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  1. Gahen

    Rather impolite

    I don't really want to start an argument about this, but I find it rather impolite to label and accusation against me then lock the thread so I can't answer. So I made a new thread in which I can answer (this starting a new thread part will be a recurring theme of this post). To be short, I did search for similar bugs before reporting, and commented in an already existing thread which was recent, and contained the exact same bug, not a similar one. I provided additional information on its reproduction and possible guesses on the nature of the issue. Of course there were threads showing the exact error message image, but in the last few days before my post, I could not find a thread with the same method of triggering the crash in question. This is just for the accusation... Now back to the original issue. If my post/thread is deleted without indication, then it's natural, that I will write about it in the Technical Issues section. How could I know why it disappeared? Removed? Database error? Networking issues? If there is no indication, I will open up a new thread where I inquire about the disappearance. And if that thread is locked with a passive-aggressive accusation, then again, I will open yet another thread where I can give my answer. All I missed was an automated message that my post was edited/moved/removed by administration, so I can figure what happened without spamming the forums, but well...
  2. Gahen

    Forum thread disappeared

    Thanks for the info. Though it would be great to receive just a short notification or something about it.
  3. Gahen

    Forum thread disappeared

    To say it short: About 8 hours ago I posted to a thread containing a single previous post in the Report A Bug section. My post was related to the bug posted in the post above it with some minor differences in how to replicate it, and some other additional details. Well, about an hour ago I checked on it, whether anyone else had anything to say about it, and it just wasn't there, at all. I can't find it even through my activity log, so I'm sure it wasn't simply moved, but there was no notification regarding its removal or any possible reason. Is this normal? Can the creator of the thread delete it? The post was about a bug preventing me to join open games, and details about the resulting ghost lobby and game crash.
  4. Gahen

    1 - Clicking "Contacts" crashes the game

    Sill I believe a warning should happen instead a whole game crash. But maybe that's a Client side problem.
  5. NAME: Opening the Contacts screen freezes the gameSEVERITY: 1LOCATION: Forge, In gameREPRODUCIBILITY: Most of the time, though not alwaysDESCRIPTION: Clicking on the Contacts icon often fails to request said information, and just freezes the game, eventually handing a message of disconnection, can happen even while playing a game.SCREENSHOT:ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Possibly due to server overload, still it should not take the whole game down.
  6. Gahen

    Starter Deck

    I just miss the Tremor from the starting deck (and maybe Defenders), somehow it feels like the current deck lacks tanks at T3, or at least the types I preferred using for PvE. Also somehow to me it feels like including a fire orb in the first two is just too great of a sacrifice for PvE, even though Fire Stalkers are a must have as early as possible.
  7. Gahen

    Similar games

    If we reduce BattleForge's game style to keywords, then I think C&C 4 is similar, except that the game is utter garbage.
  8. Gahen

    Open Beta Information

    I fear we will crash the server withing 5 minutes with the mass login attempts.
  9. Gahen

    ADS ???

    I think casting heal magic should initiate a popup ad window.
  10. Gahen


    Definitely a good idea, I have thoufh about it too, but I can't see any possibility of implementation in the near future.
  11. Gahen


    Unranked PvP? Literally that's the purpose of it. And why the hell would anyone experiment on ranked? That's disgraceful towards anyone playing ranked games honestly.
  12. Gahen


    With the proper implementation of the BFP rewards, there just won't be any reason to multiaccount. That's it... If there is no daily login reward, that's a great hit to multiaccounts. And if the daily limit requires many games to reach, with no significanty large "First Win of the Day" reward, that's another great one. Locking BFP messaging under a certain level would be another great hit, since it would require significant effort to level up side profiles. Also, the one-sided flow of BFP would rise the suspicion of Real Money Trade, which is even worse that be caught with multiple accounts. In the end, multiaccounts just won't worth it. Some people will certainly try, but there won't be any significant, or even notitceable impact on the game. (Also, it would be fun to limit the daily BFP to computer IP, just for the lols. But that would negatively impact those, who play from the same LAN network.)
  13. Gahen


    The Free2Play market currently lacks good RTS games, both cooperative and competitive. If the game balance is well maintained, monitored statistically, and adjusted accordingly, then it certainly will attract an audience. This of course require the proper tools, which I'm not sure the developers have at the moment, but I'm sure they are able to create them. If the game is well balanced, then through community organized competitions and Twitch/Youtube streams, it can build up a stable, competitive community, who will not leave for years, even if no changes will be done to the game. Taking it to the next step, by integrating a competition platform in the game, introducing seasonal championship and rankings could keep people further interested. And finally, if there will be a possibility to introduce new content, that would grant a stable future to the game for many years to come.
  14. Gahen

    BFP rename

    I think it's good being BFP. And if it comes to renaming, it shouldn't really have to contain the game's name. That was only relevant, till the real money purchase was a thing. At this point it could be called "Forge Token" or "Dream Essence", or literally anything the devs can come up with.
  15. Gahen

    Market/Cardstock Restrictions

    Sorry, I tried to keep it short and wasn't clear enough. I meant, that there is no point in piling up cards, not BFP (of course everyone will pile up BFP if there is nothing to spend it). Every card opened from boosters stays in the game infinitely, unless the devs introduce a scrapping function (but that would only really effect the common stuff), so the market values are expected to drop with time as the supply grows. @Asraiel's concern is, that some players will counteract this, by piling up cards, reducing supply and driving up prices. But I just don't think that's effectively achievable, since it would require insane effort with abysmal reward. Even if new boosters are introduced, it takes huge ammount of time for a non-profit dev team to create them, so between the releases just by farming, the necessary resources can probably be gathered for the new cards. Furthermore, driving up prices of some cards can help people get more BFP if they open a card of that type and selling it... But again, I'm getting tired of these market regulation debates. It is more than enough to handle them, if the problem really arises, which I doubt that ever will happen.

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