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  1. Matombo

    Open Source the Launcher for Linux and Mac

    That's great to hear! Thanks PS.: I'm not convinced by the security through obscurity aproach to stop hackers, but lets hope for the best ^^.
  2. Matombo

    Open Source the Launcher for Linux and Mac

    Maybe not, thanks for pointing it out. To claryfy: I was talking about the new updater that is written with .net 4.61. The launcher i think works fine. I was not talking about open sourcing the whole project, but only specifically the the SkylordsRebornUpdater.exe I don't think that has anything to do with auction house, chat, etc. If one could apply to just doing that? Maybe I can find a free weekend.
  3. Matombo

    Open Source the Launcher for Linux and Mac

    Please elaborate more. Abusing the launcher i can only imagin ddos the server or replacing credits. Without having looked into the launcher: first i can imagin would also be easily possible by finding the server url/ip with wireshark. For second: one could just replace strings and/or images in the assembled binary, would not be perfect but good enough. Is there are reason why you are protective about the update and login process?
  4. So the main problem running Skylords reborn through wine is the launcher because it requires .net. My suggestion is to open source the lancher or release an update-api-documentation so that someone can write a Linux and Mac compatible launcher.

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