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  1. I don't really want to start an argument about this, but I find it rather impolite to label and accusation against me then lock the thread so I can't answer. So I made a new thread in which I can answer (this starting a new thread part will be a recurring theme of this post). To be short, I did search for similar bugs before reporting, and commented in an already existing thread which was recent, and contained the exact same bug, not a similar one. I provided additional information on its reproduction and possible guesses on the nature of the issue. Of course there were threads showing t
  2. Thanks for the info. Though it would be great to receive just a short notification or something about it.
  3. To say it short: About 8 hours ago I posted to a thread containing a single previous post in the Report A Bug section. My post was related to the bug posted in the post above it with some minor differences in how to replicate it, and some other additional details. Well, about an hour ago I checked on it, whether anyone else had anything to say about it, and it just wasn't there, at all. I can't find it even through my activity log, so I'm sure it wasn't simply moved, but there was no notification regarding its removal or any possible reason. Is this normal? Can the creator of th
  4. Let me post my report here too, because I'm getting the same error, but through a bit different methods. NAME: Can't joint open multiplayer games, and game crashes afterwards SEVERITY: 1 - It's completely preventing me from playing multiplayer without pre-grouping. LOCATION: World Map REPRODUCIBILITY: Always (Started a bit more than a week ago I think) SCREENSHOT/VIDEO: ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: If I try to joint open games (it's not that they start, some of the lobbies are there even after getting back) seemingly nothing happens at all. But as soon as
  5. Sill I believe a warning should happen instead a whole game crash. But maybe that's a Client side problem.
  6. NAME: Opening the Contacts screen freezes the gameSEVERITY: 1LOCATION: Forge, In gameREPRODUCIBILITY: Most of the time, though not alwaysDESCRIPTION: Clicking on the Contacts icon often fails to request said information, and just freezes the game, eventually handing a message of disconnection, can happen even while playing a game.SCREENSHOT:ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Possibly due to server overload, still it should not take the whole game down.
  7. Gahen

    Similar games

    If we reduce BattleForge's game style to keywords, then I think C&C 4 is similar, except that the game is utter garbage.
  8. I fear we will crash the server withing 5 minutes with the mass login attempts.
  9. I'm thinking about creating some maps, but there is a question I can not find solution for: - Is there a symmetry tool in the game? That would be the easiest way to ensure, that PvP maps are balanced, and one side does not get an unfair advantage unintentionally because of the map geometry.
  10. I tried Lord of Ultima before the promo card was available (of course played for the card too). It was fun for a short time, but required way too much time, and wasn't that rewarding, since paying or just older players could move throug you effortlessly anyway. It was the last browser village building game I tried, and I don't think I ever get back to those. Time consuming and not really fun...
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