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  1. I'd like to say a couple of things. First of all, the animation for that new stoneskin speel is absolutely awesome! Whoever came up with this, great work! Second, when it comes to events, i would simply like events that involve minor changes on the pve missions, for example a temporary new option when you go into a mission like encounters with twilight and you select the event option, something like "all your cards cost 100% more but you will get 100% more gold for completing it. I know some people also already mentioned mutations like in starcraft and i also believe its a cool idea, but probably tough to implement. But maybe something like the treasure goblins from Diablo would work here. That everyday you can find one, lets call it a thief, who randomly spawns on the map (except for boss and starting areas) he will be tough to kill cause he might be very fast in running away, but if you kill him you get a nice pile of gold. Third, i really like the gameplay trailer, super well done. The only thing that i think was missing is that when he mentioned that there are also completely new cards here they should have shown one, like the Wasteland terror for example. Fourth, I wish the new team members all the luck and fun in the world, hope you will have a great time! @Linkz @Vultagx @pierakor @lucas_ansei @Kayrie Fifth, great community update as always, the survey overview was really nice, thanks everyone once again for this incredible accomplishment! Skylords Reborn is a f**king gem!!!
  2. So i did! I have done so many surveys lateley for many different games, i got confused. 😄
  3. No i mean i feel like i have done this like last month or so, i even already had the code redeemed. It was a bit odd
  4. Am I being crazy? Didnt we already had this survey? I think i have now filled it twice 😅
  5. Thanks @Majora for your explanation. I was also there when the servers were shut down, so I know the feeling, i think its also nice for the devs to look back and think about what you've achieved so far. The game is currently imo in the best state it has ever been in. Very inspiring what you guys are doing, looking forward to everything you have planned. Oh and of course, thanks for everything!
  6. I just wanna throw out a huge thanks to all the developers on this project. But I wanna ask the devs something. How do you keep going? I mean I dont wanna be the negative dude here but the playerbase has shrunk down a lot, yet you guys just shrug it off and keep working on this. How do you keep up your motivation? Again this is not meant as something negative... I'm just bamboozled by all this
  7. Is there a recording tool that you would recommend, for the voice acting? Some sort of specific program?
  8. First of all, big thanks to everyone whos still working hard on this project. I actually would be interested in lending my voice but I'm not sure if my mic is gonna be good enough. For how long will this voice actor recruitment be open?
  9. The animations for the worldbreaker gun auto attacks seem to be broken right now. It still damages but no animation. Also when you were in heavy snowball mode and switch back, the gun does not go horizontally again, but still functions just fine.
  10. I know but i want her to have a sword made of roses and thorns. And I think the walking animation of a dryad in XL size would look a little bit too goofy imo
  11. Time for another card, this time around its a twilight card. The Thorn Empress This units model should be based of the Overlord skin. I know it might look weird having a male model for a female creature but I'm also certain that a lot of things can be done with a model to make it look fitting. This unit comes with two abilities and yes,, it is missing the transformation ability but for a reason. Recreation creates an aura surrounding the Thorn Empress that lowers the cost of Transforming Twilight Units. (5%, 10%, 15%, 20%) Should have the same range as breeding grounds. Vile Blossom creates another aura where allied twilight creatures transfer some damage enemies do to them. However the damage your twilight units take is not reduced. (95%, 90%, 85%, 80%) This power should cost 50Power and lasts for 20seconds.
  12. Well i cant help it, I had so much fun creating my card for that contest so here I am! I present my card a T4 pure shadow spell Armageddon! What this card does is pretty simple. End of the world: Damages every single unit on the entire map including your own and allies. (not sure about numbers so I'm just throwing in 1500) every upgrade reduces the damage allied units take from it (U1-10%, U2-20%, U3-30%) Buildings are not effected. Cooldown 30seconds. Its not very complex and not very creative. I just played a lot of heroes of might and magic and i really loved to use armaggedon there. Really like your idea of keeping this topic alive, maybe some more people will join us 🙂
  13. Honestly the prizes are just the cherry on top for me. Being able to share ideas and concepts was already a lot of fun for me. I wouldnt mind if we could do this again somewhere in the future :)
  14. I know this may sound weird, I'm looking forward to the new cards and cosmetics... but the balance changes excited me the most! Thank you devs I cant wait to bring destruction with my worm... shadow worm i mean
  15. Oh there are also balance changes huh? Looking forward to that! oh yeah and "choo choo"
  16. I want to thank the devs and organizers for this contest it was so cool to see these ideas. I would really like to know what was wrong with my card but of course you cant talk about every single one. I still got gold I'm really happy, I'm hyped for the upcoming patch and I am very interested to see what you have in store for us in the future. Keep up the great work! ...and hot damn some of those entries were sick, I mean look at the collection wow!
  17. Wow already? You guys sure are fast, with that many entries i thought we would see the results at the end of the month or in february.
