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  1. Time for another card, this time around its a twilight card. The Thorn Empress This units model should be based of the Overlord skin. I know it might look weird having a male model for a female creature but I'm also certain that a lot of things can be done with a model to make it look fitting. This unit comes with two abilities and yes,, it is missing the transformation ability but for a reason. Recreation creates an aura surrounding the Thorn Empress that lowers the cost of Transforming Twilight Units. (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%) Should have the same range as breeding groun
  2. Well i cant help it, I had so much fun creating my card for that contest so here I am! I present my card a T4 pure shadow spell Armageddon! What this card does is pretty simple. End of the world: Damages every single unit on the entire map including your own and allies. (not sure about numbers so I'm just throwing in 1500) every upgrade reduces the damage allied units take from it (U1-10%, U2-20%, U3-30%) Buildings are not effected. Cooldown 30seconds. Its not very complex and not very creative. I just played a lot of heroes of might and magic and i really
  3. Honestly the prizes are just the cherry on top for me. Being able to share ideas and concepts was already a lot of fun for me. I wouldnt mind if we could do this again somewhere in the future :)
  4. I know this may sound weird, I'm looking forward to the new cards and cosmetics... but the balance changes excited me the most! Thank you devs I cant wait to bring destruction with my worm... shadow worm i mean
  5. Oh there are also balance changes huh? Looking forward to that! oh yeah and "choo choo"
  6. I want to thank the devs and organizers for this contest it was so cool to see these ideas. I would really like to know what was wrong with my card but of course you cant talk about every single one. I still got gold I'm really happy, I'm hyped for the upcoming patch and I am very interested to see what you have in store for us in the future. Keep up the great work! ...and hot damn some of those entries were sick, I mean look at the collection wow!
  7. Wow already? You guys sure are fast, with that many entries i thought we would see the results at the end of the month or in february.
  8. Alright I also send my entry to Kapo but I also wanna share my idea so here it goes. Name: Amii Warmonger Tier & Orbs: T3, 1Shadow, 1Nature, 1AmiiHybrid Type: Unit Power: 140 Hit points and Size: 2000(without Upgrade) and Large Attack value and Type: 2100 and L(Melee) Passive Ability: Elusive: The duration of the immobilizing effects of Freeze and Paralyze is reduced by 10%. Active Abilities: Battering Ram: Battering Ram is an active ability with a small aoe that allows the unit to charge into enemies (much like enforcer or strikers) a
  9. For all those who would like to submit their idea and are struggling with a nice picture for it to make it look a bit more nice (I know the picture is not that important but for the submitter it might be a little boost in confidence) i really recommend you using the Art-AI DALL-E-2. DALL-E-2 is an artificial art program where you just have to describe what you want to be drawn. For example: "A giant dragon with black wings is flying over ruins" then it takes a couple of seconds and it then will present you 4 pictures that you can use freely. You need to have an account there and with the
  10. I can see the appeal of an older version of the game, those are fond memories. But at the same time I'm super excited for every single community update and ingame updates. I'm always looking forward to see what the devs have in store for us, balancing older cards and bringing in new stuff brings fresh wind into the world of Skylords. But speaking of older Versions of the game I dont wanna pay 400power for my T4 how it was in the beginning of the game 🙂
  11. Seeing these drawings makes me first realize, that A: I'm so bad at drawing i probably couldnt even do fun stuff like this! And B: It would be amazing so have some fun Skylords memelike comics/ cartoon clips just like the ones that are done for Starcraft and Elden Ring from Carbot Animations. One of those memes probably had to be a Batariel whos taking an insane amount of drugs (like unholy hero and stuff) cause of the Bata decks and make him insanely jacked! Like these little artworks, well done 🙂
  12. I agree that out of all of them the Dino looks the best. Having a XL T-Rex like unit in you arsenal would be friggin amazing.
  13. Thanks for making this quiz, i really enjoy these kinds of things, have done a similar quiz just now naming all 898 pokemon in 1h. However i wont be as good here, cause i always play on german and dont know the english names as well. Cool idea with that quiz! Edit: Just tried and got 74% with 148/201. Sometimes it was tought to figure where you need a "Spacebar" and where not. Also its fun afterwards when you realize just how simple some of those were you missed, like in my case forgot ice barrier and resource booster.
