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  1. That new cards are coming in future are enough to know 🙂 thanks for the answers.
  2. that's good news, makes me really happy & will increasing the fun 🙂
  3. Interesting, so there are nearly fixed quantity upgrades behind every enemy. Can you tell me which map or enemys i should clear to farm nature card upgrades ?
  4. For a beginner its so hard to farm gold, exept as a rpve player, it should be more options to farm some gold like the weekly challenges for bf points. All members are awesome, friendly & helpful, thats why i really like this online game. Nevertheless i often play rpve because i dont have the time to wait long til a group is found. So would enjoy the option to do daily qwests even on hard difficulty to farm little faster some gold to upgrade the cards. 🙂
  5. Would be so nice to have more kind of promo cards. Really like the game and since i figured out its still alive i play every day. 🙂 This special cards are totaly cool, would be nice to get 1 more new promo monster for each fraction.
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