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    Metal music and Battleforge :)

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  1. OverlorD

    Say something about the person above you.

    His name means "dragonfly"
  2. OverlorD

    [Forum Game] Rate the song!

    You might say that my music taste is strange... and you will be completely right. Anyway, 9/10, right here.
  3. OverlorD

    Shadow T1 PvP Guide by RadicalX

    An excellent guide from a good player! I think it will be useful when we can finally play BF. Well done!
  4. OverlorD

    BattleForge Reborn - Podcast #1 With Dexirian !

  5. OverlorD

    most op card

    Treespirits, thugs , energy parasite, mountaineer, storm singer (THE MOST OP EVER), avatar of frost (in some cases) IMHO
  6. OverlorD

    Where are you from?

    Ukraine. [hr] [quote='veryhasted' pid='3325' dateline='1436218996'] Sweden :heart: [/quote] Love Swedish metal :D
  7. OverlorD

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey! My name is Denis, I'm from Ukraine. Had been playing BF since 2011 till the closing. I'm sure that we will make a really nice community, and I'm ready to help the devs much as I can. Pure Nature is the best! :)

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