  14. Hey guys thank you all for your answers. Its very interesting to read how you started and ended up here. There is a lot to learn and I think it will also be a lot of trial and error just like @Emmaerzeh for me. Could anyone of you maybe show some coding that is behind skylords for example a script for an ability, a coded event in map or something like that, just too see how things look like. I'm very curious if I could understand what that script is for. Not sure if I'm making sense right now, but just wanna get a clear picture of how things should be. Or just in general examples of your
  15. I think he is mostly reffering to the campaign enemies that dont have a card counterpart, like the twilight horror. I'm currently not sure if the campaign Gemeye that you can encounter in Bad Harvest has the same range as the Card because countering that one is crucial. Finding a way to maybe outrange it (or at least have the same range) without being in a match is important in my opinion, but I'm no expert player^^ With all campaign units in forge you can also check if you could mindcontrol them with certain cards like nightguard, parasite swarm and so on, not sure if all campaign units
  16. Hey its a Void Ray from Starcraft 2 😄 This artwort is one hell of an eyecatcher. The creator outdid himself here!
  17. Hey Guys Guardies here, I am currently struggling a little bit when i think about my future, cause I'm currently in a job thats very far from my dream. I wanna be a game dev no matter what with the idea of someday creating my own little indiegame and supporting the devs of Skylords Reborn. (And yes I'm fully aware that thats gonna take a long time) This whole project that you guys brought back from the dead and you still keep it alive is absolutely mindblowing. I somehow wanna help but i just lack experience in this field. I worked a little bit in the past with GameMaker Studio 2 but
  18. As I said I never wanted to offend anyone, it was just my opinion, of course he made an amazing piece of art with that and thats something I highly respect! The creator can be proud of this, but its just as people pointed out a little empty. I mean, in the end I dont really mind, it wont be my decision and I will gladly accept any new card in the game.
  19. Alright, i hope i dont offend anyone while saying this, but i feel like the artwork of the dragon is lacking something. The impact is missing but i cant really explain it. Love the overall idea for the design but it looks a bit plain, maybe the fact that its not centralized is a reason for it or that it could use a small piece of bandit armor. But hey what do i know, best thing i can do are stick figures. Just wanna say thats its still looking awesome and i think the scars are pretty nice. I think the name and all is pretty fitting. I really hope that i wasnt going too far with my little
  20. So far it looks like its gonna be Mana-wing... pls nooo i dont want that chicken xD I prefer any card over that one. But oh well if its not gonna be the card i want, it doesnt mean its never gonna happen right? Maybe it wont be sunderer this time, but there is still hope after that. This is a kinda Smash Bros situation were you hope that youre favorite fighter is gonna make it... but this time its about card reskins 😄
  21. Well this is gonna sound weird, but... one of my 2 most favorite maps is actually the introduction (wait what?!). Its the tutorial of the game, and i really enjoy a good tutorial in an rts game. Some games are just throwing you into the game without any directions for you. But this tutorial tells you everything, it even has a great ending since you also have to defeat a smol boss at the end. The whole layout of the tutorial map looks great, and i even sometimes wondered what it would be like if there was also 3 difficulties for that mission. It was a fun start to this game since you could alre
  22. Dang this looks all just so awesome, i cant wait to see which promo its gonna be, and also hyped to see what kind of changes you are gonna bring to my most favorite fire card Moloch. The artwork looks mindblowing, extremely well done. Just one more thing, i think everyone who has been working on skylords reborn, can and should be extremely proud of their work. This whole project is just getting better and better and its fascinating, keep up the great work!
  23. Did you know that music ingame depends on your very first orb? If you dont play a card no music is played.

    1. anonyme0273


      Didn't know about the no orb, interesting.

    2. Riviute


      And the music is depending on the color, if you play shadow first you will hear the soundtrack "bitter chains". With frost you might hear "northern steel". You wont hear any of those soundtracks with fire or nature then, pretty neat if you ask me.

    3. Dallarian


      I'd have no idea fire has 8 themes if it wasn't for LEBOVIM ^^

  24. My personal favorite unit used to be harvester, but not anymore. I really enjoy lost vigil these days, in combo with icebarrier this card is really fun. My favorite spell is plague right now, after the recent buff i think its a very amazing card and good to clear bases. My favorite building is worldbreaker gun, i just love the sound of that massive thing.
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