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  1. Noxgene

    Crystal Fiends don't heal Constructs

    Thanks, I didn't quite understand where to report it
  2. Reported it, it doesn't happen in the forge oddly enough.
  3. SEVERITY: I'd think this is serious issue, as Crystal Fiends should be able to heal all units. LOCATION: Happens in-game in PvE maps, all types, but doesn't happen in the forge. REPRODUCIBILITY: I've had this happen multiple times, whenever I'm doing a PvE Map, regardless of the amount of players that are in the match, happens solo and in multiplayer. DESCRIPTION: Whenever a Construct has taken damage, they can't be healed by Crystal Fiends which are a T2 Stoneskin card, so you have to talk them back to the nearest power well.
  4. First off thank you so much for the input and the advice. Secondly, yea I've noticed the Crystal Fiends don't heal a construct at all, I don't know if this is a bug or not, and have not reported it, but then again I don't know if they should or not?
  5. Hi, I've recently been toying around with a deck that I like, but I need some help. I haven't got enough BF points to buy a shaman, but I don't want to play my old original Nature deck I had in the original battleforge, so I've been playing around with some Frost and Stoneskin, I like the defensiveness of Frost, and the tankyness of Stoneskin. I haven't been to lucky with cards from boosters, but I recently sold an Overlord which netted me 850 BF points, and I don't think I'll ever play Shadow or Fire. I'm fairly spell lacking in my deck, as I'm pretty new to frost, but the ones I have got I've used 50% of a game, depending on what happens. Most of my army consists of units from T1 to T3 late game, a mish mash of Crystal Fiends, Aggressors, Stone Warriors, Stone Shards, Master Archers. I noticed units I feel are lacking in general are near my Tier 2,3,4's I hardly use Swamp Drakes, as Aggressors seem to take care of air along with Master Archers. Stone Tempests and Tempests I also hardly use. Kobold Engineers are only really around to keep defensive positions up, I notice that my teammates sometimes get overrun, so I plop up towers to keep their buildings and flanks secure. But Ice Barriers are also a building I hardly use. I feel like my Stone Warriors are a bit "flimsy", but hey that's what I've been lucky with. Construct doesn't hit air, and is slow as all hell, plus my Crystal Fiends can't heal them either. Giant wyrm seems a bit iffy, rarely use it. But yea some tips or tricks would be great, I've been struggling to complete a T5 random generated map with my current setup, but I think that's purely based off my units mostly only being upgrade once, and a lot of them are still standard, but I'm farming for the upgrades as we speak. I was wondering if I should buy the following: Coldsnap Spell? Core Dregde - with Siege? Northwind Drake - Don't know which colour though Grinder? Seems like a smart Stoneskin to have. Any suggestions would be great. I recently picked up a Frost Tremor

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