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  1. The Amii canonically were dressed in black and took the shape of humans (though I believe it to be more of a black skin suit as described in the chronicles, think a xenomorph from Aliens). I love the art otherwise, but the card so far looks more like a pure nature unit.
  2. This card could be called Banzai Lord, for the sake of reference to the Mo mission. I think it would be cool if the birds spawned from corpse collection on the shadow affinity. The aura ability to buff bandits is meh imo, that part of the design does not interest me.
  3. Using Looter in PVE is a shot-in-the-dark against null values, PVP you've got the prominent use-case against Phase Towers. Making Looter work in PVE is a massive undertaking of design work. In PVP there were the issues as to why Looter was changed to begin with; a lack of transparency and notably permanent swings in power for Fire even when a player should mechanically be punished for poor play. Looter should still not generate power, even against buildings for the above reasons, including for a unit like Strikers. Instead, I would prefer to see a void return; the more damage (Edit: OR instead of doing damage, incrementing if an enemy unit/building died nearby) the more void return is stored. Then to access the void return, they have to return to "base" and deposit their looted cargo through an active ability (with the stipulation they cannot do this in a radius near enemy units). The ability then rewards Fire if their opponent cannot take back their "loot". But I mean, Thugs are in a good spot if you like boring units.
  4. Frost Sorceress requires a player to be good. You need to manage unit groups, use hotkeys, and generally have accuracy with your mouse. The gameplay Frost Sorceress provides is 100% more engaging than Shaman (literally engaging, requiring input).
  5. NAME: Gemeye(Nature) upgraded loses paralyze DESCRIPTION: Gemeye(Nature) has Gifted Spit, which paralyzes enemies in the contaminated area after 5 seconds. The U0 version of Gemeye(Nature) functions as intended, with vfx clearly visible and units being paralyzed. The U3 version of Gemeye(Nature) loses this paralyzing contamination easily noted by the lack of vfx that the U0 version has. REPRODUCIBILITY: Easily tested in the forge. Make a U0 Gemeye(Nature) and attack some bandits, repeat with upgraded Gemeye(Nature) and see the results. SCREENSHOT: LOG: log_proxy_latest.log ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Not sure how busted U1 or U2 are. Other players report the same issue in rPVE so presumably this extends to missions. Gifted Spit gets upgraded with damage so something is probably broken in there. New issue with Jan 1, 2021 patch. _log_proxy_latest.log
  6. I have qualms over the implementation of the following abilities: Rapid Construction, Accelerated Construction and Slowed Construction. Transparency for build time modifiers is good. Clarifying card information, cleanly, is the mark of proper design. However the present change has both format issues and ambiguity. See the following example of what I am bothered by: I now present Northstar, a building card missed by this patch. Personally I prefer Northstar's formatting where the construction speed is noted in the tooltip, instead than a new ability that leads to visual clutter. Also "Slow Construction " would be more correct than "Slowed Construction".
  7. I'll agree that these decks should not have a fee attached. The payment for a new player entering PvP comes in the forms of queue time, and getting walloped because you are entering a ladder without the skills others take for granted (like map familiarity). A veteran could tolerate a proposed fee, sure. A new player paying a fee for these decks will have monetary pressure to perform on top of everything else, which could make them quit (and a lost investment keeping them away after).
  8. @WindHunter To clarify, I don't mean rarity. These neutral Legendary cards. Gifted Flora (Pure Nature): Rogan Kayle, Mo Infused Flora (Nature Fire): Brannoc Infused Ice (Frost Fire): Brannoc
  9. Imo: Legendary unit cards are potential spoilers for new players, have unique rules that increase a deck's difficulty and dilute colour identity for new players trying to learn. These cards should be exchanged for others, accounting for the whole of a new player experience.
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