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  1. Cool, thanks for the update!
  2. Love the work, I will be logging in and playing some map of the days but I have a semi off topic question. Any ETA or new on when tower defense mode will be coming out? been looking forward to it for a really long time now, maybe I missed the update where it released or news about it came out. Thanks and keep up the good work :)
  3. They are video formats just really really old ones lol
  4. Well I give up on the code smith, thought maybe editing the video file to only show first summon and boss kill then add the header back into the video text file might do it, but the only video editors I can see that edit PMV files are windows movie maker that hasn't existed since windows 7, maybe XP or Mac stuff. Also No coding program I have can detect what the text is encoded with, so besides the header I can't read anything in that file. And none of the 4 video editors I own can open a PMV. It is also now known as a python program tool, but idk python have none of that dev kit on my pc and pretty sure python came after BF was created?! Idk, I give up. Idk if the riddle was meant to be this deep but I was really hoping to submit some hacky wacky sh*t as a replay. Guess not, just submitted my bad score one instead lol. Like the general contest that covers all player types, well done!
  5. Ohh I know, I remember when it was first discussed. Just remember hearing about tower defense mode before fire or nature coming. Just wanted to checkin on that, cause I love my towers lol. You guys are doing awesome, tons of additional content to the core game since you guys took it over. Just wanted to check in on it 🙂
  6. @Majora Hey also, what happened to the RPVE tower defense mode that was talked about a while ago. I was really looking forward to that!
  7. Yeah I did right after reading all this, pretty sweet to get BFP, dailies and gold from from custom maps and honestly, some really good maps in here. Glad that happened. I would still love to get EXP from them, since that is the only thing left to grind for me. As for events, just more reason to play for people that won't score in the top 5. Like 3 boosters minimum for just completing or something like that. I still like boosters even though I don't need them lol. Some kind of auto complete feature or maybe some how just auto ranking on the games leader board etc would be nice. Where do I find the PVE league stuff? I am currently 3 teal dots, so i'd probably be in the league of speed runners tbh.
  8. Wow that is a ton of changes. Super hate breeding grounds went up in cost but not to high and Lyrish Knights when down in health. I use them often on t3 just because they had low cost, high health but again not to bad. Overall great work guys!
  9. Honestly I never do the community events because it is so much work for a little reward. I have all of the cards and upgraded them all and still play everyday. The issue is, community maps don't give any rewards themselves for doing them and not being a competitive speed runner. I know I wouldn't score anywhere besides the single free booster pack for doing it. A single booster is not enough incentive to do the work to get the reward honestly. I would like to play community maps but they need to reward EXP and count towards dailies at minimum to even be worth playing imho.
  10. Man, I am sad I actually missed out on this event. I like seeing rewards for all players. I might actually pay attention to the events seeing they are becoming actually good now.
  11. Wow that's a lot of changes! I love it, keep up the good work. It's so enjoyable to see the game being actually updated and tweaked again. Even the last 4 years on EA's servers they did practically nothing to the game before killing it. Patiently waiting for new games modes and cards one day :)
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