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  1. @Dallarian@Metagross31 Thank you!!! With this Document i understand all about the Ranks!
  2. Good news! A new twilight unit is great! But why only bronze rank? Twilight needs more Silver and Gold Rank units I think. (rarer=better.. or not?) Thank you for the amazing work!!!
  3. Ktaius


    I have try but nothing changed. Thank you for your attempt to help! Im not sure what i do now... Do i wait and hoping for improvement or set exceptions for Skylords... i must see. Bye the way, you all make a great Job with the resurection of Battleforge!!
  4. Hello, i want try with googleenglish: Norton deleted some Data from Skylords when i updated Skylords (Heur.AdvML.B Virus detected). I reinstalled and the same again. This must have come with the last update.. bevor this i had no Problems. The Game dosent Work anymore. Then i have send a message to Norton with the ask for change (from "Atention" to "Game") for Skylords Updater but they dont want. See below Email. "Dear Customer, This is an important message from Norton Safe Web. We have recently re-evaluated the contents of http://download.skylords.eu/update/skylordsreborn
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