EA or thru reverse engineering... In that case, I agree with you, that this change cannot be implemented, as the Borderless Flag has to be set when registering the window and can not be set afterwards. Thanks for clearing that up.
  3. Hi, trying to poke this topic with a more technical view: Thing like Window Mode / Fullscreen and Borderless Fullscreen are not being implemented by the dev Team (eg. SR) but by the window management system, which in this case is Windows. As dev, you just Tell the window Manager how your Window should be displayed. A quick google on the subject revealed, that in C# this can be don by setting two Fields on a Object that are also modified when using normal Fullscreen. See StackOverflow Reference here Thus implementing this should be rather simple ... I'm personal
  4. If it's really just "Need Read/Write access to files inside Gamedir", then it would suffice to do the C# equivalent of Unix Shell command "chmod -R u+rw <path/to/gamedir>" once. The updater could do that after every update, so the User doesn't need to do anything. People that installed the game in a non System dir, like on a different drive, don't even need to do anything. At least, Admin Rights schuld not be a hard dependency like now, so that people can switch it off if they don't need it or switch it on if it is actually necessary. That is part of the Problem: Beca
  5. Shure, that way I can enshure that there are no bad stuff in there NOW, but you'd basically would have to do that every time an update comes in anew, As I'm a Tech, i know for a fact, that there a no restrictions to read/Write FIles on Types. Actually, the extension is only an indicator what this may be, but you don't actually know. For instance a .jar file is actually a .zip file with different extension so the OP treats it different, but the content reamains the same. Admin Rights may be required to Write (probably not Read) Files if these are stored somewhere in a System dir (
  6. Since the revival, the launcher requires admin rights in order to run. This is a major security issue, as it opens the way for malware into the system, along with other issues. As I'm sure that this decision was made to ease Development in the beginning, it is probably high time to remove that requirement.
  7. As a basic Idea, you could use a existing Slow effect that is applied on move and cleared on arrival, new command or combat. The Game already has those, so applying and clearing it at certain point shouldn't be to big a change. Regardless, a full Server Side Implementation would offer more comfort if that was possible ... Of course, I don't know nothing about your codebase, so this is pure speculation.
  8. Motivation: When moving units with different speed types, for example Nomad and Thugs, keeping them together can be painfull. It usually requires a lot of micromanagement to prevent the Nomads from running ahead, and nearly dying once they encounter enemies before the thugs even arrive. Proposed Solution: Introduce a new Toggle Switch "Keep Formation" to Combat UI. When Switch is switched on, all Units receiving a move command will move in "closed formation". When in closed Formation, units will walk with reduced movement speed equal to the movement speed of the slows u
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