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  1. I think that it would be cool if achievement rewards were added for participating in community maps and for listing on the AH. Every 50 listing with limit of once per day recurring for instance could be a small BFP reward. A recurring reward for playing community maps with simply a certain amount of time spent in game seems nice too. More listing on the AH would be nice as a consequence. And more people having another incentive to try community maps would be nice too.
  2. My main issue with the main menu forge area is aesthetics. I have always thought that the sandy ground made the screen look too bland and visually bleh.. I noticed the other day that you can actually change the menu to a wintery look, still rather muted color pallete wise. Why not add a bunch of other environments to the main menu, they could even cost gold? I think that this would be a great way to give the menu a face-lift. I would love a lush grassy biome. Also, I have always though that the main menu itself lacks features, such as additional settings to play with. There are ma
  3. Every rpve map last night desynced for us.
  4. Ahh so frost crystal doesn't stack with wheel?
  5. You're correct, it's not the most efficient strategy in some ways. That said, you can actually combine the deck with a Batariel deck pretty well. And I've seen that done and be quite fast.. I'm not certain if it stacks, I had heard that MO Shrine stacks with wheel. Maybe I'm mistaken. If another player could confirm this that would be cool. They seem tough with frost crystal, but I suppose it could be my imagination haha.
  6. One other thing -- there is an obscure, but very cool deck that uses frost affinity infested tower to spawn frost affinity pests using cultist masters and then portals them in massive hordes as your army, and ice crystal can give the whole army -- 20% damage reduction, using this with wheel of gifts and mo shrine is crazy.
  7. I actually use the green crystal: please don't nerf it for me or make it unusable in my deck! I use the green crystal in a super fast bandit deck for rpve 10 using green affinity nomads, bandit lancers, and corsairs. Please don't make it heal per second for the green crystal, the instant heal of 400 could be buffed and still not be broken, so by all means do so, but for me changing it to a slow heal would be a nerf. I use breeding ground to cheapen the corsairs, I don't get a fourth orb, instead I stick to 3 and spam green corsairs using offering on green bandit lancers to ref
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