  18. Alright I also send my entry to Kapo but I also wanna share my idea so here it goes. Name: Amii Warmonger Tier & Orbs: T3, 1Shadow, 1Nature, 1AmiiHybrid Type: Unit Power: 140 Hit points and Size: 2000(without Upgrade) and Large Attack value and Type: 2100 and L(Melee) Passive Ability: Elusive: The duration of the immobilizing effects of Freeze and Paralyze is reduced by 10%. Active Abilities: Battering Ram: Battering Ram is an active ability with a small aoe that allows the unit to charge into enemies (much like enforcer or strikers) and deals minimal damage (like extremely low) however it knocks back small, medium and large creatures (the knockback could be pretty big, like they were hit by a worldbreaker shot). The ability should be cheap like 10-20Power but with a extremely lenghty cooldown so it cant be spammed and stunlock the opponents. Power Essence: Power Essence is a mode switch to the unit. Activating it is permanent and cannot be changed once active, it also disables Arcane Essence. Once activated this unit gets highly resistent to melee damage (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 70%, U2 80%, U3 90%) but also recieves more damage from ranged and magical attacks (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 50%, U2 40%, U3 30%). This ability costs 60Power. Arcane Essense: Arcane Essence is a mode switch to the unit. Activating it is permanent and cannot be changed once active, it also disables Power Essence. Once activated this unit gets highly resistent to ranged and magical damage (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 70%, U2 80%, U3 90%) but also recieves more damage from melee attacks (Without Upgrades 60%, U1 50%, U2 40%, U3 30%). This ability costs 60Power. This card gains more HP with every upgrade. The upgrades also changes the numbers on the Essence abilities. Explanation of idea behind the card: The Amii Warmonger should be based of the Abyssal Warden (Large Version) as its a model thats been rarely used so far. This unit comes with a main purpose, to be a battle initiator. Charging into enemies, scattering them and create an opening for your remaining army to strike. Just using this card for the Battering Ram makes it easy to use, but i think that more experienced players with enough map knowledge can also utilize the Essence abilities quite well. This unit was partly inspired by those Bandit Lords that you fight in the mission blight as they also had a anti magic aura. (Guess what kind of device you used to change that ;), thats right Amii). The abilities also represent shadow and nature quite well, with the Essences having the typical shadow quirk to it, getting stronger in one aspect but also weaker in another, and with nature you have a crowd control ability with a high cooldown as a price. Just like with many other nature cards that are either very pricey or have high cooldowns. The Art was created by the Art AI DALL-E 2. If something is not well enough explained pls tell. I also wanna give a quick shoutout to all of you guys who already presented their ideas. They are either absolutely amazing or so weird and strange that you still like it. Love this community so much man. Good luck to everyone! 🙂
  19. For all those who would like to submit their idea and are struggling with a nice picture for it to make it look a bit more nice (I know the picture is not that important but for the submitter it might be a little boost in confidence) i really recommend you using the Art-AI DALL-E-2. DALL-E-2 is an artificial art program where you just have to describe what you want to be drawn. For example: "A giant dragon with black wings is flying over ruins" then it takes a couple of seconds and it then will present you 4 pictures that you can use freely. You need to have an account there and with the initial account you get 50 generated pictures groups for free, and each month you get additional 15. Here is the link if you're interested https://openai.com/dall-e-2/ Here is an example of something the AI created for me, this is obviously not my entry to the contest but this is still insanely cool. You can also tell the AI in which artstyle they should draw. As mentioned before its completely for free and its super fun!
  20. I can see the appeal of an older version of the game, those are fond memories. But at the same time I'm super excited for every single community update and ingame updates. I'm always looking forward to see what the devs have in store for us, balancing older cards and bringing in new stuff brings fresh wind into the world of Skylords. But speaking of older Versions of the game I dont wanna pay 400power for my T4 how it was in the beginning of the game 🙂
  21. Seeing these drawings makes me first realize, that A: I'm so bad at drawing i probably couldnt even do fun stuff like this! And B: It would be amazing so have some fun Skylords memelike comics/ cartoon clips just like the ones that are done for Starcraft and Elden Ring from Carbot Animations. One of those memes probably had to be a Batariel whos taking an insane amount of drugs (like unholy hero and stuff) cause of the Bata decks and make him insanely jacked! Like these little artworks, well done 🙂
  22. I agree that out of all of them the Dino looks the best. Having a XL T-Rex like unit in you arsenal would be friggin amazing.
  23. Thanks for making this quiz, i really enjoy these kinds of things, have done a similar quiz just now naming all 898 pokemon in 1h. However i wont be as good here, cause i always play on german and dont know the english names as well. Cool idea with that quiz! Edit: Just tried and got 74% with 148/201. Sometimes it was tought to figure where you need a "Spacebar" and where not. Also its fun afterwards when you realize just how simple some of those were you missed, like in my case forgot ice barrier and resource booster.
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